Hey RAD company today I have a high rounds strategy for you! I saw relaxing end post a game going 100 rounds so I decided to jump on and try to get to high rounds myself. I didn’t realize he had almost the same strategy as I did so I will link his video as well! But for every one who doesn’t watch him here is my strategy for high rounds in shadows of evil. First off I would recommend the gobble gum loadout as follows Aftertaste, Unquenchable, wall power, cache back, and perkaholic. Now depending on how many of each will determine your play style. The reason I suggest both perkaholic and unclenchable is because perkaholic is t ypically hard to get. Once you use it once you may go down which will cause you to lose all of your perks if you don’t have your after taste active. Now you are stuck with just four perks, but with unclenchable you still can get 5 to 6! Now the perks I recommend getting first are Quick revive, Juggernog, stamin up, and widowswine. These four perks will make your life so much easier when running in high rounds.

The next perk I would prioritize would be speed cola, then double tap, then mule kick. You don’t need a third gun in this strategy, but if you have perkaholic then why not! Once you get your desired perks you will want to build the mars agwa. When you kill a margwa it will drop a margwa heart pick it up to acquire the first part.

Next you need to let the pods around the map grow until they are purple and then harvest them which will give you the tactical. The final part is rng which can be frustrating, but when you kill and elemental ball or a parasite they will drop the xoneplasim or what many people refer to as the grapes. Once you have all the parts build the mars argwa and then pack a punch it. Now this is a glitch right now, but when you go to pack a punch you need to have you secondary weapon out. Click the interaction button to pack a punch and then switch your weapon. It will take the mars-argwa and upgrade it. The reason it has an upgraded form is because of the gobble gum ephemeral enhancement. Which allows us to temporarily upgrade a weapon for 60 seconds. Once you have the wunder weapon you need to get an lmg or a weapon of your choice and pack a punch it.

Once you pack a punch it you need to re pack a punch it until it has the turned abilty. What this allows for is your secondary weapon to kill many zombies on higher levels. Now that your loadout is set there is one last thing I want to recommend. If you do have all the perks take out the margwas as they spawn toward the end of the round. Otherwise ignore them. I went to round 61 and ignored all the margwas because it was impossible to kill them anymore. Their health scales with the rounds and not having a ray gun or double tap two makes it extremely dangerous to try and kill these monsters. Now for the final part of the strategy the actual path. Inside the rift room you can round a circle around a broken subway car. It is the perfect because the margwas get stuck inside, but you can turn and shoot the zombies causing them to be turned or using your upgraded mars agwa you can kill the horde. If you get into trouble it is easy to reverse your circle strategy or run into pack a punch. If you need to run into packapunch you can use the trap to your advantage to kill more zombies! Running on the walls will allow you to put distance between you and the zombie, but make sure to have you wunder weapon out incase one spawns in front of you.

If this happens shoot the weapon and walk forward. It is critical you don’t panic. Another item that will help is the shield. I would go mid round to pick up my shield because it saves so many hits. The shield and widows wine can take game ending hits from margwas so make sure to get them both! I hope this was helpful and informative to you! Once you get the hang of map it is easy. I got to 61 rounds and I am sure you can do better! It’s a huge time investment though. Anyway thank you for watching! Leave a rating if this strategy helped you out and tell me if you like shadows of evil so far? I love it! I will see you in the next video! Bye!.

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