Alright so here we are. actually joining the game now. You can see your ping bar just like normal just like all the other call of duties but when the beta came out there this really cool feature that’s what I’m gonna show you guys. and when this game came out I thought they’d removed it cause I didn’t see it so that you can change your class quit the game go to your options just like normal but what you can do as you go down here to network it’s kinda hidden, but if you go down to the bottom the connection meter just switch it to on. reopen it you can see your actual ping time so there’s I got a hundred eighty-four milliseconds now just two hundred so actually this is a really bad connection that’s a two bar right there and you see their hundred eighty-three it still shows at 3 bar but really it’s almost a two so basically what you guys want in this game if you have a fifty that’s pretty good that’s a pretty decent connection obviously lower do better and you could have 30 20 even 10 milliseconds that would be great.

But most likely you’re not going to get that most of the time most of you will probably have 50. I’m usually in the 80-100 range and anything higher than that and your going to start having a hard time playing your gonna lose gunfights you should have won. you’re gonna get shot after you are around the corner your gonna get shot by people who have not even come into the room yet they can see you you can’t see them when you watch the kill cam can you get to see they’re looking right at you but your screen there was no one. so a lot of stuff is going to happen like that. if you’re ping is above about a hundred. also if you look is says packet loss packets are just the information being sent from your game to the server and back so but practically what that means for you is that’s your bullets that’s your movements so if you’re sending bullets and stuff to the server and you’re getting packet loss that information is not gonna get there is if you are getting packet loss you definitely need to sort that out as for your ping that’s mostly going to be based on how many people are playing near you there is not a lot you can do other than that.

A faster internet connection will help but if there is not a lot of people playing you just you’re not going to get a good ping so that’s what you are seeing right now I guess the right now and a lot of people near me are playing so this is the best connection the game could find for me that’s what it is that’s just a quick tip on how you guys could access this so you know exactly what you’re ping is what your lag is. and also just a little bit of an overview of what those numbers mean and how your connections gonna feel when you see those kind of numbers please leave a comment i really wanna know from you guys how is your connection are you getting shot around corners what is your ping you know I really wanna know what other peoples ping is because I see mine is really high I want to know what other people getting if you guys got like 10 milliseconds im gonna be so jealous. That’s all for this video guys. hope you enjoyed it hope you learn something please leave a like if you did let’s me know you guys are enjoying the videos and subscribe because I will have more videos coming out more how to’s more technical stuff and also more gameplays once I get my actual connection sorted out.

I was doing great in the beta and ive been having connection problems ever since so once I sort that out Ill also have more gameplays as well once again I’m DMC that’s all for this video please like and subscribe DMC out.

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