Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman and today I’m starting back an old zombies series on my channel, I started the zombies series right after black ops 2 came out, but somehow I delete it after I started to post GTA 5 videos and since then I haven’t got the chance to post any zombies video that has to do with the series and now it’s a perfect time to revive the series because Black Ops 3 zombies are just right around the corner, so today I’m bringing you guys the best loadout aka best class setup for Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies and for this episode I’m gonna be showing you guys my personal favorite setup that allows me to get to high rounds on Kino Der Toten so now with that being said, first thing I do is, I get quick revive and yeah this is what you wanna get if you are playing solo, if you are playing with other players you might wanna get double tap after round 10 instead, next up you wanna get the m14 and mp40 and then you wanna start saving up some points, and you wanna open the doors that are needed to go to the theatre room and once you have have 5,500 points you wanna get juggernog and speed cola, after that you wanna hit the mystery box and you wanna keep hitting till you get the thundergun and ray gun or the hk 25, but the thunder gun is gonna be the must have weapon for kino der toten and it will help you out everytime you get in sticky situation and every round fired from the the thunder gun goona clear your whole path no matter what round you’re on, once you got two of these guns get mule kick for 4000 points which will allow you to have a third gun and for this you wanna get a gun of your choice, but I would say you should have thundergun, ray gun and hk 25, this is my set of guns that I always try to get everytime I play on Kino Der Toten, so once you have 15,000 points you wanna pack a punch all of the weapons you have or you can start pack a punching a weapon at a time after round 25, now for some other basic equipments that I think everybody should have is clay mores, it will cost you 1000 points and basically you get two clay mores every round and everytime you get max ammo, so all you wanna do is you wanna plant some clay mores facing towards the wall and you can save a lot of clay mores by doing this every round, so repeat this process and save max amount of claymores as possible & this will help you out whenever you run out of ammo, you can basically grab two of them, blow them and you can grab them again anytime you want, you also wanna get bowie knife for 2,500 points it is 1 hit kill untill round 14 I beleive and with speed cola perk you can knife way faster and lastly you wanna make sure you get monkey bombs as well and for this you wanna hit the mystery box until you get them and they can save your life so many times, especially on high rounds, like if you feel you are going to get stuck use your thunder gun or you can press l2 and you can throw a monkey bomb to distrect the zombies.

Also if you go down you wanna get all of the perks again that I mentioned earlier, Quick Revive, Juggernog, Speed Cola and Mulekick, but if you go down three times solo you wont be able to get quick revive for the forth time, so once the quick revive perk machine disappears you will have an extra perk slot available and for this you wanna get double tap 1 for 2000 points and this will increase the rate of fire for all of your weapons and also keep that in mind that each time you go down you will lose your third weapon so make sure you have thunder gun as your main weapon, so that is my best loadout to get to high rounds easily on Kino der Toten, if you have your personal favoirte setup let me know in the comments section down below, so if you did ejoyed today’s video though be sure to smash that like button and also make sure to press that big red button down below to susbcribe for more awesome GTA 5, Black Ops 3 and zombies videos so if we get enough support on this video I will definitley going to continue this series with loads of zombies videos here on my channel.

I have loads of ideas for more awesome zombies videos, so yeah guys that’s really about it..

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