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Warzone AS VAL – the best SMG in the game By: -Arhael-


I made an argument about AMAX being the best SMG both for warzone and multiplayer:



But then VAL came along, so here we go.

Attachments used for deriving stats: 30 mag, 5mw, stippled, Skelet, Sleight of Hand

MP5 build for comparison: mono integral, 45 mag, 5mw/merc, stippled, ftac


TTK and range

It is mostly impossible to hit single part of body at longer ranges but TTK per body part can still help correlate approximate damage.

Gun and range Head Chest/Stomach Chest Stomach/limbs Limbs
MP5 0-10.68m 376m 526ms 602ms
MP5 10.68-19.6m 451ms 677ms 827ms
MP5 19.6-28.9m 602ms 827ms 978ms
VAL 0-32m 339ms 406ms 542ms
MP5 28.9m+ 677ms 978ms 1053ms
VAL 32m+ 406ms 542ms 678ms

As per stats above MP5 loses by whooping 120ms at closest range. Even if we take Fennec into consideration – fastest killing SMG, it is still 97ms slower than VAL, that is just plain broken. And when we start comparing VAL to SMGs at 11+ meters, then VAL has ridiculous advantage. VAL’s TTK and range makes it absolute destroyer and you can control recoil well enough to annihilate everyone within 40 meters range. Plus you have option to put barrel, which increases range by 26%, so no fall off up to 40.32 meters. This range advantage makes the gun a lot more versatile compared to SMGs. At 20 meters VAL kills literally twice faster and at 30 meters distance it kills 2.4 times faster, the TTK difference is ridiculous.

Sprint to Fire.

It is the same as with all other ARs. But you can significantly reduce it with 5mw + stippled.

Gun and sprint Without 5mw Stippled Both
Val Tac sprint 392ms 313ms 321ms 242ms
MP5 tac sprint 217ms 188ms 183ms 154ms
Val sprint 263ms 217ms 229ms 183ms
MP5 sprint 117ms 108ms 104ms 95ms

VAL’s tactical sprint is 25-88ms slower and normal sprint – 66-88ms slower, difference depends on MP5’s attachments(or their lack of). This disadvantage is heavily mitigated with skill: slide cancel, jump preemptively or around corners, slow down or play defensively, for a skilled player it is rarely a disadvantage. Even in multiplayer with much lower TTK times I have no problem managing sprint to fire and wreck MP5 users with these two attachments, while running around like a headless chicken. Moreover, even with sprint to fire taken into account VAL’s TTK is still superior to MP5/Fennec, that’s how nasty this gun is.


SMGs have clear hipfire advantage. Saying that with 5mw VAL’s hipfire can be effective within 3-4 meters, personally beyond that range I would ads even with SMG, so by no means it is a big deal.


VAL: 199-245ms

MP5: 187ms (204 with merc)

Basically VAL has SMG ADS, unless you put long barrel, strelok or/and underbarrel. My AMAX smg has 234-251ms ads and I found it good enough even for multiplayer.


Gun Running ADS walking
VAL 4.61m/s 3.12m/s
MP5 4.88m/s (4.83 with merc) 3.26m/s (3.05 with merc)

VAL’s mobility is not very good, it is around 5% slower compared to SMGs. But that is still a decent mobility, if we compare it to long range ARs. Also, MP7 mobility is even worse, if using Recon, Merc, 60 mag and not putting No stock.


Vertical recoil is very strong but at the same time it feels smooth and predictable, very easy to memorize. And unlike AMAX there is 0 visual recoil.

Also, I feel like it is important to mention my personal settings. I play with 400dpi, 12 sensitivity, 100 pov, affected. My sensitivity may seem high but there are pro level players with similar sensitivities and they gameplay seems a lot more impressive. You may be less consistent at very long ranges but within close and mid range you are a lot stronger. But the best benefit is that compensating for vertical recoil is a lot less stressful, hence why AMAX and VAL are viable SMG replacements for me.

I don’t play SMGs often but I tested recoils on mp5 and mp7 builds. Mp5’s recoil with ftac is very bad, there is huge random side to side and up and down bounce that you cannot properly control, past 20-30 meters it is very unreliable, without merc it is even worse. Unpredictable bounce makes you hit a lot of limb shots or outright miss, so on practice TTK is even worse than on paper. Mp7 with recon and merc is decent but without recon and with no stock the random bounce is very bad too.

Without recoil attachments with VAL I can hit all shots up to 40 meters away, with Strelok attachment consistency extends up to 50 meters and recoil no longer feels like a nuisance, in fact I am am more consistent than with no stock AMAX. Bottom line at longer ranges VAL not only kills a lot faster but it is a lot more consistent too compared to MP5/MP7 or most other close range alternatives. Also, it makes VAL a lot more reliable weapon for finishing sniped enemies.

Ammo capacity

Low mag is the biggest disadvantage of VAL and because of fast fire rate you lose more bullets, when missing shots. Like most other disadvantages this one can be mitigated by adapting your playstyle and improving your skill. Be as accurate as humanly possible to make each bullet count, isolate 1v1s, be mindful of escape routes for reloading, pick your fights smart. Take full advantage of it’s superior range: peek, down single enemy, hide to reload, rinse and repeat – common tactic in the game but VAL can do it a lot better at close/mid range. Also, amped perk is a must.

