Comprehensive guide to buffing weak Modern Warfare guns for Warzone By: PearkerJK12


MW buffs


Increase horizontal recoil by ~3%

Add 45 round magazine (reduce ADS speed by ~4%)

The Oden is a powerhouse AR with great bullet velocity. It packs a great punch but is severely held back by its small ammo capacity as well as its slow fire rate. Giving it a vertical recoil buff and a larger magazine would help more players use this weapon if they so choose. However, increasing the horizontal recoil would prevent the Oden from being too oppressive.

FN Scar 17

Add 45 or 60 round magazine

Increase damage up to 33 meters to reduce shots to kill by 1-2 bullets

Reduce horizontal recoil by ~6%

The FN Scar 17 is another heavy hitting AR that is left in the dust due to its slow fire rate, disappointing up-close damage and small magazine. It is not a viable option for team modes in Warzone for these reasons. However, by giving it a larger magazine and offering a more impressive up-close damage profile, the FN Scar 17 could find a nice spot in the meta alongside the Oden. Furthermore, removing a bit of the horizontal bounce could make the FN Scar 17 a very viable option for Warzone, comparable to guns like the Oden, AK-47 and the CR-56 Amax. There should always be viable choices between fast shooting, soft hitting guns and hard hitting, slow shooting guns.

PP Bizon

Increase fire rate to at least 700 RPM to better match its direct comparison, the Bullfrog (which sits at 751 RPM)

This increased fire rate and slightly better damage profile compared to the Bullfrog would give players a reasonable choice between the Bullfrog and the PP Bizon in Warzone, offering more variety.

AK-47 (MW)

-Decrease horizontal recoil by ~7%

-Decrease vertical recoil by ~3%

-Increase chest damage to 44 up to 27.5 meters

-Increase chest damage to 40 from 27.5+ meters

With a slower fire rate than the Cold War AK-47, a more intense recoil pattern, and a worse damage profile across the board, the MW AK-47 has little place to compete in Warzone. Decreasing the recoil could help the AK-47 compete in terms of usability. Furthermore, making the chest damage sit at 44 instead of 42 would allow the TTK to become more competitive with its counterpart, the Cold War AK-47.

Finn LMG (Non adverse barrel version)

-Add headshot multiplier, headshots should do ~44 damage rather than 36 (not applied to the gun when adverse barrel attachments are used) up to 30 meters

-Headshot damage increased to 42 from 30+ meters

-Chest damage increased to 34 from 30+ meters

-Stomach damage increased to 32 from 30+ meters

-Extremities damage increased to 30 from 30+ meters

The Finn LMG is a very fun gun to use and is not too hard for most players to get the hang of. However, it is very unrewarding due to its lack of a headshot multiplier and poor damage output beyond 30 meters when not using adverse barrels. This makes the Finn LMG less competitive versus other ARs and LMGs in its class.


-Increase headshot damage to ~44 up to 48 meters

-Increase chest damage to ~34 up to 48 meters

-Increase stomach damage to ~31 up to 48 meters

-Increase headshot damage to ~40 from 48+ meters

-Increase chest damage to ~31 from 48+ meters

-Increase stomach damage to ~29 from 48+ meters

The Holger-26 has a decent fire rate at 704 RPM and mediocre headshot damage at 42. However, the stomach and chest only deal 28 damage which makes the Holger-26 a poor choice in the LMG class. Adding a bit of a buff to the chest, stomach, and head shots would bring the Holger-26 into PKM and MK9 Bruen range in terms of effectiveness.


-Reduce vertical and horizontal recoil by ~6%

-Add snatch grip option

-Increase bullet velocity to ~950 meters/second

The M91 is another LMG on the verge of being viable in Warzone. However, itโ€™s very slow and doesnโ€™t compete well with other LMGs or ARs. Reducing its recoil would increase usability while the snatch grip attachment would help control recoil while also helping the ADS speed. Additionally, the bullet velocity maxes out at 805 meters/second with its current stats. This is rather slow and does not compete well with other LMGs or ARs. Bringing the bullet velocity up to around 950 meters per second would allow the M91 to compete very well given its good damage profile.


