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How’S it going everyone, it is pando here and in this video i’m going to be showing you guys how to get the best fps possible in call of duty warzone season 5.. This video is featuring a ton of brand new optimizations, alongside some highly improved optimizations to any previous tweaks, in which you may have already tried on warzone, alongside overhauled and adjusted tweaks for the best performance possible in season five, regardless of how good or bad the pc Is and which you’re playing on alongside helping you reduce input latency and provide you with the most competitive experience with the cleanest graphics possible. If you guys do enjoy this video and are happy with your results, please do remember to leave a like, as it does help me out tremendously and feel free to share any tweaks and optimizations, which you may have discovered in that comment section down below and if You do enjoy this sort of content. I wish you stayed up to date with the channel.

Please do consider pressing that subscription button. Alongside the bell notification, we will then be notified instantly whenever new content goes live on the channel. With all that said, and done, let’s get straight on into the video we can now optimize the blizzard launcher itself to ensure that it’s not soaking up resources and taking away cpu cycles for this navigate to the top left hand side once inside of the launcher. Click on the blizzard logo navigate down to settings. The most important option with inside of this page is going to be the on game, launch section and set this to exit battle.

et completely. I also like to scroll all the way down to the bottom and ensure that use browser hardware. Acceleration has been turned off. It’S also important to navigate over to the game settings tab with inside of here, navigate down to call of duty warzone, and we want to add in an additional command line argument by selecting this box. We’Re then going to type in dash d3d11 just like so once.

That’S then been applied. We can then go down to the bottom right and select done. The d3d command can help prevent any dev errors you may have been experiencing alongside other game crashes. Now, moving on to optimizing the game, application select options once again, select show in explorer go inside of call of duty. Modern warfare proceed to scroll down until you find the modern warfare launcher and the modern warfare dot exe, navigate down to the automotive, exe right click, select properties, go to the compatibility tab and you first of all want to make sure that disable full screen.

Optimizations has been checked and for the most important tweak with inside of this game, to prevent your game from crashing, ensure that run this program as an administrator has been selected. Finally, we can then navigate down to change our dpi settings. Select override hide, dpi, ok, apply and ok, then repeat the optimization for the model warfare launcher moving on from there. We can then tackle our brand new config and advanced option files for season five. This is incredibly important to ensure you are getting the best performance possible.

As some of these new settings in which have been discovered, can drastically boost performance across the board for these navigate to the bottom left hand, side click on your windows button then navigate up to documents. We then want to go ahead and find the call of duty, modern warfare, folder gun, set of players. First of all ensure that this has been taken off of read. Only right click properties ensure that read only has been unselected. You can go ahead and double click on the file.

On the right hand, side of the screen you’ll be seeing multiple scenarios as to what you should set these options to, depending on your system, specs. For those of you running on medium ends to ultra high and systems, i would definitely recommend trying out video scale. 1.2. Do not go above 1.

, don’t go below 1
2 1.2 will provide you with the best performance possible, and this will allow you to unlock all of the vram allocation within side of the game. For those of you running on low-end systems, you may find better results going with 0.9 or even 0.85 to render a work account.

This is going to be set differently depending on whether or not you’re on an intel system or an amd system, and also how many processor calls you have navigate down to the bottom to the taskbar. Right click select open task manager. There we go over to the performance. Tab select cpu on the bottom right hand, side you want to be having a look at the logical processes number with that information. You then want to follow the on-screen instructions to set the renderer work account.

But if you had an intel system, you would follow the intel instructions once you’ve set the render a work account to match your system specs. We’Re then going to navigate to the top left-hand side. Select file then save. Now it’s also worth pointing out, if you’re not quite getting the performance which you desire, it is worthwhile to try and test and change out. The renderer work account as this will be unique to every single system, and you could squeeze a bit of extra performance by doing a little bit of trial and testing exit out and for the most important part of this file.

We then need to relock it right. Click on the file navigate to properties select read only apply okay for those of you running on low-end systems, you may find better results going with 0.9 or even zero point for this next optimization. This is going to be exclusive towards nvidia, rtx graphics card owners going to be manually, updating, nvidia dlss within the side of the game. You simply need to navigate inside the description down below we’ll be able to find the dlss update, link on the left hand, side right at the top.

