Welcome back gamers and cod fans alike, Im your host Johnny Rogers from Top 10 Gaming and with Halloween upon us we thought it would be apropos to bring you the Top 10 Call of Duty Scary Easter Eggs. Lets go! #10 Giant Cow Now cows are used quite frequently throughout the Call of Duty series, but the one that freaked us out the most had to be the Giant Cow. Its mainly terrifying because it looks like it has no mouth or eyes This giant cow can be found on the level crossroads in Call of Duty United Offensive. The lack of resolution on this cow is offensive, but it lives on as one of the scariest cow easter eggs in the series. #9 Mannequin Zombies If the idea of mannequins coming to life already freaks you out I suggest you stay away from this scarry easter egg.

On the reinvented Nuketown map in Black Ops 3 youll notice these robot looking mannequins scattered around the map, which kind of resemble the robots in I Robot starring Will Smith. Now if you want to get this easter egg done properly invite a friend and start up a private match because itll take some time. You need to complete the following in under two minutes of the match starting, you have to run around the map and specifically shoot off the mannequins arms from the shoulder down. Once youve done that you should hear a bell go off. Within seconds youll notice all of those mannequins are pieced back together and will look like theyre playing a game of freeze tag. Whats actually happening is that every time you turn your back to them they run in your direction trying to kill you. Which is terrifying #8 FaceHugger This one may sound nice, but for you Alien fans out there you can understand why this is a scary one.

On the Shadows of Evil zombie map in Black Ops 3 we get an alien reference inside the mystery box located to the right. Two things, go watch Alien if you havent and go find that easter egg #7 Jump Scare Ahh the Jump Scare, every movie goers worst fear when it comes to watching a horror movie. The first use of Call of Dutys unexpected scary surprise was in Black Ops 2 where Treyarch added a jump scare to one of their downloadable levels. This scary easter egg can be found when the player looks through their sniper scope off into the distant horizon from the roof top Looks like they werent happy with just one jump scare because they added yet another into a downloadable level that can be seen by zooming in on a burning church for that easter egg youll have to load up Black Ops 3, play the Origins Zombie level, head to the pack a punch machine and scope into the left of the church.

#6 Ghostly Room This crude looking ghost room can be found during the Underground Passage mission in Call of Duty Finest Hour. To find this easter egg youll have to go to the right side of the tunnel where youll find a door that seems like it cant be opened. However anything is possible when you have grenades. Throw two of your grenaded at the door to blow it open, follow the narrow tunnel that will lead to the Ghostly Room The room is freaky enough but before youre done exploring make sure to check out that creepy looking crib to see a ghost baby and upon hitting the action button that kid will straight up start walking in mid air #5 The Echoes of War This creeptastic easter egg comes to us in spectator mode during multiplayer in The Dome. Now if you drop into the center of the room you can actually hear the chanting of Russians as heard in the campaign level Downfall.

Plus if you make your way to the very edge of the map where you can see a Nazi flag you can actually hear the ghost of Hitler giving a famous rally speech. #4 Ghost Voices Now whats scarier than hearing ghost Hitler ramble on to an empty city you ask well how about ghostly sounds from the Davis family vacation seen in the eighth mission in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 after the Mind the gap mission. This easter egg is found on the Sanctuary level of MW3 by travelling to any patch of grass near the center of the map mainly where you see tombstones.

Youll hear ghostly clips from the Davis Family and it is terrifying to say the least #3 The Asylum If that name doesnt already give you chills this easter egg will. There are two creepy secrets hidden on the World at War map The Asylum. They can be found by being in spectator mode with the first one occuring on the upstairs floor, youll begin to hear eerie paino music playing without a pianst or piano in sight. The second is found by walking through the labyrinthe halls of the shell of the building and into the restroom. If you walk by the stalls youll actually hear the faint sounds of a woman crying and a man speaking to her. #2 The Ghost Sniper Now what made me a fan of call of duty was the ability to exploit glitches but turns out that in World at War specifically the first russian campaign mission called Vendetta if you glitch outside of the map an invisible or ghost sniper as im calling it will take you out. #1 Michael Myers With Halloween just around the corner what would be for fitting for a number one spot and this one is uber creepy.

You can actually play as Michael Myers in any mode that has field orders available on the map Fog. Once completing the field order youll get a care package and the chance to possibly dawn the Mike Myers outfit Nooo not that Mike Myers although it would be scary to have those teeth. This Mike Myers and in the game he is essentially a proxy for what would be a juggernaut but equipped with a bloody machete. If you see this Run for your life And that has been the Top 10 Call of Duty Scary Easter Eggs. Now go hunt down those easter eggs and let us know in the comments which ones were your favorite. Dont forget that if you want more videos like this all you have to do is click the playlist on the screen. Hit that subscribe button if you want to be notified when we put up new videos and give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video. From Top 10 Gaming Im Johnny Rogers and until next time take care

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