Hey, what’s going on guys the truth this fellow here back in another video today I’m bringing you guys a brand new video on how to win in the 1v1 pit basically the best Strategy and ecology the world or two on how to win so some of you guys are wondering like okay How do I know this gonna work guys I’ve been on a 15 win streak with the strategy? That’s the highest I run. I don’t even play 1v1 like a lot.

I have like oh like 100 games played and honestly, but I wanna have a 75 like 74 percent chance of winning and the 1v1 but it’s pretty crazy. I have a very very small chance of losing so today I’m bringing you guys the strategy because I’ve looked around you, too But I don’t see Anyone showing you guys this so I’ll be the first one to tell you guys on how to beat the one p1 pro and how? To get up in the leaderboards, so let’s get right into it man I’m gonna be giving you guys some tips and tricks So let’s get it so the first tip I have for you guys right away is banned the shovel Whenever you see the shovel. Do not use it because if you are using the shovel and the 1v1 pit this shatters You’re not gonna work out for you. Trust me guns. You need a gun okay? Trust me just trust me guys use a gun the second tip is Leading on to why you don’t use a shovel so You guys probably know why not the shovel so if you’re wondering that It’s because you’re gonna stay in the middle of the map the whole time and in these clips I broke it down real quick how to show you guys on how to win all you’re doing is spawn trapping have you guys that response shot before every not today is the day to spawn trap so you stand in the middle and Wherever side you are facing in the middle of the log the enemies will pop out so if you’re facing the front They’re gonna pop out right there If you’re facing the other side towards where the leaderboards that they’re gonna pop out right there, and there’s only two spawn sides It’s either left or right so you could look at the left, and if they’re not there They’re gonna be on the right if they’re not on the right you can look at the left It’s easy guys very simple in this gameplay You’re seeing that I’m just doing the same thing this works with your friends with anybody You could have the most trihard person as soon as you get into the spawn trap guys is over So onto the next step what I do want to tell you guys is do not be afraid to push Once you get those first shots into the enemy And they haven’t even put a bullet into you because of your how hard your glitching don’t be afraid to push because in this game The hell is regenerate so slow is so most likely you’re gonna win the gunfight so keep that in mind guys Next tip I got for you guys is to use guns with range so and the guns you have three options I’m telling you guys the order.

They should be choosing So if you have a LMG always choose that never ban it So never ban the LMG never ban assault rifles and then never ban SMGs and then last resort is pistols and The reason why you want to have range in your gun is because if you’re in the spawn shop in the middle You’re pretty much always gonna be just having you’re gonna meet that range. You’re not gonna be in close friend You’re gonna fight, so your first choice would have to be LMGs ARS SMG. Do we have a LMG you’re probably had like a 99.99% chance of winning The next step is to never never use a sniper, man So I know there’s like choices where you have to ban the shovel or the sniper the sniper is the last resort Cuz the shovel doesn’t work at all, but hey if you’re good with a sniper, and then go ahead and use a sniper I don’t know. I’m not a sniper guy I’m just gonna be straight up with you guys So I would not recommend using this tonight for you to be a little bit harder I’ll try to show you guys some gameplay of me trying to snipe with the strategy guys And I like either barely win or I get rekt so on to the next tape now This is only gonna work for some of you guys, but if you guys have headsets And you guys could sound tour, then it it’s oh my god Yeah, but we just hired like 110 percent intents of winning because when you’re sound horn You know exactly where they’re at so if you stand in the middle of the log And you either hear I’m coming from the left or the right You know exactly where that it’s not a 50/50 anymore It’s a 100 percent chance of where you know where they’re at so like I mentioned earlier, or you’re facing in front They’re gonna be to the left to the right at the 50/50.

You don’t know but if your sound whoring then you have a hundred percent chance of knowing where they’re at and that’s just Another way of winning that gunfight. It’s gonna be a lot more easier on the tip number seven guys Some of you guys may wonder like okay? What if I die in the middle of the head glitch? I know what you guys are thinking you like what if I die And then they get in the head bitch or whatever guys if you die in the head glitch There’s gonna be like a 99% chance and there’s like like the chances of you winning wouldn’t be one they’re gonna be so high Because say you’re in the head glitch and you die right, but when you’re headed bitch And I’m pretty sure you at least put a couple bullets to that guy So when you put a couple bullets that guy just try to spawn right away and go kill him because after you die And you could’ve you put a couple bullets them He’s gonna be weak and in this game like I said it’s like so long to regenerate your health so You’re pretty much like you’re pretty much gonna win the next gunfire after that so you’re not worried and after that I’m gonna fight you Just get right back on the glitch so On to the next tip and this is vice-versa to the tip.

I just gave you guys do not do not Challenge gunfights when you are weak. I’ll try to show you guys an example what I do But what I do is when I’m weak I just dug and I hide it like I don’t want to be covered because like I said it takes so Freakin long to regenerate health in this game, so if you’re really really weak And you know you’re like one shot just hide behind a barrel Running around the map you have to and just chill out. I know you’re gonna have to wait there for a full minute Honestly, because this game like it takes so long to regenerate health So just chill out and make sure your screen is completely white because sometimes your screen looks a little Like a little red, just like a minor piece of red so you think okay like I’m good I could go out But you know when your screen is like slightly slightly red sometimes.

You’re still very very weak for some reason I don’t know That’s how Call of Duty works at least this Call of Duty, and I don’t know I don’t completely agree with it But those are just the tips I give you guys so guys These are pretty much the tips that I’m giving you guys just to win these gunfights in the 1v1 pit now some of you guys Probably like okay. Why would I even want to do this and honestly? I it’s all about showing off and my personal opinion so Me I’ve always wanted to be high in the freaking leaderboards for something You know something like I always wanted to be like it’s an accomplishment like if your college redefined to be high in the leaderboard somewhere Now some of you guys may not be too.

