Hey everybody what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys a full guide with tips & tricks for you to get better at Call of Duty Black Ops 3 zombies, now I will cover pretty much everthing, so make sure you watch the whole video, do pause or replay the video if you need too, and if you can support the video, I’d higly appreciate if you can leave a like and if you are new make sure to subscribe, but without any further to do let’s get right into it. So the main thing why everyvone find bo3 zombies hard or somewhat hard is because in black ops 3, zombies hit you way faster and even if it’s required a zombie to hit you 3 times before you go down, well a single zombie alone can take you down in only 2 seconds once they go berserk.

So make sure you train zombies at an open area, now you can also camp on the catwalk, but it won’t help you to improve. So like I said make sure you train at an open area, always walk close to the edges of the room and when you need to turn around sprint and also slide if there is a whole new hoard coming at your way, so make sure you learn how to slide, you can slide infinte amount of times, and it’s an equivelent of stamin up, actually it’s way better and faster than having stamina up perk.. So in order to slide you need to tap your sprinting analog and slightly after that tap your crouching button or your right analog it all depends on your controls, I’m playing on tactical, so I need to tap my right anolag stick.

Another huge tip is that make sure you get a wall weapon at the begining get the rk5 pistol it’s always in the starting room, and cost only 500, run with this gun, get headshots and rack up some points and get jugg straight away, it will give you more health, basically it will going to double your health so yeah it’s really beneficial, after that get another wall weapon that you like, start building some points, get quick revive, open some needed doors and get other perks such as speed cola and double tap. BTW if you go prone near perks sometimes it will give you 100 points, so keep that in minds. So speed cola will help you to reload faster and double tap will increase your weapon damage, basically when you shoot one bullet, it will come out as two while still counting as 1 round fired. So make sure you setup as early as possible, before hitting the mystery box. Make sure you also get a gobble gum, and only two gumballs I prefer of having the one ‘anwayhere but here’ once you activate this by press the up button on your D-pad it will spawn you randomly on the map, which can save you from going to down and my favorite gumball is the ‘In plain sight’ it’s the zombie blood from origins once you activate this zombies can’t see you for several seconds and you can get some things done, My second last tip is that as soon as you unlock weapons, start leveling them up, and get attachements on, the best ones are quick draw, stock, long barrel, laser and fast mags, now laser and fast mags is a must and I will talk more about in my next tip.

Now the last and the final big tip is that play with sound, use your ear phones or headset and always wait for zombies to be in a group to start killing them and making them fly away, s o once you have a whole hoard coming your way, only hip fire, don’t aim down sight, if you do zombies will shut you down, and with the emphasize of having laser sight, you can have better hip fire accuracy and fast mags will help you reload faster and when you pair that with speed cola, ain’t no body gonna mess with you boi, and lasty again, try to get monkey bombs or lil arnies in Shadows of Evil, once you throw them zombies will get attracted to them and you can get some things done, so if you have reached this point in the video, well you are a legend, make sure you put “Ain’t nobody gonna mess with me boi” and some tips about zombies that you think you know are best.

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