In today’s video I’ll be focusing on the best setup for Call of Duty World War 2 this video will include the monitor versus the TV your controller your controller button layout and settings other menu settings the wall is your internet and speakers vs. headset versus earbuds first up is monitors vs. TV’s the biggest difference between the two is the input lag for TVs in general users usually a 20 to 40 millisecond input lag as well as in monitors it’s usually between 1 and 10 and 10 is like the worst that’s like attrocious for a monitor average mine yeah about 4 or less in a game like Call of Duty reaction is such a big difference so that if you’re playing on the worst end of the spectrum when it comes to a TV with 40 milliseconds and someone has 140 milliseconds is a huge difference.

When the average reaction time is prior around 300 milliseconds that’s more than a 10% difference so that part’s huge I definitely recommend the monitor usually the 24 to 27 inch range you only need 60 Hertz for consoles and obviously if you’re on PC already have a monitor but in general for the console you’ll notice a huge difference before going and making the investment I would recommend just hooking your console up to the your standard monitor you have your house and see the difference you should notice an immediate difference even when just a generic monitor next up is your controller nowadays a lot of people have fancy controllers not a huge percentage of population because some of them get pretty pricey the number one and number two on the market are most people would consider a scuf an Xbox elite.

If you’re playing on xbox there are some other tools out there to help that a little bit more affordable one for example is the cronusmax pro which means you can hook up any controller to any system so that’s a benefit if you prefer Xbox over the PlayStation another thing is trigger stops those actually help to speed up the trigger finger so you can actually line up quicker shots with your semi-auto weapons control suite obviously those are going to increase your accuracy and then the last thing is the strike pack this one attaches to your controller and it acts like a scuff so you get those extra pad on the bottom which in one way they can actually be beneficial because you can use one to jump or you can use one to dive to the ground specifically in this game.

And you’re wondering how people are aiming so while they’re jumping this is how they’re doing it well it’s at least one of the ways there’s another way that I’m getting into right now with the controller layout and setting so we’re going to our controller setting the first thing we’re gonna look at is the flipped setting and what this does is it rearranges your trigger finger with your tactical and your lethal orbiting down sights and it move maneuvers those a little bit the benefit in this is it reduces your trigger so that it will act like those trigger stops so it actually allows you to spam that semi-auto as quick as possible versus holding the trigger releasing it’s a lot quicker next up is actual layout setting the one we’ll look at is tactical what the benefit of tactical is it switches your r3 with your actual crouch.

So that you can actually dive and do drop shots with your r3 next one is bumper jumper this one mixes your l1 so that you can actually mental things or jump so this one you can jump shot while ami it modifies that a little bit there’s a bumper jumper tactical which incorporates the crouching as well so you can melee it with circle and then you have you’re still aiming down sights as well as jumping at the same time the last one I recommend is stick and move with stick and move you’re able to use r3 as your jump or mantle so that you’re able to jump shot and keep your finger on the joystick while you’re aiming down sights which allows you to keep that accuracy as you jumping next thing we’ll look at is all the other menu settings so on this one you have a horizontal and vertical sensitivity I recommend keeping those the same but experimenting with them the lowest I’d recommend going is for unless it’s just too hard for you to manage and the highest is probably 6 unless you’re just an all-out aiming god that’s gonna want to make sure you leave the aim assist on I know some people are in the mood that they want to disable that but if you’re on console you there’s no reason she disabled that next up is actually your actual safe area but this ain’t very you wanna get a small possible doesn’t actually affect the screen it just affects your HUD.

So it brings everything tighter to the center as you can see on the screen now it allows it so you don’t have to look away from the middle of the screen as far as if it was in the corner the last thing you’re gonna want to do on the screen is just disable that motion blur just because it has a tendency to kind of misplace objects and make you think that you’re missing targets that you actually are hitting when it comes to your internet the first recommendation I would do is make sure you have the Ethernet cable connected so you’re not going wireless up a white line this tends to lead to inconsistent connection which will cause lag in the long run the next thing you’re gonna want to do is actually test your connection so there’s a couple different ways to do that there’s a speed test that most people have done or seeing or familiar with because the number one way to test and then the other one is to actually check your buffer bloat see what kind of grade you get based off that information you know what kind of internet you’re having and then what adjustments you can make within your router there’s actually two different ways to do this is one is use your router you can give it some of them have more settings than others and then if you’re kind of restricted by the the router.

That you have you might want to go out and get a net demo with this one is a net Douma routers you’re allowed to modify the settings much easier than just a stock a router but some of those stock routers are built in with some of these features that allow you to correct the buffer bloat and maybe check some of the other things that you might be having issues with last thing i want to talk about is speakers headsets and earbuds when it comes down to it a good set of earbuds will be just fine for this game there are a lot of sounds that you won’t pick up if you just listening your TV screen or your monitor that i would recommend getting either a headset or a good you know earbuds that will allow you to hear directional sound so that you can actually tell which way people are coming from which people are shooting or whatever the case is so that you can actually adjust and they get the drop on them and that’s the end of the video I’d like to know your thoughts or any questions or concerns down in the comment section I will respond if you did enjoy the video in any way go ahead and click that like button if you haven’t done so already go ahead and remember to subscribe thank you for watching and as always have a great

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