Welcome to JGOD_Gaming. In today’s video I wanted to focus on demonstrating how the spawns work with live commentary using BOTS so what I did is I set up a few different matches and I’m gonna have different screenshots along the way showing how the spawns work and based off the live commentary you can kind of get an idea of how the spawn guides are supposed to be used sorry if the audio isn’t quite as clear as it normally is but here it goes the first map we’ll be looking at is London Docks and as you can see there’s primary sponsor secondary spawns and then there’s backup spawns the primary spawns are where probably 75 80 percent of the spawns will occur the secondaries if the primary is blocked and the backup is if the primary and the secondary are blocked right.

So let’s go ahead and get this loaded up all right we’re starting on this side so I can kind of have an idea where the other spawns are I’m gonna do is try and flank around the right side and see if I can catch the enemy TM off-guard so I come through over here usually if you have the airborne you can get here quicker on here on the steppes should be down here to the right clear them out sponge to be flipped your teammate spawns flips so now I got to go back on the other side you see a team in spawn in here so the spawns did flip now I gotta head over to the other side so they can’t hear me and then now I can go right here okay they’re all in the middle this should still be spawning in this let’s just still be back in this back corner because I’m in their main spawned they’re still gonna be in this back here yeah see they keep flooding through here so if I call this in the spawn should be flipping hope they come around this left side revenge kill so I guess you can spawn here on this one all right let’s go ahead and check the spawn again okay see they all came in that back room so now I got it.

So that was London Docks hopefully you learned something about that one the next one we’re gonna be doing is art in forests instead of making this video of 30 minutes long I actually took just three Maps and cut them down to about two minutes each so that’s why that was a little bit shorter than our normal match but let’s get into this one for this map you can see there is a primary and secondary spawning area and that’s about it so I know where they’re spawning at base top where we spawned and I could just beat them to the choke point so a lot of times our most enemies are going to throw a grenade up the middle so you kind of got to throw yourself off to the side so you don’t get that easy kill just sneak up through the middle ooh teammate is trash I guess that’s what happens when you play with bots okay now I can attack this middle I know they’re spawning back here and you can actually see all of them right there.

So they’re all down below gonna watch out the spawns haven’t flipped yet so they spawn pie in that back corner over here let’s check it out yup biggest see that all spawning over there and these people are bad so should be spawning all up in here let’s check the spawn now okay they’re all spawning in this back section they’re still on my spawn okay I know my back is a little clearer all right they’re still really coming out of the spawn so I can try and get them here get another UV they should be coming around through here this is the right side it’s choked okay now they spawned in that back corner okay now they’re spawning and that other side again so now I kind of have an idea where all their spawns on that’s it for our dense forest next up it’s gonna be flak tower before we get into this one if you are enjoying the video remember to Like and subscribe if you haven’t already so for this one it does have primary spawns secondary spawns as well as the back up again with the primary spawns it’s probably gonna be about 75 80 percent of the time secondary about 10 percent of the time and back up when both of those are blocked out.

Alrighty since I’m on this side I know they’re spawning on the opposite side so what I gotta do is make sure I take the higher elevation when I come around the corner I got to get an easy kill first watch out for any needs cuz everyone throws their name okay now I could check this out alright let me kill this dude okay now we can see you can see all of them are spawning through this side let’s go ahead and clear them out they’re gonna come around over here and they’re gonna keep spawning back here you can see now they’re spawning on that back right corner because we push them out of their spawns they’re still back here I figured they’d be back here so you can see they keep spawning back there the spawns haven’t moved completely take these bowls out okay now I think the spawns have flipped now maybe there’s a bunch of them in the middle let’s go ahead and get rid of them okay now we can see see all of them are spawning back there.

Now so hopefully now you have a better idea on how to use my spawn guide that I put together and this is very similar for each of the different modes it just depends on how you want to utilize it you can always practice using the spawn guide with bots so you can get a better idea without actually hurting your k/d your score per minute or any of those types of things also you can actually use the pause menu in multiplayer a lot of people don’t use that or know about it but seeing your map when you use a recon plane is definitely doable and multiplayers well hopefully enjoy the video offer you learn something you did go ahead and click that like button go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t already make sure you do leave a comment if you do have any questions or concerns I’d love the feedback and thank you for watching have a great day

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