What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and welcome to the channel. Now today I want to take a look at Light Machine Gun, or LMG, camouflage challenges. Now these are going to be a little bit different from your Assault Rifle challenges which is why I want to take a look at them separately. They do start the same with Desert, Mars, Arctic Tech, and Wilderness getting up to 200 kills in 50 kill increments. After you get 200 kills, same thing, you’re going to unlock Mojave for 20 headshots, Snake Skin for 40 headshots, Salamander for 60 headshots, Splatter for 100 headshots, and finally Zebra with 160 headshots. Now same thing, after you unlock Mojave you’re going to unlock Autumn which is 10 hip-fire kills with this weapon. Following Snake Skin you’re going to get Whiteout, which is get a kill with the last 15% of a magazine 15 times.

And I’ll tell you what, using an energy weapon like the R.A.W. I had to be really self conscious about how much I had left, and paying attention to my magazine size. Sometimes I would just shoot out a bunch of bullets just so I could get it. After you unlock Salamander you’re going to get Bengal. Which is get a kill with an optic and 5 attachments equipped 50 times. Now this means no perks for you. Optic and then 5 attachments. After Splatter you’re going to get Murdered Out which is get two rapid kills 20 times with this weapon. Same as Assault Rifles. Zebra, 160 headshots, will then get you Neon Tiger. Use this weapon to kill 3 enemies without dying 20 times.

Again, same as Assault Rifles. Unlock all of those and then you’re going to get Gold! And it actually looks really good on LMGs, kinda shiny there you see. And then same thing, luckily there’s only three LMGs that you have to get Gold for to earn Diamond Camo. Now you can see there I got two out of three. So I’ve got the R.A.W. done and then I also have the Mauler done. So right now we’re getting there, we’ve got Gold on two and then working on the Titan. I am just finishing up kills and then we’re going to get into headshots on the Titan. So thank you for visiting the channel, make sure if you like these sort of down and dirty tips and tricks make sure you hit thumbs up, subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with all the latest in gaming content.

Wow I can’t even speak today guys… Shoot, I guess that means I’m out of here. Until next time!.

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