You should then be able to see the latest version of nvidia dlss available, select download. Once the file has been downloaded. We can simply drag this off to the side. Go back inside of the battle net launcher, navigate down to the settings, cog click on options, then click on show in explorer go inside of the call of duty, modern warfare folder, but you then need to scroll down to the end section where you’ll then be able To find nvngx underscore dlss right click on this file and select delete. We can then drag in our brand new, updated dlss file into the game just by dragging it in like so dropping it and we’re then good to go and dlss has now been successfully updated.

We can now jump into the game to finalize our in-game settings and tailor them towards our specific system and personal preferences. These settings will be aiming to provide you with the most competitive experience possible, allowing for the cleanest image by reducing shimmering and other visual artifacts, which you may experience alongside reducing vram usage within side of the game and providing you with the best fps possible with the Lowest level of input, latency start by navigating to the bottom left, selecting your options menu under the general tab. We can first of all start off with field of view. The higher you have. This number set the lower the fps you’ll be getting, but for the most part you want to set this to your personal preference.

I would either set this to 90 for the best fps 103 for the best balance, which is my personal recommendation or 120. If that is your personal preference also ensure that you have skip introduction movie selected navigating over to the graphics tab this time. First of all, starting off with display mode spline mode is going to be set to full screen, but for some high-end machines in which i’ve tested on full screen borderless actually does provide me with better fps. So do experiment around with your machine render resolution should be kept at 100. Don’T go below this, don’t go above this.

We can change this setting using a different setting later on sync. Every frame vsync should be disabled, no matter what custom frame rate should be set to either unlimited or if you are going to cap, your fps cap, your in-game gameplay fps, to match your monitor’s refresh rate. So, if you’re on a 144hz monitor set this to 144 240hz monitor set this to 240

Otherwise, go with unlimited nvidia highlights should be disabled, nvidia reflex, low latency is either going to be set to enable plus boost or actually disabled. If you are going with disabled, make sure to enable ultra low latency mode with inside of the nvidia control panel later on. In this video, this really can depend on which specific graphics card you have, alongside other components, in your system, to whether or not you’ll get a boost from this.

So do try out both methods on this machine. I find that i get better results. Having this turned off streaming, quality is going to be set to low to favor vram texture resolution is going to be set to normal for the cleanest image possible with minimal vram usage. Texture, filter anisotropic is going to be set to normal just to clean up the image. A slight bit alongside keeping down lower vram usage.

Particle quality is going to be set too high, and you want to ensure that you are setting this to high, regardless of how good or bad your system is. As this can stop the visual shimmer glitch, which can happen when enemies or objects appear in front of bright backgrounds if you’ve ever noticed, shimmering or vibrating looking trees in the distance. This setting is causing this bullet impacts and sprays, disabled tessellation, disabled and on-demand texture streaming. All should be disabled for the lowest vram usage possible shadow map resolution is actually going to be set to high, regardless of how good or bad your system is. As recently on reddit.

Some research actually showed that the higher the shadow map resolution is the better your fps will actually be having this set to extreme will use slightly too much vram. So we’re going to go with high cache spot shadows and cache sun shadows are both going to be enabled particle lighting is going to be turned too low. Direct x, ray tracing disabled ambient occlusion disabled screen, space reflection is either going to be set to disabled or, in some cases, to reduce lighting artifacts. You might want to turn this to low filmic strength is going to be set to 1 times and we’ll come back to nvidia dlss at the end of the settings. Anti-Aliasing is having to be either set to off or smaa one times at the highest.

This mainly comes down to personal preference if you have to have nta listing on turn this to smaa one time depth of field. World motion blur weapon motion blur film grain are all going to be disabled. For those of you running on an amd radeon based graphics card, you may want to turn on dynamic resolution and set your minimum fps to your minimum level of desired fps. So if you’re aiming for 144 hertz – and you can often go between 90 and 170 fps, whilst playing you’d, probably want to set your dynamic resolution target to about 120 or even 144

Dynamic resolution is only really recommended for those of you running on a gtx based graphics card or an amd radeon based graphics card, for instance, if you’re playing on a 144hz monitor and you typically get between 90 and 170 frames per second, whilst you’re playing. I would probably set your dynamic resolution target to either 100 fps or around 120 just to bump up the minimum fps, which you sometimes experience for a better gameplay experience.