-Increase chest damage to 28 up to 18 meters

-Increase stomach damage to 28 up to 18 meters

-Increase head damage to ~40 up to 18 meters

The ISO is practically a bad MP5 and is not used much at all in Warzone. To make the ISO viable, the up-close damage profile needs to be increased across the board. The fire rate is higher than that of the MP5, but its damage is far lower. The ISO would catch up to the other SMGs in the game with higher damage and become viable.


-Increase chest damage to 28 up to 12.8 meters

-Increase stomach damage to 27 up to 12.8 meters

-Increase headshot damage to ~34 from 12.8 to 19.2 meters

-Increase chest damage to ~26 from 12.8 to 19.2 meters

-Increase stomach damage to ~24 from 12.8 to 19.2 meters

The P90 suffers similarly to the ISO. It is very easy to use but has a poor damage profile. By adding more damage to the chest and stomach, it would become competitive due to its higher fire rate at 905 RPM.

Striker 45

-Increase chest damage to 37 up to 22.4 meters

-Increase stomach damage to 36 up to 22.4 meters

-Increase headshot damage to 42 from 22.4 to 40 meters

-Increase chest damage to ~36 from 22.4 to 40 meters

-Increase stomach damage to ~34 from 22.4 to 40 meters

-Decrease hipfire spread by ~7%

The Striker 45 suffers a lot with fire rate, sitting at 605 RPM. By increasing chest and stomach damage, it could become more viable. To help combat the slow rate of fire, a tighter hipfire could help players begin shooting before aiming down sight, offering a noticeable advantage in certain gunfights. This would allow players to compensate for the slow rate of fire by wasting less time aiming down sight in close quarters combat. An increased damage profile from the 22.4 to 40 meter mark could also allow players to lean on the Striker-45 during medium range engagements, imitating an AR. This would be an added benefit for players who want to play with a sniper rifle and an SMG.


-Increase .41 AE rounds to a 45 round magazine

-Increase vertical recoil by ~4% when using AE rounds

-Increased horizontal recoil by ~3% when using AE rounds

The Uzi is currently unusable unless equipped with the .41 AE rounds. However, the AE rounds are limited to 32 bullets which is not enough for games modes besides solos and possibly duos. Adding a 45 round magazine to the .41 AE rounds for the Uzi could allow for it to be used in game modes outside of solos and duos. Furthermore, in order to balance the buff to the .41 AE rounds capacity, a slight recoil nerf would be put in place.


-Increase base ADS speed by ~12%

The MW AUG is actually quite a good gun up close and packs a good punch. However, when built for Warzone, it has a very slow ADS speed, making it less desirable for close quarters combat. Increasing the ADS speed would help the MW AUG fall into a comfortable place in the meta.

Mk2 Carbine

-Increase headshot damage to 250 up to 26 meters to make it a 1 shot headshot.

The Mk2 Carbine is arguably the worst gun in its class, being easily outshined by guns like the Kar98k and the SP-R 208. The main reason for this is the lack of an ability to down a player with a headshot when they have 250 health. The Mk2 Carbine has a faster fire rate than the Kar98k and the SP-R 208. It shoots twice as fast as the Kar98k (44 RPM) at 88 RPM and almost twice as fast as the SP-R 208 (47 RPM). With such a fire rate, a one shot headshot potential could become too overpowered at all ranges. However, using the Mk2 Carbine as an aggressive marksman rifle would require skill and should be rewarded as such. A one shot headshot up to 26 meters would attract aggressive snipers to the gun and make it a viable choice for Warzone in Verdansk and especially in Rebirth Island.


-Decrease bullet drop by ~12%

The AX-50 has a good bullet velocity, only a bit slower than the HDR. However, the bullet drop is quite noticeable and gives little reason to use it over guns such as the HDR or SP-R 208. Decreasing the bullet velocity would give the AX-50 a fighting chance versus the HDR and SPR-208, given its better ADS speed and fire rate than the HDR.