What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and welcome to the channel. Today I want to take a look at the camouflage challenges for Assault Rifles. Now I have the NV4 and actually the Type-2 both done for Gold but lets go ahead and look at the NV4’s challenges. So right off the bat you have Desert, Mars, Arctic Tech, and then Wilderness. Each one of those is in 50 kill increments, going up to 200. After you get past that then you’re going to have Mojave, Snake Skin, Salamander, and Splatter, followed by Zebra. Now total you need 160 headshots to get up to Zebra. But it does go 20, 40, 60, then 100, then 160. Now, after you unlock Mojave you’re going to get Autumn. Which is 25 longshots. Following Snake Skin you’re going to get White Out which is get 50 kills while aiming down sights using an optic.

After you unlock Salamander, which is 60 headshots you’re going to have access to Bengal. Which is get 50 kills with this weapon with no attachments equipped. Super easy. After you unlock Splatter you’re going to get Murdered Out, which is get two rapid kills 20 times with this weapon. Followed by Zebra, 160 headshots will finally unlock Neon Tiger, use this weapon to kill 3 enemies without dying 20 times. After you unlock Neon Tiger, and all the other camos, you’re going to get Gold! It says obtain all other camos for this weapon. So all the kills, all the headshots, and all of the challenges that require you to do stuff after getting the headshots. You’re gonna get Gold. Now if you get Gold on all Assault Rifles, you unlock Diamond. Followed by Solar for all non-Classic weapons. And then Black Sky for Classic Diamond and Solar, it’s, that’s crazy. I will… maybe get it eventually, probably not, we’ll see what happens.

But right now I’m sitting with Gold on the NV4 as well as the Type-2. So I am on my way there, I got 2 out of 5 done. I’m actually finishing up LMGs right now, and I’m gonna do that one in another video as well so make sure you check that one out! Now if you like these types of just quick, down and dirty tips and tricks make sure you let me know. Hit thumbs up, subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with all the latest and greatest in gaming content. Until Next Time!.

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