How to See Enemies Better in Warzone (Make Modern Warfare Look Better)


The colors in Warzone make it difficult to see enemies in the distance. There are a few ways to improve the colors and tones in game so that you can see other players easier. First you want to make sure that your in game settings are set up correctly. To do this open your game and go to the general settings. In past titles you could set your brightness to max and you?d have no issues seeing people. However in Modern Warfare maximizing your brightness will cause the colors to blow out and your game to look foggy. Your first step is to make sure you have your brightness set correctly using the in game guides. The left square should not be visible, the middle barley and the right easy. Move down to the HUD options and select the mini map shape you want. The square shape shows more of the map which is great for spotting nearby enemies. Switch to the Graphics options. Scroll down and disable both the world and weapon motion blur options. Set the film grain to zero. This will remove the blurry look and give you a crystal clear image. Next we are going to add a game filter using GeForce Experience.

You will need to have a Nvidia graphics card and be using a PC for this to work. If you?re on console your TV or monitor may have similar color settings. You can follow along and increase or decrease the screen settings to best match my filter options. To start you will need to have GeForce Experience installed, a link will be included in the description below. Once installed you should be able to open the in game overlay using Alt + Z on your keyboard. Next press game filter. Select one of the profile numbers on the side. Choose ?Add Filter? and select Brightness and Contrast. Click on the filter to open the settings. Set the exposure to negative twelve. Contrast to fifty two. Highlights to negative twenty two. Shadows to minus seventy. Gamma to seventeen. Next add a details filter. Set sharpen somewhere between thirty and forty. Do the same for clarity. Set HDR Toning between forty and seventy. Bloom to zero. You may like how your game looks with these current settings, however if you?d like to make the game more colorful then add a color filter.

Set vibrance to twenty and everything else to zero. You can turn on and off the filter to see the change. Once you are happy then close GeForce Experience. Your game should now look much better..

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