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COD Warzone Small guide for Resurgence landing By: Yucas1981


So I’ve decided to make this guide of locations for those who are fresh in the game or for those who want some variety in the landing.

Bioweapon Labs: Hard landing since the roof will always have people killing each other and if you down or kill some of the other team they’ll probably just hide and wait for their buddies to return and give you trouble. But if it’s clear it’s a great place to drop load out and see where to go next. Skill level: High

Chemical Eng: Depends mostly on luck. Most of the time will be rushed by people on Bioweapon labs or at the end of the game is where people stay to snipe prison (great place to snipe by the way). Not often filled with people and you can take it slow if you want. Skill level: Medium

Decon Zone: A comfort place that tends to be empty at landing cause most people go to the previous locations I mentioned. Decent loot and room to move around. But always check the roof before going anywhere and beware of bioweapon labs. Skill level: Low

Harbor: Great place for easy loot and not a lot of trouble and it’s not that hard to escape if rushed. Skill level: Low

Nova 6 Factory: A good place for a good fight, the landing will for sure have some fight and keeping the place it’s not recommended since the players you’ve killed will come back and it’s not easy to escape since half of the map can see where you are. Skill level: High

Prison divided in the next levels

Roof: Action packed ride cause most players land here to fight and of course to keep the roof since it is the best power position in the map. Hard to keep with multiple entry points and different places to be sniped and rushed. High skill level.

Prison blocks: Great place to defend since you can always escape and hide, nice loot but you can always be attacked from basement or hallway to roof. Medium skill level.

Basement: The most relax place you’ll find within prison, tends to have good lot and people rarely drop there and if they do you can easily get killed cause of the close quarters but you have places to run. Low skill level.

Shore: By shore I mean the small house in front of Decon. I mean it’s not a great place, can be sniped by anyone surrounding you. It’s only good to get fast load out or something like that. Meh skill level.

Control Center: In my opinion construction site was way better but that’s we have now. I’ve been finding that it’s a hot drop there since it’s apparently popular among players. Once inside it’s tricky to move around and the loot is all over the place. The roof can be useful to snipe prison but also dangerous. Skill level: High.

Headquarters and the houses around there. Headquarters in particular is a tricky house with two floors and two stairs with a lot of small rooms, I find it hard to defend and it’s usually not worth it. What’s interesting is the tower that you can use to snipe prison (annoying as hell but it’s something you can do). Skill level: Low.

Small house in front of Nova 6 and next to headquarters: Small little house with two entry points, the stairs and the windows. Easy to defend but it can get messy if your buddies die. Skill level low.

Building in front of small house: Another good place to defend and attack small house. More entry points but you can easily hear them coming. Skill level medium.

Living quarters: The houses in there are great for loot. But there’s always someone in the house next door so it’s right to be paranoid. The big house it’s good to watch everything around you but you’ll be a target for everyone. Skill level: High

Security Area: Good loot but if you take too long to get the money and the load out you’ll be sniped and rushed by everyone in living quarters so be sure to move fast. Skill level: Medium.

This guide is based on my experiences and as a last advice, be a good teammate and don’t go around rushing people and wasting lives, that’s not the way to win.

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