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Cities Skylines Building Railroads Tips?by tytenn4a03

Here are some of the discoveries I made during the game. I think most of these are workarounds to bugs/bad systems, but still.

1. Make sure passenger trains and freights trains are not sharing the same network

This belongs to the ?bad design? category because CS is generating a /lot/ of passenger trains that only have a few passengers, jamming up freight trains in the process.
If you want to go even further, make sure the passenger train network is unreachable from outside. This will pretty much kill all passenger traffic, even if they don?t use any of your stations (well, there are none to start with).

2. Build your intersections on the right (or left, if you?re in an English town)

This is to ensure that outgoing traffic do not block incoming traffic, causing a deadlock. This is especially important if you?re building terminal stations, but?

3. Avoid building passenger terminal stations, and absolutely don?t build terminal cargo stations

Right now, trains will only occupy one platform (the entry one) and ignore the other platform, even though it is free. This will jam up your station really quickly.

To handle this, I use a turnaround loop so that trains can enter from both sides.

4. Build your cargo station near the commercial/industrial areas, and near a Cargo Harbour

This is a no-brainer.

5. Give dedicated roads for the section between your cargo station and the harbour

Your CiMs will thank you.

6. Make sure your cargo train network is well-connected

Your cargo stations will send cargo trains from one station to another. Making sure that they are well-connected will save you a lot of car trips, freeing up your roads and highways.

7. Trains seem to climb hills slower than cars

I?m not exactly sure but it seems to be the case (makes sense anyway), so you should probably be building bridges for cars, not trains.

8. If you are moving a station, make sure to unset its stops first

If you don?t, sometimes the line will break.

If you have a tip to share, feel free to comment below.


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