There are five submachine guns in call of duty black ops for to consider to find out which one is the best the mx9 is a strong early unlock that is well suited to flanking enemies and taking them by surprise the gks is a lower fire rate ayuh damage submachine gun that is competitive with assault rifles at medium range and can be used to push an objective head-on the Spitfire is the highest vibrates a machine gun with controllable recoil it is very strong at close range and can be used at medium range to a degree the cordite submachine gun has the largest ammo supply and can be used to go it alone behind enemy lines as a result of its versatility the SOG nine-millimeter is the last submachine gun you unlock and is best suited to thank the enemies and taking them by surprise the main weaknesses of this old 9-millimeter are the low damage at medium range that means you have little chance against the sole foibles and allow immersive like the gks is good at competing against assault rifles that doesn’t fit Beast submachine gun ball of close range superiority due to its low fire rate the mx9 is a well balanced submachine gun but it doesn’t stand out in any way that makes it better than the other submachine guns the cordite is a close second due to its versatility which led to use it to attack an objective or flank enemies without having to worry about running out of ammo or being out fast play assault rifles however the Spitfire with its high fire rate and quick time to death stands out as a very powerful gun with it enemies have little chance at first range as an added bonus the whampire operator mod is a lot of fun and makes you near unbeatable at first range although it does make the Spitfire difficult to control at medium range therefore the Spitfire is the best submachine gun in call of duty black ops port

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