What’s up guys, BucklingOne here and welcome to my sixth Black Ops 3 Weapon Guide! Today we’ll be taking a look at the Man-O-War, an Assault rifle unlocked in the game, becoming available at level 28. According to the Data Vault, the Man-O-War was first produced in the year 2049 in The U.S. It weighs 7.5kg and fires the 7.8x54mm Cartridge. The Man-O-War is a high damage assault rifle with a low rate of fire and high recoil.

Damage for the Man-O-War is high when compared to the other Assault Rifles, coming in at 40 per bullet up to a distance of 38 metres. After 38 meters it will drop to 30 per bullet, this is the minimum damage that the Man-O-War will do. This means it is a maximum 4 shot kill but will normally be a 3 shot kill due to the damage model and range, especially if you have long barrel equipped, which will increase the 3 shot kill range to 72 meters. Rate of fire comes in at 517 RPM. This is the slowest rate of fire for a fully automatic assault rifle, but its rate of fire overall is better than that of the burst fire assault rifles and the Sheiva. Reload speed comes in at 2 seconds with a round left in the chamber, or 1.4s with Fast Mags and 2.9s when empty or 2.1s with Fast Mags. Magazine size for the Man-O-War is 30 and with Extended Mags equipped that will increase to 42.

Recoil on the Man-O-War is high, kicking highly up and to the left. Its ADS time is the slowest within its class at seconds, and it also exits slower after sprinting and moves slower while aiming and firing than all other assault rifles. Due to the Man-O-War’s high recoil and slow handling, this will make the Man-O-War much less capable in close ranges than other assault rifles. For our class setup we will be focusing on playing to the Man-O-War�s strengths, medium range engagements. We don�t want to rush with the Man-O-War as we can be easily outclassed up close with higher rate of fire weapons. We will try and keep our engagements to that 3 shot kill range . We will be using Primary Gunfighter 1 for this as there are three attachments we are going to use. I will be suggesting either the Reflex or the E.L.O sights, it is totally down to preference but I prefer the E.L.O.

First we will take Long Barrel as we really want to take advantage of that 72 meter 3 shot kill range. Next we will take Grip to hep reduce our recoil and keep our bullets on target easier. Third will be Stock, which will mean we can move faster when ADSing, which is something we want to be able to do with the Man-O-War. For the perks we will be using Flak Jacket which will protect us from incoming explosives. This is very useful as we will be controlling an area of the map and we don�t want to be blown up by an enemy explosive.

We will use Fast Hands in our Perk 2 slot to give us a better weapon swap time and, more importantly, a faster ADS Sprint Out Speed. For our Perk 3 we will be using Awareness, which will help us hear the enemies footsteps better and give us better situational awareness as to where the enemy is coming from. We have one point left to use in our class setup and I chose to equip the BlackCell launcher so that we can take down enemy kill streaks if they are called in, which really helps out you and your team.

If you don�t want to use the launcher then you can use any Lethal or Tactical grenades here instead, or a pistol for backup if you think you may need it. This class setup is really useful for controlling an area of the map. The quick kill potential and good range of the Man-O-War means that you don�t have to get up in your enemies faces to get kills, so we can have a more relaxed play style and take less risks. Also, with Flak Jacket we won�t take much damage from enemy grenades meaning you can keep your focus on the area you�re controlling or the objective you are defending. Overall I give the Man-O-War a 3 star rating.

It has the damage model for an Assault Rifle in the game but it has some of the worst stats in other key areas like Rate of Fire, ADS Time and Recoil. The negatives outweigh the positives for me and I can’t justify giving it a higher rating due to its flaws, which is a shame because it does have the potential to be a very good Assault Rifle. What do you guys think of the Man-O-War? Have you used it so far and have you liked it or do you think it’s not that great? Do you agree with my Class Setup? Let me know in the comments section below.

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