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Advanced Base Building Guide (Clash of Clans)


Let’S teach you some advanced base, building tactics in specific how to use your traps and defenses to bait the most popular entries, [, Music, ]. Welcome back to the channel, then guys, i’m your host judo sloth in the base building basics guide. We talked about appropriately spreading of your tier one defenses for your quick reference, that was the inferno towers, scatter, shot clan castle, town hall and the eagle artillery a popular method to try and quickly take out one of these. If it is a compartment to the perimeter of the base, is a hero dive? One of the ways to defend this is having a giant bomb to take out all the barbarians from the king as well as tesla, in order to distract him.

But there are other ways to defend as well the barbarian king you have to be looking to defend, though, even if it is part of a queen charge. Often you will dive the king into a compartment to set the funnel. However, another method is to box off the tier 1 defense. Now don’t get me wrong if you have an experienced attacker coming at you, they will recognize this, but it is another technique you can use to try and trip people up. The barbarian king is going to pass around the scatter shot.

It is not going to be able to target it, so it just limits the value that you’re allowing your opponent to get. There is a similar technique for defending a royal champion hero dive, but it’s important. You know we are trying to bait people into these areas and the main way we do that is assuring the clan castle will not trigger in this compartment. There’S not many people that want to dive their heroes into a compartment where the clan castle troops trigger you’re. Just wanting to take out that area without it, so on the contrary to this compartment with the ego, not only do we have the barbarian king on defense, which is very distracting we’d, also lure the clan castle troops.

Most people will not dive into that area. So you’re trying to make it look like there’s good value but then switch so that you trip the attacker up and that’s going to be a theme throughout this video for the royal champion that boxed off compartment won’t work. She can jump over walls. So what you have to do is again bait it in you cannotice that the clan castle, it’s out of range, the opponent, might think they can get this scatter shot, but then tesla pop. You also need to make sure that there are some other defenses covering this range that can do damage to the royal champion and a skeleton trap is always nice in this area.

It means that the scatter shot is actually well protected, and if you can trip your opponent up, they’re gon na have to think on the fly. Their plan is not going as they intended another very popular attack. Entry right now is the blizzard using the super wizards in the battle blimp and most of the time people try to get the town hall, although not always so. This is where you can maximize. The bait.

First option is to use a regular bomb and a giant bomb in combination. These super wizards only have 500 hit points, and both of these in combination will do 540.

Again, this could ruin your opponent’s attack from the off. There are two other ways that you can limit value and potentially ruin an attack for the blizzard. The first is the bomb tower.

It is hugely important that this is only one tile in gap from the town hall, because if they are turning the bomb tower invisible alongside the super wizards, you want to assure that it is chainable. The defense is still there, so the lightning can chain back to it, and even though these super wizards are invisible, they are not invincible, they’re vulnerable to damage. So when the bomb tower goes off, it deals 500 damage. Remember what i said about super wizards. 500 hit points the history, the other way of defending the blizzard before we move on is more damage.

Control assuring the opponent does not get too much value if you are enjoying this video. By the way i like to bring educational but entertaining clash of clans videos, so if that’s the type of content you want to see, i would recommend subscribing and turning on the notification bell, tornado trap is a nice touch. You can spin super wizards into a bomb combination but notice that behind the town hall nothing went down. This is because there were two tiles in gap behind the town hall. Super wizards can only chain one tile, so you are limiting the value that your opponent can get nowadays.

Air attacks are very popular, so you do not want your air defense right to the edge of the base. If nothing else rocket balloons can pick them off. It’S ideal for a hero dive, although you could put the clan castle there in order to try and prevent people doing that in an ideal world. You would have your air defense slightly into the base, potentially surrounded by storages, so that dragons could not easily get to them. However, if you do have them to the perimeter of your base, there’s ways to defend.

You can have tesla to redirect and distract rocket balloons in order to trip your opponent up currently within clash of clans. The best way to defend is leave a section of your base whereby it looks vulnerable, but then you trap it. You bait your opponent in meaning they have to make a decision. Do they send extra troops to get that value, and even if they do, they are adapting from their original plan? It can really mess up an attack, and it’s why this video is slanted in that direction.

Air defense are one thing: splash damage is another wizard towers, scatter shot the multi-inferno, even the town hall you want to assure they are appropriately spread around the base. You do not want more than one freezable with a freeze spell or an ice golem. You can get very clever with the placement, though, whilst it’s not always possible, if you can in a lavaloon attack, try and make sure that the wizard tower is not covering the air defense, thereby it will lock onto the balloons rather than the lava hound. Even if it can take out one of these small groups initially, this could mean they miss one of the opening defenses and if it’s the wizard tower, that’s massive because then they’d have to pass back to it. This replay is probably my favorite in the video.

It is hilarious if people think these wizard towers are to the perimeter of the base. They can use bats here, potentially tank them with an ice golem nope look at the defense placement cannon mortar archer tower. Not only can they not tank the wizard tower when the ice golems pop, they also cannot freeze the wizard tower it’s out of range so again, you’re making them think they can do a strategy, but then you trip them up. Whilst i have another tip coming up, i do want to remind you. This entire series has been brought in collaboration with rh base building.

I cannot thank them enough for their help with this, and if you do want to buy bases from them, i have their website and other details in the description. In the previous episode of this base, building guide the intermediate version. We talked about dead zones and you see that here with the multi-inferno and the area around it. Often you will have all of your red air bombs stacked around this inferno tower for a lava loon. It can wipe them out, but take a closer look at the image.

There is a tesla within that this is hugely important, because one of the popular methods of taking out this central multi is the lightning spells, and unless your opponent is super smart and has used a skeleton spell to activate that tesla, you will trip them up and Pull the balloons into that area anyway, if you do want to see the intermediate version, i have it linked on your screen alongside the subscribe button again thanks to rh bass. Building for helping with this, you guys take care, and i will see you in the next video

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