30 mag is enough to down two enemies or down and thirst single enemy. With proper trigger discipline and good aim downing 3 people is not unrealistic, especially, when they are not fully armored. In situations, where you are in the view of 3-4 people, you are as good as dead before your mag even finishes but with VAL you can cause more impact, so your teammates are in a better position to finish the job.

Damage per mag

When people compare mag capacity of VAL to SMGs, they fail to take into account damage lost due to range. Below is chest damage for each gun and range:

MP5: 1530/1125/990/855dmg

MP7: 1500/1200/1080/960

VAL: 1110/840

VAL not losing damage up to 32-40 meters is a huge factor. If we compare to MP5, VAL has mag capacity disadvantage only within 10.68 meters, at 10.68-19.6m VAL does only 25dmg less, and above that VAL straight up does more damage than either SMG. This is a huge mitigating factor, you get caught with SMG outside 11-15 meters range in a lot of situations, with VAL you do as much damage per mag but able to kill enemy a lot faster. Also, cos of more predictable recoil and very little random bounce you can land more shots than with mp5/mp7, so mag capacity is not bad at all compared to SMGs.

Ammo type

Since it uses AR ammo, pairing it with another AR or LMG can make bullets more scars. But if you play aggressively, you can almost always loot enemy bodies, in most situations you can get around this disadvantage. In worst case beg a clip or two from a teammate, deficit is a lot easier to manage, when the burden is spread between your teammates. 🙂

When pairing with sniper, however, using AR ammo is an advantage.

Attachment advantages

VAL does not require suppressor. When I use AMAX as SMG, it requires me to sacrifice suppressor cos of how important other attachments are, no such problem with VAL.

You don’t need optic. For AMAX I had to use optic for consistency, Without optic even if I put compensator, the gun simply is not consistent enough for me, optic is an absolute necessity to counter visual recoil and for lining up headshots. VAL has 0 visual recoil and its iron sight is one of the best in the game, so you better take full advantage of that.

No damage drop off for 32 meters, AMAX drop off is at 24 meters in comparison.

Attachments guide

VLK 200mm Osa – 26% range boost for almost free. It doesn’t punish mobility, hipfire unlike long barrels on other guns, and ads punishment is mere 21ms. VAL’s bullet velocity is rather slow, 29% velocity bonus helps, makes the gun more consistent at downing moving targets.

5mw – must attachment, sprint to fire reduction is massive and tighter hipfire is a cherry on top.

Stippled – massive sprint to fire reduction just like for 5mw, must attachment

30 mag – duh

Stovl 6P30 Skelet – gives you SMG strafing while shooting or slow peeking corners, when ADSing. Being able to peek corners faster gives enemy less time to react, dodging bullets while shooting can sometimes help too.

VLK Strelok – solid 20% recoil reduction almost for free. But you lose 16% ads movement speed, so instead of slow peeking you better get used to jump peeking. Without this attachment I can be consistent up to 40 meters. With this attachment I can comfortably land all bullets up to 50 meters away and controlling recoil feels easy.

Merc – I find underbarrel attachments useless for CQC weapons cos I am able to manage recoil without them, downsides that come with them are never worth it. But for those who really struggle with recoil, merc is a great choice.

Ranger – use it, if you want more of a hybrid gun with longer range effectiveness for your sniper loadout.

Sleight of hand – helps coping with low mag capacity. Because you don’t have to spend attachments on barrel, muzzle or optic, you can afford to have Sleight of Hand. But I find reload quite fast even without sleight, so I use it for multiplayer only.

Best builds


5mw, stippled, 30, skelet, sleight of hand.

Perfect build for run and gun. Skelet gives you smg ads mobility and sleight of hand gives enemies less time to rush you or recuperate.

Rage inducer

200mm, 5mw, stippled, 30, strelok

Currently the build I use. With Strelok attachment recoil is reduced enough to be very consistent at relevant ranges, you can be consistent up to 50 meters and be useful even at 60-70 meters. Barrel extends your absolute dominance to 40 meters. Even though ADS is 245ms, it is still fast enough to not be a problem. ADS movement speed will be missed though. Enemies will rage cos of how they get stomped at ranges, where they don’t expect to and at the same time you absolutely can run and gun with it.


5mw, 200mm, 30, ranger foregrip, strelok

Without stippled you will have harder time managing sprint to fire and you will have slower ADS, however, range boost and 37% recoil reduction will make you a lot more lethal at range. A strong choice for a sniper.


This gun is definitely not for everyone. And probably unusable for those, who play with very low sensitivity. Even though vertical recoil is very predictable, it can be very stressful to compensate for it during fight, especially, against moving targets. I used to play with lower sens and even AMAX was a struggle for me.

Slower mobility may hurt occasionally but at the same time traversing map with VAL is a lot safer because you can challenge enemies at much longer ranges and prevail where it would be certain death with SMG.

In general the gun requires a lot more skill than SMG, so it will not be good in your hands right away, you need to proper dedicate yourself to it and adjust your playstyle. But ones you master the gun, imho it will reward you a lot more than conventional SMGs.


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