Warzone Guide to Defeating Hackers By: Aware-Lavishness3877


Hey guys, I always see posts on this sub regarding hackers and how they kill you and such. I wanted to make a very detailed guide on how to level the playing field with these cheaters, coming from an ex-hacker myself. Mods if this post breaks any kind of rules, feel free to remove.

I used cheats for hundreds of hours in this game, and I stopped because I joined a game with a rando and he found out I was cheating, and we ended up becoming friends and I decided to play legit. There was no satisfaction getting wins with cheats.

First off, let’s dive in to what gives the cheater the advantage over a normal player.

So everyone knows about the aimbot of course, but fewer people know about the aim prediction. Aim prediction is exactly what it sounds like, it puts the crosshair for the hacker directly where it needs to be so when he shoots, the bullet will hit the target. This gives the hacker a great advantage over longer ranges against lower skilled players that move in one direction only, and those that don’t alter their movements.

ESP gives the cheater a way to see every movement you make. They either see a box around your body, or your skeleton itself. This way they always know exactly where you are and how close you are. The easiest way to beat this is to rush him with your entire squad, don’t give him time to think about his next move.

There’s also the new silent aim, which makes your enemy seem like they are looking somewhere else, when they are looking directly at you. If you see someone, don’t assume they are looking the other way, they could very well be looking at you.

At this point, I know what you’re saying. “These aren’t ways to beat them, tell me the secrets!”

Let’s get into how to actually beat the cheater.

This is where the cheater has the best advantage. You won’t outsnipe a cheater that is decent. He will land headshot after headshot within half a second of spotting you, humans just can’t keep up. Avoid this at all costs and try to close the gap between you.

Again, you’re probably going to lose this one too. His AR of even SMG can shoot from range and will be extremely steady. It’s gonna laser you, and it doesn’t let up. Keep trying to close the gap.

This is where, believe it or not, you actually have the advantage. Stay in groups of two or more with your squad, search every room carefully, and you’ll easily beat him. The reason is that it’s very difficult for the cheater to down someone then down you as well. Even cheats can’t lock onto someone, down them, the lock onto someone else before they are shot. It just can’t happen, unless the team that is rushing is not very good.

These tips and tricks are of course not able to be done in solos. In solos, just cross your fingers that you don’t come across one, because there’s no way you’ll win that fight. Also they can easily shoot people out of vehicles, so stay away from those.

Also for those of you that don’t ever see cheaters, it’s usually because after a cheater plays a game or two, they are placed in the highest lobbies with extremely good players and streamers.

I hope this small guide gives you a little more insight on how to beat cheaters, and hopefully enough people see it to help even more people. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask in the comments.

See you out on the field.

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