Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I’ll be focusing on long shots and keratin since they added the 24/7 playlist for double xp for this weekend and throughout the next few weeks for the winter event I wanted to make sure that everyone had a good idea how to complete their long shot challenges I came out with that the guide for all the other maps which I’m a link in the description.

But this one specifically there’s tons there’s over 20 that can possibly be done just on this map so let’s just get into it so on the map you’ll be able to see all the different spawns as well as all these different sight lines the one marked with the X is the one that we’ll be looking at right now keep in mind that all the sight lines double so from the window to looking at this spawn you should be able to get a good long shot as well as from this sight to someone in the window the next one we’ll be looking at is on the opposite side in the window looking towards the spawn as well so as you can see as long as they’re around that patio section a little bit further you will get that long shot next won’t be looking at as this long pathway along the top of the map.

I’ll try to demonstrate a couple different angles so right here this one you’re coming behind the cover if someone’s coming out from that direction easy long shot this next one’s from the opposite angle as you will be clb right looking right at the crates and from here you’ll be able to see you can shoot someone sitting on that nest as well as just someone coming out of that building or walking from left to right they’re gonna be at this distance so easy headshots right there long shots as well so next year he has a couple other ones from this window area.

So you’ll see right if you’re at the window by this gun you should be able to get that long shot at this range and if you want to shoot someone in this window you can’t do it directly you have to actually back up which is what you’ll see in this next clip I’m farther back someone pops out in that window you can get a long shot from there as well the next one we’ll be looking at is probably the longest long shot on this map so you can see from here it’s pretty much anywhere on this Lane this next one is very similar to the one we saw before it’s from the window area again at that awning or a little canopy cover or whatever you want to call it right there long shot as well couple will be looking at in this sandbag area you’ll see the line moves slightly but from here you can get a good vantage point I get a long shot right here there’s another one from this their sandbag one more towards the right and you can get a different vantage point they’re either in the bottom floor or up in the second-story window or if they’re walking across you can see right here push to load it forward and you got another one right next to sandbag.

But my favorite one is this one coming up right next because you can catch people on the beat in domination as they come up the stairs easy longshot they want me to see it coming and that’s my video about all the long shots on kherington hopefully you enjoyed it if you did go ahead and remember to Like and subscribe if you haven’t already also stay on the lookout for my spawn map guide and also a map guide for domination as well as team deathmatch since those are the primary modes you’ll be playing and I’ll walk you through some of the different strategies best positions on this map let’s take advantage may be in a potential spawn trap if that’s something you guys are interested let me know down in the comment section what your thoughts are and as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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