Good like at playing regular matches like um CDM or whatever just regular pump stomping, so What this strategy does is it gives you guys a? to show off in front of your friends to be high in the Leaderboards the one of you one player has the leaderboards and I believe it goes by win streak And it’s so easy to go in a win streak with this man I’m pretty sure if I were to play this like all freaking day Then I could go on a high ash streak And I’ll try to do that for you guys just to prove it to you guys that even more that it’s done.

It’s like unstoppable But as I was saying I’ve always wondered behind the leader boards and this gives anybody a chance to behind the leader boards at least for the one we want paid and You get a boast about it You guys know you guys get a show off to your friends like oh I’m higher than you in the leaderboards and that’s probably the only reason why you would want to do this Unless you just want to go wreck people and just be a troll if you like being a troll hey You will just want to go read people But people will get mad trust me people will tell you you’re a camper Yeah, anything like my friends have told me like oh, you’re a camper like you only stay in the middle And I’ve done this with my friends some gameplays. You’ll be seeing out. I’m playing against my friends, and they just can’t beat me and guys if you like the only reason why you might lose and this is the might it’s because if there’s two options where it’s either the shovel or the sniper like the Kr9 with the iron site now that sniper sucks But like I said the shovel always has to be dismissed first because the strategy just won’t work with it And now if you guys want to risk it and use the shovel Something guys may be good with it if you guys want to risk it easy go ahead But the strategy will not work if you’re using a shovel we can have to play up your own game So keep that in mind, but like I said the only reason why you really might lose is just because if you’re playing with Crappy guns where the AR LMG or s mg.

You might you’re probably gonna Win you might even win what like a pistol or something? I’m not gonna lie but If you guys really want to secure like a secure secure win With like a cheap gun with like a sniper or something like a bazooka because sometimes like I said, I’ll bring up a bazooka a freaking shovel at the same time, so you gotta use either or so what I would recommend doing is get one kill, and if you can’t even two and just Go out to a corner and sit there I sit there and play time or either that or you could just run around the map or run away from the enemy do that in some of these cases were have a shitty gun and You guys will see that. I’m not gonna challenge. You’re gonna face I’m not gonna risk my winter streak because if you want to be high in the leaderboard you need to go on a really high Win streak so what you do is get a couple kills Run around run around run around and just keep running or stay in the corner and just play time if you have two kills That’s even better because then Emma doesn’t have to kill you just once pedesta kill you twice to tie and that’s the tie so That’s what I would recommend doing guys.

These are pretty much the best tips and the best strategies I would use I don’t know in my perspective. I’ve always wanted behind the leader boards I don’t know if you guys have ever wanted that and some of you guys probably don’t even care because It’s like why do you want to behind the leader boards for and this is just me because I’m a competitive player And I just like showing a half I don’t know if you guys like show enough but you’ll be able to show up to all your friends like hey you guys can’t beat me in a 1v1 and Trust me guys They will Freaking get mad you guys probably think why are they gonna get mad guys if you’re sitting in the middle headglitching and just spawn trapping That is basically what this is this is a spawn trap They will not be this is the spawn trap they will not be able to get out of have you guys ever played modern warfare Remastered and it’s shipment, and if you’re like sniping.

There’s a spawn trap. Where if you stay in the middle? You Danny no response your spawn trap, and you’ll just destroy them I remember one time I was playing shipment with one of my friends is like let’s go one view one sniper Tony now I don’t know that alright. Okay, just for fun, right so I get into this game of shipment with my friend not knowing what I’m getting into and This guy just starts destroying me legit. I like gotten no kills like he’s legit I’ve probably only got one the most But he legit had me on the spawn trap on shipment If you guys don’t know what that is this tomorrow warfare map, and it’s just boxes everywhere and if he stands in the middle guess and he knows response he’ll destroy you and You’re just there and as soon as you spawn in You die as soon as respond in you die Soon as you spawn in you died like it wasn’t even fun and at least in this spawn trap You always have a chance of getting out of and that shipment spawn trap.

Oh my god I don’t know if you guys ever played that have you guys ever got into that But you that’s a spawn trap that you were never ever Every able to get out of I don’t know guys I know a lot of you guys. Don’t even know about this because like I don’t really see nobody doing this I really don’t see anybody doing this I just see people like going Rambo and stuff and maybe this because I’m just a total sweat And I’d like really really want to win this I even got a message the other night where it’s just like Stop using the stop using the try-hard to guns everybody and stop banning like you say something about like stop banning the fun guns everybody Wants to use those and I was just like what the heck like I thought it was a trihard at the moment or like down Like maybe I’m just sweating too much But I don’t know man.

That is my opinion but Now pretty much after today’s video Let me know what you guys think these are the best tips and the best tricks the best freaking strategy To go on a win streak on world words you won, the one v1p and nobody’s ever done this Let me know what you guys think about it try it out I’m pretty sure you guys will be able to go high up in the leaderboards And if you guys probably have like a small percentage of win streak or whatever This will definitely be able to raise your raise it up trust me guys Just go sit there for like 30 minutes ago, try it out at first You might not have the hang of it anymore. You might not know what to do so trust me guys Just just freaking try it out man. Just try it out guys. That’s all I can say man shout out to my boy Try hards for coming to me yesterday’s video doing shout outs every single day if you guys want to get a shout out Let me know in the comment section below.

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