Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys the top 5 best gobble gums video and it’s going to be survival only gumballs for black ops 3 zombies. And of course it will help you to get to high rounds in zombies just like my previous zombies tips and tricks video, if you have missed it, I will link it down in the description below, but before we get started I just wanna say Perkaholic is not going to be in this list ’cause everybody knows it’s the best gumball yet, everybody gives a fudge about it, it is super op, it gives you all the perks in the map and it’s not even funny, and of course with that it gets supper easy to survive and go for high rounds, and now with that out of the way, on number 5 we have the “alchemical antithesis” it is a classic gumball that unlocks at the end and it’s the only gumball I recommend you to unlock permanentely and it is super helpful, ’cause anytime you’re running low on ammo, you shoot once and there you go, ammo start rolling in, it is super op.

Coming in on number 4, we have the unquenchable, now it’s a mega gumball, which means you have to redeem your liquid diviniums in order to get, and it lets you get an extra perk once you have 4 perks, which can be really usefull on Shadows of Evil, as well it will be usefull when future dlc maps comes out and also an honorable mention goes to “on the house” which kinda like it’s alternative & that lets you spawn a random perk anytime you want, and when you spawn a perk and get it your team mates can also get a random perk, which sometime is not the greatest, cause I was playing with a friend and he freaking spawned a perk right after getting it, I was like get it when you have 4 perks, but he straight up shed his stupidity, he got double tap and I got freaking quick revive, so having unquenchable is way better cause you get to decide which perk to get, now at number three, we have pop shocks, it is also a mega gumball, but it is so damn usefull in Shadows of Evil and it might be usefull for future dlc maps too, becuase you get to kill margwas with one knife, no joke and with one pop shocks gumball, you get 5 activations, besically you can take down 5 margwas.

Now coming in on number 2, now this one is a hardest one to decide because it has some ups which makes me wanna place this as number one, but also it has some downs, but before that I have two gumballs that I wanna quickly shout out, and those are “Anwhere but here” and “Impatient” now anywhere but here is a classic gumabll which let’s you spawn randomly around the map and can save you from going down, but also it can spawn you somewhere close to where you were before or in the middle of the hoard or at dead ends, in short Rip, but can help you big time none the less and impatient is also a classic gumball which lets you spawn near the end of the current around, and of course that is only usefull when you’re playing with other people. Now at number two, we have “In plain sight” which is a zombie blood from origins, basically you get 2 activation and each activation is for 10 seconds, and once you activate zombies can’t see you and you can go and get your perks back and it is a classic gumball which is plus, but a big down side to this is that it takes so much time to activate and to let other zombies now that you are also a zombie, and now finally coming in at number one we have killing time, which is by far the best gumball in the game yet for survival, because once you activate this all the zombies will freeze instantly for 20 seconds, and when you just shoot in circle, after 20 second all the zombies will be killed, now the only down side of this is that it is a mega gumball that is ultra rare, so let me know which one is your favorite gumball in the game and also which one you prefer, in plain sight or the killing time, let me know in comments btw these are the 5 gumballs I always use, I only change the first two of the gumballs sometimes to time.

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