Card Hunter Epic and Simple Chest Rarity Distribution


Card Hunter Epic and Simple Chest Rarity Distribution?by Lucielle

tl:dr ? when you get a random item (non guaranteed), you have a .5% chance for leg, 1.5% for epic, 4% for rare, 19% uncommon, 75% common. when you get an epic+ guaranteed, there is a 15.5% chance it?ll be a legendary.?

So today while the regular servers were having problems I did some experimenting on the Test Server when it comes to what you can expect to get out of chests.

For the experiment, I got a ton of free Pizza from the Sandbox and then opened?
100 Epic Chests
100 Simple Chests

I recorded the drop distribution from these chests. It is my suspicion that for the Simple Chest, the drop distribution is a good indicator of what is generated from any chest in the game, which is to say, any time a chest does not guarantee an item, we will see similar results as shown below. I realize that it would be way better to open 1000 chests, but I did not have the time for that. If someone wants to duplicate this experiment, it should be fairly easy to do.

Epic Chests (2 epic+ guaranteed, 3 random)
Total?? 500 items
Legendary?? 32 items (6.4% of total)
Epic?? 169 items (33.8% of total)
Rare?? 12 items (2.4% of total)
Uncommon?? 56 items (11.2% of total)
Common?? 231 items (46.2% of total)

31/100 chests had a legendary (31%)
1/100 chests had 2 legendaries (1%)

Assuming that none of the random items generated a legendary (more on this later) this means that you have 31/200 chances to get a legendary in place of a guaranteed epic (15.5%)

Now, the above numbers are a bit misleading. If you subtract 203 from the total number (the number of epics+) and 200 epics + legendaries, you get?

Total?? 297 items
Legendary?? ??? items (impossible to determine where these legendaries came from)
Epic?? ??? items (impossible to determine where these epics came from)
Rare?? 12 items (4.0% of total)
Uncommon?? 56 items (18.9% of total)
Common?? 231 items (77.8% of total)

Simple Chests (2 random)
Total?? 200 items
Legendary?? 1 item (.5% of total)
Epic?? 3 items (1.5% of total)
Rare?? 8 items (4% of total)
Uncommon?? 41 items (20.5% of total)
Common?? 147 items (73.5% of total)

8/100 chests had a rare
3/100 had an epic
1/100 had a leg
54/100 chests had only commons

And if you roughly average out the numbers from simple + estimated simple from the epic chest, you get the numbers I listed in the tl;dr.

Hope someone finds this helpful too!

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