Ladies and gentleman what the heck is going on my name is Usman and today I’m bringing you guys an ultimate guide on how to get better in Infinite Warfare. I combined f tons of tips & tricks in this video that will surely get you good in Infinite warfare multiplayer and will surely give you a good jumpstart that you need and it doesn’t matter if you are watching this prior to the release or after the release, or on Christmas week, or during the DLC season, this is going to be an ultimate guide to get better in Infinite Warfare. I got shit loads of tip so definitely note ’em down, pause or rewind the video if you need to, but other than that if you guys could do me a huge huge favor, feel free to drop that like and subscribe, we do daily videos and daily live streams, mostly call of duty & battlefield and sometimes to time I like to cover new games too, we’re on the road to 60,000 subscribers, so feel free to subscribe for daily contents it takes half second to click that red button down below to subscribe and it will definitely keep you updated.

Now without any further to do let’s get right into it. Now the first thing we’re going to take a look at is going to be our settings, so once you are in multiplayer main menu go in options and go in button layout, now you can choose any layout you want or you can keep it default, but here is what I want you to change that will give you advantage during dogfights. So as you guys can see at the button, if you press square, it’s gonna flip your controls for shooting and aiming, so instead of using l2 and r2 that you would normally use for aiming down sights and shooting, you’ll now be aiming with L1 and you’ll be shooting with L2 which is going to be so good if you want to tap fire, and this is another tip right here, with R1 if you decide that’s the button you want to shoot with, number 1 your gonna be able to shoot your weapons instanstly and number 2 you can now tap fire quickly and there are weapons that are semi auto and this will surely get your trigger finger on steriods and of course if the enemey is at a very long distance, no matter what gun you are using, you wanna tap fire to be accurate and you wanna make sure you are shooting your enemy in the torso or on the head, if you’re having trouble aiming, definitely go for torso, remember the higher you shoot the fatser you will kill your enemy due to the damage multiplier the game has.

Also consider having tactical, what this will do is instead of you meeling with R3 now you would have to use circle and with r3 you can now easily crouch or do dropshots and here is another tip for you guys, whenever you encounter yourself in front of your enemy, while you are shooting him, do a quick crouch or do a dropshot, you’ll have more chances to survive becuase the time to kill is very very fast in this game.

Next tip for the setting is your senstivity, now I always used to use high sensitivities, but now I started using around 4 to 5 for both horizontal or vertical sensitivites and this has improved my aim drastically, remember being accurate is what will get you kills fast. And senstivity is the that will help you get kills easily at long & close ranges, so definitely mess around with it, to me 5 is perfect for close and long range. Now let’s get into the real tips, of course we cannot neglect the otehr tips that I told you definitely utilize them, but let’s get into some real tips, now if you are a beginner and this is your first call of duty, play team deathmatch for couple of days before playing any other gamemode, the reason is simple, in team deathmatch killing is your only objective, if you’re not a beginner you can play anything. Now the best tip I could give you here is going to be this one and the one after this.

But you always, always wanna aim down sights everytime you are going around and checking corners, if you find an enemy, you can shut him down right away. Things that can help you with this are attachements, you can have red dot sight, quickdraw that will surely allow you to aim down sight at anytime you want, and also you can have suppresor on your guns to be off enemey radar but this is up to you because it depends if you wanna reduce your guns damage or not and if you are going for high kill streaks or not. Now in order to get kills fast like I said be accurate and shoot above torso, but what is important here is the right guns, or I should right category, Now I’d personally advice to use assault rifles or smgs depending on what map you’re playing and what is your playstyle, assault rifles are really good for long range, and smgs are for close, so let’s say your playstyle is layback, chill, campy, use assault rifles, but if you rush a lot smgs are going to be your best option and you also wanna keep the map that you are playing in mind before you make these decisions, cause if the map is small and you like to layback and camp, you are going to be much better with a smg.

And of course you want to use the gun in either one of these categories that you personally like and the one that is over powered. Every single year we get one or two insanily over powered guns, and developpers do a lot of updates throughout the year to make the game more balanced but still we always have the one gun that has an upper hand. So definitely keep yourself updated, I personally will keep you guys update with that on my channel, so definitely subscribe if you are new to the channel. And if this helped you guys out make sure to barra boom that like button and check out some more videos on the channel and that is really about it..

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