What’s up YouTube, Varnesh here, and welcome to the channel. Today I have for you the Epic Weapon Review that I have been looking forward to since the beta of Infinite Warfare. Now I have you all to thank for this review, as you commented, responded to polls, and sent me messages when I put up a video asking you to pick my next epic weapon! So thank you! The fact that I’ve been looking forward to this weapon is saying something after having reviewed the god mode mauler mammoth. So folks! This time around it is The Ripper.

They don’t even call it the RPR – Ripper, that’s how bad ass this weapon is! And many of you may remember this weapon back from Call of Duty: Ghosts, and I am glad to see it return to Infinite Warfare. Now the Ripper is part of the RPR submachine gun family. This means you are going to have a submachine gun and an assault rifle in the same weapon, contributing to the overall effectiveness of this weapon and it’s usefulness on a multitude of different maps. The Ripper comes equipped with two perks. The first of all being the reason the Ripper even exists, and that is “Rapid Fire” which increases the fire rate of the weapon. Now since Infinity Ward in their infinite wisdom decided not to put any type of rapid fire in the game, this is going to be the only weapon that has any type of rapid fire type attachment or perk on it.

For those of you that played Black Ops 3, you also know that the Rapid Fire comes at a cost, and that is the cost of your sweet sweet recoil control. Now the regular RPR does pretty great at recoil control, but the Ripper itself kicks like that unborn baby in the Doritos commercial. Actually that’s probably the OSA now that they added more recoil to it… but still… it does have a decent amount of kick to the Ripper and you’ll want to have a foregrip attached to help control that. Now a lot of people are saying the fore grip is garbage in Infinite Warfare, but I do notice a difference using it on weapons like the Ripper. The second perk you’ll find on the Ripper is Focus. This will reduce the idle sway when aiming down sights. Now on an SMG this normally wouldn’t be too much of an issue, but because you can switch into Assault Rifle mode, this will be a nice addition to those moments when you need that extra range and don’t want to deal with the sway.

One of the other things that you’re going to notice if you end up using the Ripper, is that you’re going to go through bullets faster than you care to admit. Because of this I would recommend running the Ripper with extended mags, and possibly even Scavenger if you want to go for those long kill streaks. If you do find yourself running without either of things you’re going to have a hard time doing well in getting more than one or two kills at a time with the Ripper. I tried it for a few matches without extended mags while I was working on getting the Bengal camo right after presaging the Ripper… and I’ll just say it was rough there for a while. Doesn’t mean I didn’t do well, I was just left desiring the extra bullets before needed to reload. So keep in mind that running with any type of Rapid Fire, if you’re going to be shooting more bullets over the same amount of time, you’ll need more ammo to get those kills you need.

Overall it is my general opinion that the RPR, no matter what rarity you’re using, is likely one of the single best submachine guns in Infinite Warfare. With the ability to change between a sub and an assault rifle, you have a tactical advantage in any situation on any map thrown at you in Infinite Warfare. Do you want to run around in Speed Deathmatch and get kills left and right? Perfect, the RPR is the submachine gun of your dreams! Do you want to approach a Domination point from a distance and take out the three dudes that just captured it? Perfect, the RPR is the assault rifle of your dreams. It can then be the submachine gun of your dreams once you re-capture the point and continue on your way! The Ripper is a fun weapon to use that can give you an advantage in many different types of scenarios depending on the game type that you’re currently playing. It also just happens to be the only weapon that has any type of Rapid Fire currently in the game.

Submachine guns in Black Ops 3 were just a blast using Rapid Fire and can beat out many other submachine guns just because it does have that rapid fire, but at the cost of your accuracy, so beware. The real question that remains to be answered is if the The Ripper is going to be better than the other epic RPR variant that we have, which is the Bosozoku, or however one wishes to pronounce that name. You’ll have to wait for another video on that one to get my thoughts on that one.

The good thing within that situation is that you can’t buy the Bosozoku, you’ll have to be lucky enough to get it from a Supply Drop. So that leaves us with the reason you’re really here watching this video. Is the The Ripper worth spending your hard earned salvage on? If you’re a person who uses SMGs day in and day out, you’re going to want to spend your salvage on this. The interesting thing is that this only one of two Epic submachine guns that you can currently buy through salvage, you’ll get your others through Mission Teams. So you can you spend that salvage without any regrets what so ever. I ended up spending 6,000 salvage between the RPR – Modular and then The Ripper, and I am very happy with that decision! If you’re running the right perks and attachments, along with a quality Rig setup, you’re just going to destroy and get kills quick and easy with The Ripper.

Along with the Mauler Mammoth this is probably the next best weapon in my arsenal of Epic Weapons! Thanks for watching this video in my series of Epic Weapon Reviews for infinite warfare. If you like this review make sure to leave a thumbs up on the video, and if you haven’t already, I hope you’ll subscribe to the channel to stay up to date with all my upcoming Epic Reviews as well as any other Call of Duty or gaming content on the channel! Until next time!

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