Hey guys my name is VoidTrance and welcome back to another Black Ops 3 Video. So guys I was playing Black Ops 3 over the weekend and noticed that my weapons were kicking really hard and had so much more recoil than I was used to. So I went back and put in some old tricks into handling recoil and low and behold it actually worked out very well for me. I wanted to bring this guide because after I put these tips into action it put my K.D back over a where it hadn’t been for the last few months. If you are having trouble with handling recoil this guide is the best guide for teaching you guys how to handle recoil on any weapon in Black Ops 3 and make every weapon an absolute laser. If you are new around here be sure to subscribe today to become part of the MVP Sqaud and if you go onto enjoy the video be sure to leave a like down below and let’s try and smash out 15 likes for this video! All the other How To guides I have previously done are linked in the Top right just now and down below in the Description so be sure to check them out if you are stuck with any other topics regarding Black Ops 3! So to start off with guys I want to clear up a few things about Recoil.

Recoil if you guys don’t know is when a weapon you shoot moves up, left or right in random directions as you fire the weapon, this is recoil. Now recoil is a real pain in the neck to control on some weapons like the Vesper especially after it got nerfed recently. However there are a couple of things you can do to control the recoil of any weapon. I will be using the VMP as the example for this video, but do keep in mind that recoil patterns are random and different for every weapon, individual weapons all have different recoil patterns and the ways you can counter recoil with weapons on an individual basis will be different for every gun but one thing I must preface is that every weapon has random bits of recoil thrown in and the patterns are not exact examples of how the weapon will kick every time, so bear in mind you will always have to counter some random recoil when using any weapon in Black Ops 3.

So to start off with the VMP as you can see the VMP has very high recoil, it has a pattern that kicks up and to the right a lot of the time with some random recoil added in, after doing it a couple of times the recoil of the VMP pretty much stayed the same but as I said before, the recoil will be sporadic and random but it generally follows the same path.

So my first tip/trick to control recoil on any weapon is to not shoot all your bullets at once and Tap fire your gun. Tap firing is a great technique to use, essentially tap firing means you are not holding the trigger down but shooting 3-5 bullets a time, letting go of the trigger and then shooting another 3-5 bullets and just repeating the process. This is pretty much how Tap Firing works although I have slowed it down to help show what I mean as you can see I fire 3 or 5 bullets, pause and then shoot 3-5 bullets again. If you do this guy this gives the weapon enough time to resettle and for the weapons recoil to go back to normal before you shoot the next 3-5 rounds which is incredibly helpful for high recoil assault rifles and some submachine guns like the vesper. Now as you can see a side by side comparison of the Tap firing vs Non tap firing the Tap firing method has less recoil by a mile and the amount of time it takes to get the 40 rounds out of the gun is not much different between the two clips.

So I would definitely recommend tap firing your gun as it basically has no drawbacks if you can get good with it. When I started out doing this I was really bad to start with, but after a while you will get the hang of tap firing consistently and it will eventually become second nature to you guys. So the second method that I use to control recoil is by compensating for the recoil. Compensating is when you counter act the recoil by moving your analog stick in the opposite direction of the recoil pattern. This is simply how you compensate for recoil in Black Ops 3. As you can see in the clip it has a massive kick up and toward the right as we talked about before. But what you want to do here is as the guns recoil kicks up you want to move your right thumbstick down and as it moves up and toward the right you want to pull it down and toward the left, thus cancelling out the kick from the weapon. It will still bounce around a bit because unless you have learnt the recoil patterns and all the random possible recoil plots back to front you won’t be able to consistently control it when you just start trying this out, but the point is that it can get rid of some of the more troublesome kick you get on some of the weapons if you compensate for recoil.

As you can see again I have a side by side comparison showing me compensating for the recoil on the left and not compensating for it on the right. The difference is not as much as the tap firing technique but there is a definite difference. However the difference here isn’t really important, what is important is that you have to compensate for the recoil using a lot of different tricks and attachments. I briefly will say if you want less recoil use a Grip and a stock. Grip reduces the recoil of any weapon you use which is just going to reduce recoil overall and the stock I have noticed, and I have no clue whether this is placebo effect or not I do not know, but honest to god it does help when reducing recoil whilst you moving or running around so I recommend the Grip and Stock for reducing recoil on your weapons if you don’t want to use these tricks.

Back to the VMP though this is what happens when you put all the tricks together. As you can see on the left that’s tap firing, compensating for recoil and using a grip and stock. And on the right the weapon has no help or tricks being used! As you can see there is no competition, when you use all these tricks together to reduce your recoil you can turn your gun into a laser when you aim down sights and although these tricks will take a lot of time to get into practice it will totally be worth it in the end. That is quite simply how you can get zero recoil on your weapons and have every weapon be an absolute laser in Black Ops 3! If you guys did enjoy the video or are new around here be sure to leave a like and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss anymore videos like these, and be sure to check out the playlist in the top right for more episodes like this! My name has been VoidTrance and I will see you guys on the next video!

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