Hey YouTube, noob622 here AKA CGL_Noob and today I’m going to show you the tips and tricks you need to succeed in FFA in Black Ops 3. In the background you have some epic Black Ops 3 footage, and if you follow this guide, you’ll easily be able to win every game of FFA you play. Now, no more hesitation, let’s jump right in it. Before the game even starts, you gotta have your class setup. This isn’t TDM. This isn’t Dom. This is FFA. You have to tailor your class specifically for the game type. Here’s what I recommend you run with. For primary, go with whatever you feel comfortable using. I recommend running an SMG specifically because of the faster movement and aiming speed.

Regardless, you have to have either fast mags or extended mags on whatever weapon you use. You will barely have time to reload between gunfights. Not having to reload after every kill or being able to reload super fast is a huge asset in FFA. As far as a second attachment, quickdraw is always a safe bet, but since I’m almost never surprised, I sacrificed quickdraw and went with grip on the weevil. Whether you put a sight on is dependent on your ability to aim with whatever gun you chose. If you do pick a sight, run either ELO or reflex. Don’t put more than two attachments on your primary. Those pick ten points will come in handy elsewhere. Same deal with secondary. Whichever handgun you feel most comfortable using. For me, the RK5 is what I rock most. Don’t put any attachments on your secondary.

If you’d rather not have a handgun or melee weapon, then leave this blank. If you ended up not picking a secondary, you can add a grendae to your class. I recommend either the trophy system, a concussion, or a combat if you’re good with one. No letal grenades, however. You won’t have time to throw frags or semtexes accurately, and tripmines and C4 don’t provide enough kills to be worth it in FFA.

Perks is where this whole class comes together. For your first perk, definitely choose sixth sense. One of the most OP perks imo, it allows you to keep track of enemies in the close range gunfights of FFA. For the second perk, either choose tracker, fast hands, or hardwired. This one is up to personal preference. I hate getting killed by trip mines or blocked by CUAVs, so I always rock hardwired no matter what.

But if you’re more observant that I am than tracker or fast hands might be of more used to you. For the last one, definitely choose both Awareness and Dead Silence. Dead silence muffles your footsteps, which are by default loud to everyone including you, while Awareness gives you the perfect advantage in FFA by telling you where your enemy is coming from before you see them. This is infinitely useful since you’ll always have enemies spawning all around you. It allows you to preaim and prepare for the gunfight. If you don’t have a good headset, get one. immediately. Until then, run dead silence and another second perk. Fast Hands + Tracker or Scavenger + Concussion + Hardwired are good combinations. For your killstreaks, look into getting streaks that require no setup or no control. I recommend UAV – Cerberus – Hater, though you can subsitute the hater for Wraith and the Cerberus for talon if you prefer faster kills over staying alive. For specialists, I would recommend the ripper as it’s the only weapon that allows you to keep your gun out.

Otherwise, any specialist ability will work. Avoid weapons like Tempest or Purifier. You won’t have enough time to earn them more than once and they won’t net you as many kills as you think. With your class all setup, time to jump in a lobby and rek some fools. The general tactic in FFA is knowing the spawns and playing an area. Knowing the spawns takes practice. But the general gist is if that you spawned there, someone else will at one point as well. Pick a defensible area within a few seconds sprint from a couple of spawn points. You want an area with multiple entrances, but nothing that would leave you exposed at too many angles. Once you have your position, simply listen for footsteps at each entrance and preaim and kill people as they approach. Sixth Sense and Awareness should help you detect people who are approaching or above you. Now it’s important that you move around. Camping will only work for a while, eventually people will start to expect you and that’s never good.

After a few kills or getting your UAV, make laps around one of the spawn points and score more kills in those areas. Eventually, you want to work your way back to your defensible position, but not until you acheive another streak. Once you get your hater or wraith, it’s all over and it’s pretty much a guaranteed win. Some more general tips: be sure to reload any time you have a free moment, but never instinctively reload after ever gunfight. if you run out of ammo, pick up an enemy gun, don’t resort to melee. use wallrunning and boost to your advantage. try jumping over an enemies head for easy kills. And there you have it. With these tips and trips, you’ll find that winning a FFA match is a piece of cake. That’s all this time. If you enjoyed this video at all, definitely leave a like. And don’t forget to subscibe for more Call of Duty videos from the CGL family. Keep on pwning and owning, noob622 signing off..

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