Once you’ve gone ahead and applied those settings, you’re ready to jump into a game and see those settings live for yourself and make any adjustments as and where they’re needed. Lastly, once you’re making those adjustments we’re going to go back to the nvidia dlss setting, assuming that we updated this earlier on in the video to reduce visual noise and visual artifacting with one of the latest versions of dlss, once you’re in the game and you’re testing Out your new fps jump back with inside of the dlss setting, and we can first of all try setting this to quality, see if there’s been any notable, fps differences if there hasn’t been turn it down towards balanced and keep going down lower and lower. Until you see a performance improvement, so we’re going to be starting off with disabled, take note of what your fps is jump backwards inside of the setting and, first of all, start off with quality apply that setting see if there’s been a noticeable change in fps. If there hasn’t it might be worthwhile checking out the balanced mode, i would not recommend going below balanced as you’ll be seriously pushing the limits of a super sampled resolution and the overall image quality will start to degrade very quickly in quite a few cases. Still, you will not see an improvement in fps from using nvidia dlss, as this really depends on the level of game settings in which you’re using and how high end or low end your graphics card is so do take a few moments to test this setting out For yourself now that we’ve fully optimized the game and all in-game settings to see if there is a further improvement, but otherwise don’t be afraid to just leave this off for any of you out there that are using a mouse and keyboard to play warzone, it is Recommended to have the following optimization set to not only reduce input latency by up to 50 and reducing load on the cpu.

Most of you watching this video are more than likely going to be using an average or above average gaming mouse, which is more than likely come with some gaming software boot with inside of your mouse software, navigate over to the mouse and go over to the performance Settings depending on the mast software and which you’re using the layout may be slightly different somewhere with inside of your mouse software you’ll be able to see mouse polling rate, refresh rate or even mouse hurts. If you find any of these options, it’s recommended to actually set this to 500, rather than a thousand or above. Let’S setting this to a thousand. Typically, your mouse refresh rate is going to be going between 700 and 950, which is incredibly inconsistent and will not help you build muscle memory. So not only is this not beneficial in terms of your aim, but this will also be putting an extra load on the usb bus which is running on your cpu, adding an extra cpu load.

This can also help out a ton with tracking you’ll also find that you have dpi settings inside of your mouse. Most people still typically use 400 dpi, and you should not be using this, but setting your dpi up to 800 or even 1600 will reduce your input. Latency by up to 50 percent, make sure that you’re using 800 as a minimum. If you notice that inside of windows, that the mouse movement is too fast after changing your dpi, you navigate to the bottom left hand, side type in mouse space settings and navigate over to additional mouse options. Navigate down to pointer options ensure that enhanced pointer precision has not been selected simply take this down by a notch.

Select apply: go inside of windows, use the new mouse speed and keep going down lower and lower until you match your old mouse speed with inside of windows. This will help you transition smoothly into your new dpi. For those of you running on controllers, it is recommended to follow the video which is being shown on screen now also, which can be found in the card on the top right hand, side of the screen and linked in the description down below for my ultimate controller Setup guide, this guide is going to ensure that you guys are getting the lowest level of input, latency possible, reducing input, lag and inconsistencies on both ps4 ps5 xbox, one and xbox series controllers. Every single controller player out there should have these optimizations set for the best performance possible. Having your bios set up correctly, could net you up to 20 extra performance with inside of warzone, depending on which tweaks and optimizations are available to you, and i’m going to be covering some of the most important topics to research and look into for your bios.

To have set correctly to ensure that you are getting the best performance possible. The first bios tweak or optimization we’re going to be looking into is ensuring that you do have your ram or memory set to your xmp or docp profile. If you have not enabled the xmp profile with inside of your bios, your system memory will be running at default stock clocks without xmp enabled it will not be running the faster profile for those of you running on 8 core or higher cpus, both from intel and Amd it’s worthwhile looking into actually disabling the smt or hyper threading technology on that cpu, disabling hyperthreading or smt will disable the virtual core on every single one of your calls in your cpu, offering a drastic reduction in overall system latency, as you will no longer have A virtualized core, taking up half of the workload and increasing latency. This also drastically reduces the amount of power draw from the cpu in turn also cooling down the cpu for longer. If you’ve looked into cpu overclocking, especially for ryzen users, you’ve more than likely heard about pbo or precision boost overdrive for games such as call of duty, warzone and other cpu heavy games, it’s actually recommended to go with an all core overclock, even if the all core Overclock is slightly slower in clock.

