Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m coming in with three best wall guns for Gorod Krovi and in this video I’ll show you guys three guns to start out with on Gorod Krovi and the goal here is to not hit the mystery box unless you are stable with points and perks ’cause we all know box could give us good guns, but mostly terrible guns and it can ruin your game if you are going for an easter egg attempt or you have a strategy to follow, purchasing guns off the wall means you know what you’re getting and you’ll be able to get ammo back as well. So drop a like and subscribe if you are new and let’s get right into this.

Keep in mind I’m gonna show you three guns with their location, how much points it’s going to cost you to get to the weapon wall location and everything like that. I’ve been doing this since Shadows of Evil and I will have other maps best wall guns in the description below. So we are trying to get guns that are good in terms of damage and making us points and are not far away on the map at the same time, we wanna get good guns early, so we can work on making points, work on getting perks, like jugg, open doors, so we can do more stuff regarding easter egg and of course open pack a punch as early as possible, that’s the whole goal, so before you leave the spawn area go prone near quick revive and you’re going to get one hundred points, this time we only have one main door in the spawn and it’s going to cost you 500 points.

After opening up the door, you’re going to see some wall guns, but those are not what we want, we want something that can shut the city down, you know what I’m saying. Open next door, it’s gonna cost you 750 points, juggernog is here, go prone near jugg and get anotha hundo, go straight into operations bunker, we have the vesper, that’s not what we want, it runs out of ammo very fast, open the next door for 1000 points, open one more door for 1250 points and that’s the last door you need to open to get to the first two guns that I’m going to show you.

So in total we have spent 3500 hundred minus the two hundred bonus points we’ve got by going prone near perks, so 3300 points. The first gun is an assault rifle near the dragon command center in the power room area and it is M8A7 and it’ll cost you 1500 points, comes with 32 rounds in the mag and 256 in reserve, really solid gun in terms damage and building points and it is very close and as you guys can see my points, I can surely get jug, finish building my shield and I’ll be ready to open pack a punch, but I’m show you another gun that you can get instead of this if you don’t like it, so simply go to armory and there you have VMP, it’ll cost you 2 hundred points less, comes with 40 rounds in the mag and 240 in reserve, lack a bit of damage compare to M8A7, but surely have an upper hand with the firing rate and it is by far the best gun to rack up points fast and you don’t have open any other door to get to this.

The last gun however is by far one of the best gun in the game and it is a wall gun that have spwan set in tank factory and it is called KN-44, to get to this you need to open an extra door, but it is alright because when you are doing pack a punch steps you need to be here regardless, the door will cost you 1500 points, I’m not gonna minus the other door that you need to open to get to the power location ’cause power is must, so in total you are going to spend 4800 minus one hundred because you can get another hundo by going prone near double tap, kn44 will cost you 1400 points, it’s like right in the middle of m8a7 and vmp, probably the best wall gun in terms of damage, firing rate, ammo count, weapon location and everything, you can get other variants like ICR and HVK, but Kn-44 would be the best deal for holding down a lot of rounds, but vmp or m8a7 will be the best for early rounds.

Let me know which one would you pick out of these three guns and why in the comments below, I’d pick VMP because I can rack up tons of points quickly and get a lot of stuff done, let me know what do you guys think and that is really about it, thank you guys so much for watching. Leave a like if you’ve enjoyed, subscribe if you are new and check out my full main solo and co-op easter egg otutorial guide for Gorod Krovi and that is really about it..

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