Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video I wanted to focus on how to spawn trap on the map aachen can call a duty world war 2 in my opinion there are multiple different ways to spawn trap and there’s different definitions of spawn trapping one popular one is where you can actually see the character model appear right in front of you and spawn right in front of you and that’s one form of spawn trapping which is pretty pretty awful but it happens in the game depending on what map you’re on there’s also another one where pretty much the enemy team has to push out of the spawn.

But they really don’t have much options in the way of cover so they’re just a sitting duck kind of coming off of that spawn in this particular video the two game modes I’m going to be looking at our Team Deathmatch and capture the flag the reason why I chose these two specific ones is team deathmatch has a few different modes that align with this one as far as the spawns Co dominations part of that Kill Confirmed and then obviously team deathmatch is a part of this so those kind of have similar spawns hardpoint is kind of a weird one because it really depends on where the hardpoint location is and then the other mode.

I’m be looking at us capture the flag since that one aligns very heavily with gridiron so there’s a couple different modes that will cover a different spawn traps on different ways so on the screen you can see a red line with a few different numbers and each of the numbers represent where someone should either be standing or someone’s gonna be spawning from for TDM you want to stand in the locations 1 2 & 3 because if you push beyond that red line you’ll actually flip the spawns and for a spawn trap you don’t want the spawns to flip they’re gonna be coming out of 4 & 5 & won’t have much cover so as long as you control that area they’ll continue to push to that area once you notice the spawns flip you got to go ahead and push to the other side so I go ahead and rotate all the way to the next spawn trapping location and those are on the screen as well so for this one the same thing holds true.

You want to be positioned at 1 2 or 3 ideally and in a specific order that you see there because they will be pushing out a 4 5 and 6 so as long as you don’t cross that red line they’ll continue to spawn there at a certain point the teammates do cross over that line and they do flip the spawn but when you’re at 1 you can actually see both entry points and exit points of the buildings so you can actually spawn trap and that since solo the teammate slipped a spawn so now on to capture the flag one of the greatest things about capture the flag is you can actually double your score by actually holding on to the flag so for a spawn trap is not necessary but keep in mind that if you do have the flag you can actually stack up your streaks rather quickly with bots I went and made sure I grabbed the flag so you can do that.

And then I go up to that corner position but if there are people positioned at 1 2 3 and 4 the only place the enemy team will spawn from is 5 and pretty much they have zero cover funneling out of that room and it spawns won’t flip because this is capture the flag you might get one stray or a couple stray peoples spawn and the opposite end of the map it’s very rare but that’s only in the case where someone is in all of these positions since they all have nowhere left to spawn so pretty much right here I stay in the same position and the spawns don’t flip I go on a crazy kill streak and then actually end the game so the spawns I can do it on the other side but now fast forward to the other side and pretty much what you can see here as they get in that same position solo but ideally you want people in one two three and four and then pretty much they’ll be forced to spawn out of that corner and they won’t really have much chance because not a lot of cover coming out of there there’s long as the people are have a pretty good shot you’re gonna be able to line up everyone.

I’m right here I was just going in a crazy amount of UAVs just so I can have the UAVs up the entire time but pretty much your enemies are only gonna spawn in four and five and six pretty much where you’re at so as long as you stay in this position you should be have a good positioning as long as you have good gun skill you’re gonna be able to hold this down for quite a while and they’re only gonna spawn from one location so as long as you keep this up should be able to stack up some good streaks and tear them up pretty much that’s that’s kind of all you can say about that let me know down in the comments section what you thought of this video or maybe a suggestion for a future video that you’d like me to do on the next map or whatever the case is go ahead and drop a like if you did enjoy the video and are still watching and go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already remember to have those notifications on or follow me on Twitter so you can see when I’m gonna post my next video and as always thank you for watching and have a great day

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