Speed compared to a precision boost overdrive, overclock having all of your cores locked in at that frequency will ensure that you are getting the best performance possible and in games such as warzone, you could be seeing an extra 15 fps boost from using an all core overclock. In terms of the gpu optimizations within side of the bios, it’s worthwhile checking if you do have rebar or resizable bar available to you with inside of the bios. If you do see this option enable it, you should also see the option for above 4g decoding or just above 4g. If you do see this option available, as this does provide some performance increases for graphics card, with 4 gigabytes of vram or higher for the windows. Optimizations we’re going to be covering a few basic, optimizations and settings in which you should change starting off with these optimizations, we can navigate to the bottom left hand, side select our windows button type in gpu space settings then select graphics, setting with the side of this Page, if you do find the option for hardware accelerated, gpu scheduling available to you, ensure that this has been turned on, as this can help reduce input, latency and improve performance, we’re also going to be navigating down to the graphics performance, preference tab, then selecting browse.

We can then never get over to the left hand side to select this pc and we’re going to be searching for modern warfare, dot exe then pressing, enter. Select. This then select add navigate down to call of duty monomorphic.exe, never go down to options. Select high performance, save and xml for the next windows, optimization navigate down to the bottom left hand side once again, select windows, then type power space plan now we’ll get over to the edit power plan.

Option go to the power options. Menu at the navigation bar at the top select show additional plans. The amount of power plans within side of here will depend on the system in which you’re running on and whether or not you’ve applied a certain optimization. For those of you want the best performance possible in the simplest way, navigate down and select the high performance power plan for those of you running on desktop systems, and you want the best performance possible. It is recommended to follow along with the ultimate performance power plant.

There will be a card on the top right hand, side of the screen now and also find that video linked in the description down below to either go with the ultimate performance or high performance power plans. We can then navigate down to the windows button once again. Typing in game space mode clicking on game mode settings ensure that windows, game mode has been set to the on position, go to xbox game bar and ensure this has been turned off, and we can then go ahead and exit out just before season 5 of war Zone launch there was a brand new windows, 10 update, which addresses gaming fixes and gaming performance issues. Every single windows, 10 user will have this update available to them, navigate to the bottom left-hand side on the windows button then never go up to settings. Go to update and security in the bottom.

Left-Hand side then go up to check for updates, select check for updates. Then install now on any and all updates which are available to you restart your system come back inside of this video and we can continue on for an incredibly important optimization for any of you that are running on a laptop. You first still want to check to see if your laptop supports optimus and has a mux switch. This will allow you to bypass the integrated gpu off of the cpu of the laptop and go directly to the discreet graphics card in which you have installed. Alternatively, you can just simply plug in a hdmi display to the laptop close over the laptop screen to ensure that you’re not running the laptop’s display.

This will then disable the integrated gpu on your cpu of the laptop running. Your laptop on an external display only will provide you with a noticeable performance increase for the next performance increase tweak. We need to see how much disk space is still available on the drive in which warzone is installed to go inside of the battlenet launcher, navigate up to show in explorer once again with inside of it. You will then be able to see the directory in which warzone is installed too. So, for me, that’s going to be my d drive.

We can then never get over to this pc on the left hand, side and look at the drive in which warzone is installed to if you’re, using over 85 percent of the overall capacity of the drive it is recommended to go into that drive move some files Over delete unnecessary files, as you will see a drastic performance improvement. This will also help reduce micro, stuttering and just keep that drive performing at its optimal speed for the next and arguably, most important optimization for this entire video. We’Re actually going to be installing a fresh gpu driver to the system and removing all of the old drivers which are still lurking around bloating, our pc and slowing down game performance by all means. If you want to keep things super simple and quick, you can just update your gpu driver, as you usually would just make sure that you are running on the latest driver for your system. For this you need to navigate to the bottom of your pc right click.

On your taskbar, then open up task manager navigate over to the performance tab then scroll all the way down on the bottom. On the left hand, side select gpu zero. On the top right hand, side you’ll then be able to see the make and model of the graphics card you have installed with that information. You then need to navigate inside the description down below where you’ll be able to find the amd, radeon and nvidia geforce driver download links, select the download link which matches the make of your gpu for nvidia geforce users, simply scroll down to the manual driver search input. Your product type operating system and language then select start search, proceed to scroll down once again go to the driver results then download the latest game ready driver available by clicking on get download.

Then selecting download now for those of you running on an amd radeon based graphics card scroll down to the graphics tab, select the graphics, make a model which you’re using so for me. That’S going to be a radeon 6000 series, the rx 6700 series and rx 6700xt. Then select submit click on the operating system. Then either choose the optional driver or the recommended whql. Once the driver has been downloaded to your system, go ahead and select, show in folder and drag the drivers onto your desktop.

