Champions Online Energy Building Powers Advantages


Champions Online Special Advantages of the Energy Building Powers by MrEkhof

Well, since you are stuck with these for your entire life of your character and without an abso-tremendous-lutly high retcon price you have no chance to change it, you might know what you?ve bargained for!

Special Advantages of the Energy Building Powers:

Electric Bolt ? Electricity ? Ranged Electrical Damage ? Chance for attack to arc to secondary target doing single target electrical damage.
Chance of applying Negative Ions, a short duration effect which causes future Electrical attacks to arc to secondary targets. If the secondary target is hit you receive a burst of Energy.?
Lightning Overload ? Grants Electric Bolt a chance to jump to another target on every attack and not just the initial double handed attack.

Throw Fire ? Ranged Fire Damage ? Increased chance to apply Clinging Flames dealing damage over time to the target. Other powers may also take advantage of the Clinging Flames.?
Burning Desire ? Gives your Throw Fire power a chance to chain into an additional target. This second shot does not generate energy, but has a chance to light the target aflame.

Force Bolts ? Force ? Ranged Crushing Damage ? Initial attack has a chance to knockback.?
Energy Refraction ? Your Force Bolt attacks have a chance to create a shield around you which lasts for up to 12 seconds and absorbs a modest amount of damage.

Ice Shards ? Ice ? Ranged Cold Damage ? Chance to apply Chill, slowing the target?s movement. Other powers may also take advantage of the Chill condition.?
Ice Impaler ? Ice Shards has a significantly increased critical hit chance.

Strafe ? Archery ? Maintained Ranged Piercing Damage ?
Aversion ? Strafe has a chance to increase your dodge ability.

Sonic Blaster ? Gadgeteering ? Maintained Ranged Sonic Damage ?
Refraction Of Sound ? Changes the Sonic Blaster power to deal damage in a Cone instead of to only a single target.

Gun Slinger ? Munitions ? Ranged Piercing Damage
Trick Shot ? 10% (100% while Enraged) chance to hit an additional target within 30 feet. The additional target takes double damage if they are Feared.

Wrist Bolter ? Power Armor ? Maintained Ranged Particle Damage ?
Automated Assault ? Changes the Wrist Bolter power to function as a Hand Slot. Wrist Bolter does not generate energy while other powers are in use.

Rain Of Steel ? Dual Blades ? Melee Cone Slashing Damage?
Grinning Ghost ? Rain Of Steel has a chance to put you into a focused state.

Hawk?s Talons ? Claws ? Melee Slashing Damage?
Peerless Predation ? Hawk?s Talons has a chance to put you into a focused state.

Reaper?s Touch ? Single Blade ? Melee Slashing Damage ?
Three Edged Blade ? Reaper?s Touch has a chance to put you into a focused state.

Righteous Fists ? Unarmed ? Melee Crushing Damage ?
Drunken Master ? Righteous Fists has a chance to put you into a focused state.

Kinetic Dart ? Telekinesis ? Ranged Ego Damage ? Chance to apply Shock, holding the target in place.?
Incisive Wit ? Kinetic Darts have a chance to activate an Ego Surge. Ego Surge increases your paranormal damage, transforms your Ego Weaponry into dual Id Blades increasing the damage of those powers, assists in breaking out of any holds affecting you and counts as an Energy Form.

Psi Lash ? Telepathy ? Maintained Ranged Ego Damage ?
Psychic Reverberations ? Psilash has a chance to debuff the ego resistance of your target.

Clobber ? Might ? Melee Slashing Damage?
Sucker Punch ? Grants your Clobber attack a 25% chance to inerrupt your target on each attack. This cannot occur more than once every second.

Shadow Bolt ? Darkness ? Ranged Dimensional Damage ? Chance to apply Fear, causing the enemy to cower in your presence and reducing the damage they deal.?
Despondency ? Decrease targets dodge by 10% for 10 seconds. Additionally, all Shadow Bolt attacks now have a 15% chance to apply Fear (instead of only the opening attack).

Eldritch Bolts ? Sorcery ? Ranged Magic Damage ? Initial attack has a chance to root the target.?
Wizard?s Discretion ? Eldritch Bolts have a chance to apply Binding of Aratron, holding your target.

Bestial Fury ? Supernatural ? Melee Slashing Damage ?
Rip And Tear! ? Bestial Fury attacks now have a 10% (20% while Enraged) chance to cause the enemy to begin Bleeding.

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