Warzone Guide Bullet Drop + Lead (LW3 Tundra) By: Yugobaas


Recently I have made a post with the bullet drop + amount to lead for the SPR and was glad to receive both critical and positive feedback.

I have been working on an improved version of the cheatsheets and covered a new loadout.

r/CODWarzone - Follow-up: Guide Bullet Drop + Lead (LW3 Tundra)

Shooting a sprinting target at 197 meters.

Full video

r/CODWarzone - Follow-up: Guide Bullet Drop + Lead (LW3 Tundra)

LW3 Tundra cheatsheet

LW3 Tundra with the following attachments. I used the go to Tundra loadout from IceManIsaac which basically is a long range loadout.

  • Wrapped suppressor

  • 29.1” combat recon

  • Patrol grip

  • 7 round mag

  • Raider pad

In the previous version I didn’t visualize it directly on a reticle because I didn’t want to force people to use a specific scope or reticle, but instead used cm/inch to tell you how much the bullet drop + lead is. Some pointed out it might be easier to understand if it were shown directly on the reticle. I agree, tested it with a couple more persons and implemnted the changes. Thanks for the feedback :).

The cheatsheet shows the amount to lead + bullet drop for ranges all the way up to 500 meters. This is all validated data, but if you find anything that isn’t correct, please let me know.

The Cheatsheet

Either check it out before starting a game or keep it opened on your phone and peek every now and then.

  • Top left corner: name weapon

  • Top right corner: attachments

  • Legend: this is quite important since it has a big impact on the amount to lead. I always calculate this for walking, sprinting and tactical sprinting targets.

  • 100 Meter row: I also included what Scope and Reticle I have used. Important as well. Changing this will most likely make the cheatsheet unusable.

  • The Reticle and operators as visualized in the table are all proportional. This means that when you’re zooming in in-game it will pretty much look like the way you see it in the cheatsheet.

How to use it

  1. Ping the target (distance) and identify if he is walking, sprinting or tactical sprinting (movement speed)

  2. Cheatsheet: first pick the correct row (distance) then find the operator with the correct movement

  3. Get a headshot 🙂

Not sure if this would be marked as spam. But if you appreciate it and would like to show some support or look up other videos, you can find it over here.

Hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you think I can improve anything and also feel free to suggest a loadout + attachments for me to cover next time!

Cheers and have a good one!

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