Alrighty folks, coming at you today with another cold war, warzone gun, which is seriously something powerful to behold, and that is the ffar aka, the cold war farm ass. Although i must tell you, you have to persevere with us going to get some attachments on it because that’s when it comes alive, although even the likes of this early setup can get the job done as you’ll witness in this game, which starts off with me. Taking this player out with a flawless fam ass and then patiently dealing with this camper waiting to pounce on me, he wasn’t quite expecting the incredibly fast thing to kill on this gun and then we move on to complete a scavenger contract.

Although there’s someone chilling on hospital roof, that’s making too much noise for my liking, although i [ __ ] up vaulting over this wall and get myself into all sorts of trouble, i miss the ladder. I miss the high ground, but i don’t miss my shots as this player comes jumping at me, which they will never do again as i slap them down with this green farm ass. We finally get up and running with our own farm ass and lw3 loadout, and i end up having a fantastic view of this commotion going on below me. I picked my shot here with the lw3 and suddenly the other enemy is thinking what the [ __ ]. Just happened there i take off his armor with another sniper shot and finish him off with my now upgraded fam ass.

That’S a few kills on the board, with this gun already, naturally, uh loot up these guys and then fancy a little bounty contract. This gun is hungry for kills and i feel like i cannot lose close range, so i open the door. Hey mate, goodbye mate, although i ended up in a situation where i was being hunted and i had to camp out myself. I did the smart thing and locked down the staircase kept the engagement as close range as possible, and eventually the bounty hunter became the hunted when they got in my vicinity.

Another kill for this gun and now here comes the most dangerous move of the game. It’S 100 a stadium finish, and i got ta get a head start on this rotation. I’M majestically soaring through the air. Until i take some shots in the ribs, which, to be honest, was good because it kept me on edge and now no players are in stadium. And what do you know with another patient maneuver? I kill this player with some efficient shots in the back, and here is where my brain properly expanded. As the next circle is closing – and i take advantage of my gas mask to get on top of stadium and if i’m the only player up here then surely this is an easy one. I do some investigating. I keep an eye on the other, zip line and sure enough, i’m the only occupant of the roof as the numbers dwindle down below me.

Not even a danger close air strike from inside stadium could get me off the roof. I just sidestepped that, and i know that was the last roll of the dice from the players down below for a brief moment, i am in the gas and take some damage, but if i just wait a tiny bit longer that circle welcome back to me providing Me with the opportunity to play up and pick off one of the last players fighting below me is now a 1v1, although it’s circle 11 and the gas is closing in for both of us, i could shake myself and wait out or i could take the fight To them, which is exactly what i do full of confidence in the farm, has to get the job done and that’s what it does wow. This thing is good when the dmr 14 gets nerfed, this might be the air to the meta throne.

Folks definitely grind it up and before i show you another dominant game with it, i want to say, if you’re new here and enjoyed that one, why not hit the subscribe button and the notification bell to join the notification squad, like the two legends on your screen? Have done and here check out this next match. If we’re able to win this game, i will give five subs. Oh oh, five, subs on the line. Folks, you heard that right there i’ve got a gun. I don’t know i’m having a leave. I’Ve blew him up. Top i blew him up up the stairs in that window. Yep. Oh, no! No! Oh man! I pressed the wrong button. My bad, my bad i jumped to the window.

I should have pulled back there we go. He was in control. Of that cool lag was always always in control yeah coming in coming in. Where did they come from man? Yeah? I think you maybe should meet. I think you maybe should start somewhere else nice. Thank you, i’m not too far off. What did you did any of you? Look at the uh buildings, yep, there’s cowboy by this car he’s really hot one shot literally one shot behind the car. A grenade would kill them down the top yellow. I’M in the truck i’m gon na go i’m gon na. Go for a res, i’m not going to this one! I’M gon na go actually there’s not really got many other options truck, oh fire still as well. I could do that yeah i need to buy plates when i get to playstation.

I forgot to get some someone just get raised them up ahead as well: oh [, __ ] behind us, i’m under fire, where’s that from oh big, big building, yeah yeah, just behind the green fence. Okay, there we go yes, oh [, __ ], oh [, __ ], he’s got no plates, got the place, got me pushing the door. Yeah yeah he’s done, i’m getting shot from uh police station yeah. I don’t. I really don’t like this spot anymore. Actually, oh [. __ ] they flank. I can’t i can’t get near this player killed one [ __ ].

Oh we’ve got enough money bob, but i think there’s a still one more team, another one on heartbeat, oh yeah, yep. I still want more on heartbeat and now he’s not happy he’s uh southwest he’s southwest, not he’s back on he’s flanking around he’s here, just flanked me and that’s building nice. Let’S go give me like that. That’S [, __, ] cool. Don’T forget nice on me by the way. This is my first game using it folks, absolute monster, oh dead guy here. Thank you! That’S 24 enemies they had.

Ah i don’t know i forgot now. I want to go now bye, sir. I’M getting shot from that, i’m getting shot from the day. Oh there’s somebody here. No, no! No! No nice! I can save you leave me leave me. It sounds like they died. It sounds like diverse, oh you’re, [ __, ] kidding me on advanced uav jesus christ. I think you want to try and stick to this wall on this side of that awesome or not yeah, oh god, up [ Applause, ] out uh they’re, just pushing out of the building coming around to my things. Oh yes, oh, my goodness, [ Music ]! Yes, let’s go 14 kills in the first game. Let’S go man, yes, yes also. I believe someone knows me five gifted subs in my team. Yes, man of his word man of his work, ggs geez. That famous is insane.

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