Now, for those of you that are looking to just update your gpu driver simply and easily boot into the driver, once you downloaded run through the prompts on screen, select the express installation – and this will then update your gpu driver for those of you running on an Amd radeon based graphics card. This driver is good to be installed to our system after we flush out all of the old drivers. For those of you running on an nvidia based graphics card, we have one extra step to modify our driver to remove all the excess bloat from this which can drastically help performance. For this, we need to download a custom tool named nvidia or nv. Slimmer.

Linked to this can be found in the description down below to proceed to scroll down then select one of the download mirrors. The tool should then be downloaded to your pc open up the zip file. What we’re then going to do is make a quick folder on our desktop. Select new folder then call it something like nvidia slimmer. For me, i’m going to be calling it nvs drag the contents of this folder you just downloaded into the folder on the desktop.

We’Re then going to drag in our full fat nvidia driver and also drop it inside of that folder. Then i’m going to go inside of the mvs folder and inside of here. We’Re then going to be looking for the nvslimmer.exe double click on this. We’Re then going to select the driver we downloaded earlier on, so that i could open if you met with any warnings or issues just select.

Okay with inside of here. We then need to select all of the options we wish to keep from the driver and deselect all of the options we’re going to remove on the right hand, side of the screen now you’ve seen recommended options which you should select for your system, depending on whether Or not, you have a laptop if you use hdmi the main options we need to have selected for everyone are going to be physics, install core core display driver and for those of you running on laptops, you must have optimus support selected as well, once you’ve selected, All the options you need for your system go to the bottom left hand. Side select, apply, then select, yes, install driver, we’re going to select no go down to the bottom right hand. Side to repackage, select, desktop, select, ok. This will then begin to repack a brand new driver and which we can install later on after cleaning out our old drivers.

This will typically have a different logo attached to it, but it should be the same name of the driver. Once that’s done, we can then select exit out on nb slimmer. This step is necessary for both amd radeon and nvidia geforce users, and we’re going to do this by utilizing a program known as ddu or display driver uninstaller link, which can be found in the description down below once. You’Ve clicked on the link you’ll be brought to this webpage down here for the download section for ddu. Then click on the official download here button go to the bottom left hand.

Side, select, open click on the three dots select. Your desktop select. Ok, then hit extract. Now, to use the program for the best results, it is recommended to boot into windows using safe mode. The reason we’re going to be doing this is because we’re going to be uninstalling, the display driver in which most of us are currently using on our pcs to well display an output to the monitor in which we’re actually using to make sure that we can fully Remove all of the old drivers and boot into windows with none of that installed and just install our brand new deep loaded driver.

You first of all want to go over to your keyboard and find the bottom left shift key press and hold this key and we’re going to release this later on, with the shift key held down, navigate to the bottom left hand, side, press the windows button right, Click on your power option and we’re going to navigate down to restart continue to hold the shift key. Whilst restarting the system under the choose an option. Menu navigate to the bottom left hand. Side to troubleshoot then going to navigate down to advanced options, then navigate to the middle option. Titled startup settings then navigate to the bottom right then select restart after the system has been restarted.

We’Re then going to select option number four, which should be enable safe mode. So for this navigate over to your keyboard and press number four, once inside of it, go ahead and open up the dvd folder on your desktop and open up, display driver uninstaller.exe, select, ok to any of the popups that come up then select close. We then need to navigate over to the right hand, side to select device type, so select. Gpu you’ll then need to select the make of gpu drivers in which you’re going to be uninstalling.

So if you have an nvidia graphics card, select nvidia, if you have an amd, select amd we’re going to be using the clean and restart options so press this button. The system will then automatically be restarted. You’Ll then be booted back into windows. Normally, once the system has restarted and you’re booted back into windows, you’ll then want to select either the nvidia d bloated driver or the amd radeon driver, depending on which graphics guide you have installed and boot into that driver and start the installation process. For those of you running on an nvidia card, double click on your brand new, deep loaded driver go ahead and select yes, this will then begin to extract the driver selected.

Green continue. An important step here is to ensure that you have the express installation recommended option selected then select next. This will then begin to install to your system, and you may be required to do a restart once the driver has been successfully fully installed. We can now go ahead and apply some very quick control panel settings for both the amd radeon settings panel and the nvidia control panel, which you can both access by right, clicking on the desktop and either selecting the nvidia control panel or the amd radeon settings panel. For nvidia users, you want to navigate over to the manage 3d settings.

