The Hades light machinegun in call of duty black ops 4 is a powerful gun with the highest Buy rate in the class at long range the reco does need to be controlled but at medium and short range it is easy enough to handle with the Hades you will have lower mobility which means you will need to be careful whilst moving maneuver the map to reach positions where you can overlook large areas of the map with high enemy traffic the best attachments for the Hades help you at medium and long range and make the Hades more deadly the reflex sights makes it easier to spot and kill enemies the steady grip helps you control recoil at long-range FMJ increases the damage you do against armor all but negating its effect rapid fire increases the fire rate of behaviour even more letting you take out enemies even faster the best year for the Hades light machine gun helps you whilst holding down a position the body armor gives you a slight health boost on respond the best packs for the Hades give you an advantage in defense black jacket protects you against enemy explosives and cold-blooded protects you against other non-lethal enemy equipment tracker reveals enemy footsteps on the radar here is the complete best last setup body Hades light machine gun in call of duty black ops 4

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