Welcome to JGOD gaming in today’s video we’ll be showing you a spawn trap guide for the map Arden forest and Call of Duty World War 2 the specific spawn trap works when the enemy team is spawning at s1 and their flag is on that side it is possible to only do this spawn trap with three people but it does get increasingly difficult when the spawns move numbers one two and three are the vital roles in this particular spawn trap but four five and six are great just so you don’t end up getting shot in the back.

When the spawns move over to s three s 1 and s 2 are the primary sponsor so the enemy team will spawn there about ninety percent of the time but in the rare 10% of the times they will spawn in s3 just depending on kind of how the positioning is so now on to the clip that shows you exactly what this looks like so in this specific example you’re gonna see on screen I’m gonna be the person positioned at one I have a teammate at two and a teammate at three only business to other people with the bots just to demonstrate it but if you had a full six this is how you’d position them so going up I’m trying to just get in this position and then from here you could pretty much just see them spawn out you can actually literally see them spawn on screen and what I do typically recommend for this type of trap is to run paratroopers because paratroopers can run into the spawn and they’re not gonna really mess it up and they go rack up some extra kills for you so as you can see they are coming out since we are a little short-handed they are kind of repositioning themselves to better suit the situation and you know where they’re coming out of because the enemies are kind of coming around from different angles.

So pretty much as we kind of bounce down it right there you saw that guy just spawn literally on the screen right in front of me so you can shoot them before they even have a chance to side in or react which is kind of messed up but it’s in the game until they fix it this is what you’re able to do I wouldn’t say it is easy to do by any means because you need the right lobby and you do need the right streaks and the right plane with you there’s a lot of variables not just any ones just gonna be able to go into any lobby and do this but it does give you a strong example of what can be done and why they spawned is so Jack I know I did all my spawn guide looking at different maps you can definitely see how the experiences can be ruined for others and you could take advantage and rack up these streaks I’ve seen a few different youtubers do with some of these and they get their b2 rocketed I don’t think you necessarily earn a v2 rocket when you do something like this but it is what it is so what do you do when your spawn trap there’s really only one thing you can do leave the match that’s all I recommend if you get trapped like this leave the match other than that yeah hopefully you’re on the winning side that’s pretty much all I can say about that again thank you for watching if you did enjoy the video in any way go to click that like button and subscribe if you’d like to stay up-to-date with future spawn trap guides or any of my other spawn guides again thank you for watching in a zones have a great day

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