What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and welcome to the channel. Today I have for you another Epic Weapon review. You’ll be seeing quite a few of these over the next two weeks as I’ll be releasing the last of the Epics that I have in my possession while I am traveling outside of the country and won’t be able to make vids. First up, we have the DCM-8 Masochist, so let’s dig right in! Ladies and gentleman, I’m not going to be a tease or lie to you or anything.

I’m going to be up front and honest with you right away. The DCM-8 Masochist is probably the single worst epic weapon in Infinite Warfare. Yup, you heard me say that right. Because of that this will probably be the fastest epic weapon review I’ve done to date. There is a reason that they added a second epic variant to the DCM-8 and that is because the Masochist is absolute garbage. Now if we take a look at the Masochist and it’s perks, we can see that it has Lifelink and Steady. Now steady is great because the reduced hip spread with shotguns is always a nice addition, especially on a full auto weapon. However Lifelink is the reason this is called the Masochist variant. And that is because it gives this DCM-8 infinite ammo, but inflicts self damage when fired. Now this is pretty great is you’re not getting shot at or anything, because it comes with 25 shots in the weapon and that will regenerate, there’s no reloading of this weapon at all. The problems start to arise with this weapon when you’re getting shot at, and I’ll say that if someone even looks at you wrong you’re going to hate this weapon.

Because you’re losing health when you’re firing the weapon, and when you’re up in someones junk trying to kill them with a shotgun, you’re going to get shot at yourself. It just doesn’t work. Someone at Infinity Ward had a sick sense of humor when they designed a weapon that takes your freaking health away from you in a game where you want to stay alive! That’s not even the best part! If someone shoots you before you can shoot them with the Masochist, it’s going to take ammo away your infinite ammo from your magazine.

Those 25 shots immediately go down to nothing if you take three bullets from anyone, which leaves you with probably one shot, and that won’t even kill someone unless your aim is impeccable and you whack them in the noggin. I got the DCM-8 Masochist out of a supply drop so I tried really hard to play several games with this weapon, and I just couldn’t do it. I tried different game modes, including Hardcore to see if the whole one shot kill thing would make it better. But it doesn’t. I found all too often that it took two shots to kill someone with the Masochist in hardcore… and that’s a game mode where you have limited health and it should only take one bullet to kill someone in the first place.

Much broken, such wow. There isn’t much else to say about this folks. You’re watching game play in the background, and it just is not going well. Now I am sure that there are some folks who are gods and someone can get this thing to work in their favor, but for a majority of players, that is no the case. I switched over to the DCM-8 Contingency which has Deathbringer which reloads the magazine after double kills, and sharpshooter for extra damage range. Now that thing is a beast, and got me more kills and less deaths than the Masochist. I even tried running the Merc rig with Infusion along with nano shot, and nothing seemed to help. Getting close enough to folks with a shotgun will get you shot, which will take away your ammo, and you’ll be doing damage to your own health. This is Masochism at it’s finest, and has no place in anyone’s create a class slots. Let alone if someone out there is actually a Masochist and buys this thing with salvage… I am so so sorry.

Leave the Masochism out of Call of Duty and do yourself a favor and pick up the Epitaph, because I picked that thing up during a match and enjoyed it immensely. So if you’re craving a DCM-8 to spend your salvage on, put it into the Epitaph. Well I hope you enjoyed my first negative epic weapon review! Make sure to check out the other reviews which can be found on the channel page, and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel if you like what you see! Let me know down in the comments below if you think there is an epic weapon as bad as the Masochist. Seriously folks, the only Masochism going on here is the pain of K/D ratios around the world plummeting into oblivion when someone uses this weapon.

If I could give it back to the Quartermaster I would. Until next time!.

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