Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full revelations main easter egg tutorial guide. Also a lot of people are saying there will be a super easter egg in Revelation, if that happens to be real, I’ll surely be updating you guys and will surely be hunting for it on live streams. But in this main easter egg tutorail, I’ve put a lot of effort into making sure all the steps are correct and even a buddy of mine JSkeleton helped me with a lot of his gameplay, so a massive shout out to him, if you can and want to check him out in description & hit that thumbs up button and subsribe for daily contents. But real quick, all of the main easter egg steps for Revelations are the same wheter you play solo or co-op, if you play solo it’ll take you a lil longer compare to a co-op game, but if you wanna do this co-op and are looking for a team, drop your psn’s and xbox gamertags in the comments below with a lil summary of you, like what step is easy and hard for you and wheter you have a mic or not to link up.

Now the first step of the main easter egg is to shoot the graves in order of our characters death, rictofen died first, so shoot his grave, then shoots Dempsy, Takeo and Nikolai’s grave. Once you do that, there will a triangular stone that will appear randomly on the back of one of the wundersphere jumpad in your game, simply find that, call the civil protector go to that jumpad and you have to fly from it and you have to get back to it, for it to appear red, simply stand over that triangular stone and the keeper will start wiggling aka start doing his ritual. And it will take a good 2 – 3 rounds, you just wanna protect the keeper from all the zombies, after that he will drop a mixtape which you wanna take it to Nacht der untoten, play it and that is step number 2. For the second mixtape, there are three in total, for the second one, you have to get lil arnies. Once you have ’em, go inside the apothican belly and you find there are 9 holes, what you wanna do here is that you have to throw lil arnies in all of the 9 holes, but you only have 3 arnies at a time, so simply start from the very begining, go clockwise or counter clock wise which ever you prefer, and throw 3 arnies in 3 different holes, the best way to do this is by leaving one zombies alive and when you about throw, be prone and super close to the hole.

Once you throw three arnies in 3 different holes, 3 margwas will appear, simpy kill them and they will drop a max ammo and you can now repeat the process, you have to do it 2 more times, after you beat the three phases of margwas, on the top in the very middle you will find the second mixtap which you have to play in kino der toten. Now you need one more, and to do this, you need to collect bones from six different areas. Now first of all you need a pack a punched gun and pack a punched apothican servant. You can collect bones in any order you’d like, the bones are super hard to see, but remember this the bones are stuck in small stone, and you have to shoot the stone with the pack a punched gun and they will start floating and then you have shoot apothican servant to suck that in, if you do it correctly you will hear a small audio.

Now the first bone is at shangri la on top of stamin up, simply shoot the stone with the pack a punched gun and suck it in with the apothican servant, moving on there’s one in Nacht der unototen on the top of der eisendrache portal to the far right. There’s one in the starting room, near church, you can see a hole around floating stones, shoot in the middle where the stone is. There’s one in Verruckt to the far right on the rock near waterfall you will see kind a like a square rock and the big rock that you wanna shoot at.

Next one is at Origins, close to the fire on the rock and you wanna shoot the small rock that is on the big rock. And now finally the sixth location is in Der Eisendrache, on the broken pattern where you can wall run when the anti gravity is on, simply wall run shoot the edge once again with the pack a punched gun and suck it in with apothican servent. Now go to nacht and you will see on the top floor in the middle, bunch of bones shoot the apothican servant on it and that will reveal sophias body. Shoot it again and it will reveal the final mixtape which you need to play at Origins. Now once that finishes, you will see the same sophia robot from Gorod Krovi in Revelations and you have to make her comeback to life by using all the corruption engine turrets and reflecting them back at her, there are four turrets that you have to refelect, starting from the spawn, you have to put laser beam on the rock and it will reflect and it will be stuck once you have done it correctly, go to the second one in Der eisen, shoot the beam to left rock in the sky, go to verruckt, and shoot it at the left rock again in the sky, same for mob of the dead.