Tab and you’ll want to copy all of the settings in which are currently being shown on screen. Now, for those of you that deep loaded, your driver earlier on you’ll, remember that we didn’t actually install the geforce experience with that driver now, if you haven’t used the geforce experience in the past or have no plans to do so in the future, i would actually Recommend not installing the geforce experience whatsoever, as it will be running in the background soaking up resources, but if you still want to use the geforce experience, use the link in the description down below to be brought to the geforce experience. Download page then select download now open up the downloaded file, go into the bottom right hand, side, selecting, agree and install and you’ll be back up and running on the geforce experience in no time in this section we’re going to be going over a few more advanced Optimizations for those of you that are looking to get the very best performance possible and are willing to do a little bit more tweaking on your system, the following advanced optimizations. I personally run on both my high end and medium end: gaming, pcs, but due to them being slightly more advanced, optimizations continue at your own risk. Before applying any of the following optimizations, we can first of all disable the high precision event timer or hp et on your windows pc.

This can have drastic improvements to reducing overall system latency, navigate to the bottom left hand, side type in cmd, right click on the command, prompt and run this as an administrator you’ll then need to navigate inside the description down below to the advanced section where you’ll then Be able to find the hp et enable and hp et disable commands so navigate down to the disable hp et command click and highlight all the way from the right hand, side to the left. Right click, the entire command, select copy, go into cmd, select, control and then v on your keyboard to paste, then press enter. This will more than likely say that the operation was successful for you, but my hp et was already disabled. Now, if you do run into any performance issues or windows feels extremely slow or sluggish, it is recommended to come back inside of the cmd as an administrator and simply re-apply the stock value copy. The enable command input it back into here select apply and, as you can see, hpe t has been re-enabled and the optimization will then be applied upon the next system, restart for the next optimization we’re going to be downloading and installing the intelligent standby list or islc Program this program can help you further reduce input latency by lowering the timer resolution on the pc again inside the description down below where you’ll then be able to find the islc download link scroll down to the official download here section go ahead and select open on This file select the extract location by going to the right hand side to the three dots navigating down to your desktop, selecting, ok, selecting extract, go ahead and double click on the folder click on the intelligent standby list, cleaner
Exe, we then need to set the program up according to our system, specs for the first box, on the left hand, side leave this set to 1024

For the second box, this needs to be set to half of our overall system memory.

You can find this number in the top left-hand side. So for me i have 32 000 megabytes and roughly half of that is going to be 16 000. navigate over to the right hand, side to enable custom time resolution then set the custom time resolution to 0.50 then use your delete key to remove the other values. Navigate down to isoc polling rate for high-end, pcs, we’re going to be going with 500 and for medium to low-end systems, go with a thousand.

We can then never get over to the right-hand side. Select start bring it up to the top middle section. Select purge standby list and the program has then done its work. We can then leave the program running in the background automatically cleaning out your samba list when it hits those values and which have an input on the left hand, side. So go ahead and minimize the program continuing on with the advanced gpu optimizations for every single person watching this video, regardless of how good or bad your gpu might be.

Never get inside the description down below and select the msi utility download link, simply scroll down to the middle section, where you’ll be able to find the msi mode v2 and v3 download links. I personally prefer to use v3, so click on the mediafire download link navigate over to the right hand side to download once the application has been downloaded, drag onto your desktop right. Click on the file run as admin once inside of here. You then need to navigate on the left hand, side and find the graphics card in which you’re, using on your current system. You then want to go over to the right hand side until you find the msi box for that graphics card and ensure that the msi box has been checked once the msi box has been checked, never get over to the right hand, side once again to the Drop down menu for the graphics card, then select high, go to the top right hand.

Side select apply, then go ahead and exit out for the next advanced optimization. This is going to be for intel cpu users only, but before we go ahead and actually showcase this optimization and show you how to apply it following optimization is going to disable some security mitigations built within side of your cpu, which could make your system more vulnerable And susceptible to security vulnerabilities, and you will have to continue at your own risk with that being said, this optimization can seriously help performance on slightly lower ends and older intel cpus navigate inside the description down below, where you’ll be able to find the inspector download link. Never go to download now select show in folder drag this over to your desktop right click run as administrator. Do you want to navigate down and disable meltdown protection and also disable spectre protection? This will then update those results.

We can then go ahead and select exit out if you guys are happy with your results and have enjoyed this video and feel free to check out any of the content which you can see on screen now for further optimizations to your pc and i’ll, see you In season five

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