C21 Steel Battle Chronicles Tips on Building Robo


C21 Steel Battle Chronicles Tips on Building Robo by Gnuy

1.HP{sum of HP of all parts}
enough is ok, just make sure u dun get kill instantly, cuz u are allowed to get brunch of healing items

2.EN{sum of EN of all parts}
never insufficient so just ignore it

EN Recover{unknown}
dun know why every robo get insane ENR in C21EN, 300 ENR is god like in C21JP
to get even higher ENR, join more BD together (max 3 BD on the same robo)

3.STR/TEC{average of all bd and am}
enough for u to get the weapon u wants is enough, more than that would be useless, cuz IT DOESNT IMPROVE THE DAMAGE AT ALL

meh? 100 WLK is still slow so boost fly is ok

mostly likly u would be flying rather than walking, get at least 130

well just ingnore that, i cant see the difference in high value or low value

100 is medium, higher than that is better, it would be great if u get an average of 150 sth like that

8. stability
depends on weapons, some would require u a larger stability, if u get less than required, u will be in a trouble, how ever this is not shown in the weapon stat
eg. u flying, then u shoot an weapon require more stab than u do have, ur flying will be immediately cut down with ur robo being stun and drop into the ground.

9.those purple stat ( forgot what they called)
affect how u resist to stun and freeze

OK and this the last point, WHAT WOULD REALLY AFFECT THE DAMAGE?
1st.AC, i.e. what the two little slot under the part list of each robo reserve for, some AC provide damage % increase
2nd.The average cost of ur robo=(Total cost/# of parts), the larger average cost would provide u a larger damage of built-in weapons, hand held weapons are not affected.
A famous part called A.G.L. BS would provide decent cost (2200 on lv30 with the BS itself) and would help to rise the built-in weapons damage a lot.
However it is not likely for this part to come out in cloes beta. Also note that different biw have different damage cap.

robo wif biw is always preferred as there is potential for them to get stronger over the hand held one

those are the experience in C21jp, so correct me if u think i am wrong

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