Now finally this will bring Spohia’s robot back to life and you have to follow her to kino der toten teleporter. Simply use that teleporter by holding the action button which is square on ps4 and x on xbox. And this will teleport you to Samantha’s house, on the bed you will find a kronorium book will be on it and you have to pick that up before it teleports you back, put that book on the table and it will send off four souls to the original pack a punch room of Kino Der Toten. And this will also going to spawn apothican eggs randomly around the map, the general areas where you want to look for them are the following, Kino der Toten, Der Eisendrache near primus statues, origins near civil protector, verruct near zetsubou no shima tubes or near the stairs where the mystery box is, shangri la near the fire that is at the begining of the giant stairs or by the jumpad and last location is in spawn room area.

One player can pick one egg at a time and there are four eggs in total, so if you have a four player game going this will be super fast, and once you pick it up, you need to be in apothican’s belly and you have to place the egg near one of the giant egg and then you need to get some kills. Once you’ve done that, you can pick up the gateworm aka baby apothican. Now you need to get the ruin of creation with it, to do this you have to be in these general areas, spawn, der eisen, verruct and shang. You wanna listen the sonar beep, you’ll know when you are close to it cause it will beep faster and louder and it is once agian random. Simply hold square when you hear the beep, and get the ruin of creation.

You have to repeat the procees now three more times. The locations are random, but just now where you pick the egg from that’s where you need to be in order to get the ruin of creation. And like I said the general areas are Kino der Toten, Der Eisendrache primus statues, origins near civil protector, verruct near zetsubou no shima tubes or near the stairs where the mystery box is, shangri la near the fire that is at the begining of the giant stairs or by the jumpad and last location is in spawn room area. Now once you have all the four ruines, you have to stand on the symobls that you will find inside Kino der Toten’s projector room. And this will spawn you in the 1st boss fight room, there will be another one after that and the first one is the simeon says, like the monitor would show you the symbols in DE, this has the same idea, but you will see symbols when you interact with the book, it will show you four symbols. Take a picture or note it down, if you’re playing solo, you can even pause your game. After you have seen the four symbols, go to oposite side of the boss fight room and it will show you symbols randomly, you wanna hold square, when you see the symbol that you saw in the book and it has to be in order.

Doing this correctly will start the boss fight. Now the best setup for the boss fight is surely having the apothican servant and the thunder gun, dingo and haymaker with dead wire is really good too. And this first boss fight gives you max ammo as well, so take it when you need to. Also make sure you have gobble gum such as self medication, it is ridculously good if you’re playing solo. If you’re playing co-op and all players have that gumball it’s gonna be a win win situation, if not then, everyone should run phoenix up. The very first boss fight has four phases, the first phase will have fire and it is exactly like gorod krovi boss fight, where you have corners that are not at fire and that’s where to train at. Now focus mainly on killing margwas as fast as possible with the the thunder gun or the haymaker, remember the top will have no fire nor lava. Now the second phase will be the shadow round where your goal is to kill margwas as fast as possible to progress and this phase will have other type of bosses with shadow kinda electricity that you have to avoid and your path will also going to get blocked randomly, so do keep that in mind.

Next phase is the electricity round, where it will block your paths once again, try to stay out of the middle area, cause it will lock you in, stay the corners and edges the goal once again is to kill margawas and avoiding electricity zombies. The final phase will be a gravity round where you will have lava and white spots, that’s where you can stand on to kill margawas, once you do the first boss fight, you have to take the summoning and now you will be teleported back and your goal here is to throw that summoning key at different areas. You can do it in any order you’d like, now the first one is mob of the dead, throw it in the cell area, and you will see the giant light ball.

Second one is at shang, throw the summoning key at the focusing stone, the third one is at veruuct, throw it on the fountain, the fourth one is the grave stone in origins, the fifth one is der eisendrache clock, next one is the red barrel in Nacht der Unototen and the last one is the chandelier in kino der toten, after throwing the summoning key at all these locations, now you need to teleport to the final boss fight.

This time you will be fighting the shadow man, simply put the summoning key down at one of the green turret and now you have to kill zombies nearby to charge it up. Once you collect enought souls, you can pick back the summoning key and you have to throw it at sophia and she will destroy the shadow man bubble and now you have to continously shoot the shadow man till he is in the mouth of margwa and then you have to hold square on the kronorium to kill him and if you fail you have to repeat the procees this is exactly like shadows of evil easter egg and boom now you have done the Revelations easter egg. If this helped you at make sure to like, share and subscribe and that is really about it..

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