The salk nine-millimeter submachine gun in full of duty black ops 4 is the last submachine gun you unlock it has excellent handling and a high fire rate it is best used with blank and take it amiss by surprise you have to be careful with the low ammo supply and high fire rate be sure to time your reloads when you are in safe areas due to its low damage it is difficult to use this old 9 millimeter at medium range instead of taking those enemies head-on try to get around them and into a range where you have the advantage the best attachments for assault 9-millimeter are those that help you with its mo problems and then build on your close-range superiority the stock lets you move faster was aiming down the sights and quick corner to bring up the assault 9-millimeter faster buzz thanks that you reload faster helping you out when you are facing many enemies in a row the best year for assault 9-millimeter helps you be aggressive use the slingshot to increase the healing be charged and to let you heal whilst firing from the hip the best perks for assault and millimeter are dose that help you flank and refill your ammunition use scavenger to replenish um a supply from dead enemies and grants use light weight to help you move faster making an even harder target to hit use ghosts to stay off enemy UAVs letting you flank in secret here is the complete best class setup for the sold 9-millimeter submachine gun in call of duty black ops 4

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