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Clash of Clans Using the BAM Army Guide


Clash of Clans Using the BAM Army Guide?by cakework

After some lurking and recruiting on the forums, I have decided it is time to contribute a little bit.

I have decided to do this?guide?on the BAM army as there is no complete?guide, and all the information is scattered all around this place and on youtube. I have been using this army for quite some time and have been very very successful with it. In my opinion, it is the ultimate farming army composition! Well, lets get to it.

What is BAM?

For those of you who don?t know, the BAM army consists of Barbarians, Archers, and Minions. It is considered a farming army, but can be used to get an easy 50% allowing you do trophy hunt if you so please, but it is definitely not the best trophy hunting army out there (see mass witch, mass drag, or GoWiPe). These units are very quick to train and a full BAM army can be made in about 10 minutes letting you go attack more frequently, therefore stealing more loot! I do not recommend this composition with lvl 4 and below barbs and archers, but it can be done. Additionally, in my experience, the minion level is not as important, but the higher the level, the tougher bases you can handle. Now I have you interested, I am sure you want to learn how to actually use this amazing composition!

Preparing to BAM

The key to the BAM army is quick attacks, so you want to cue up your barracks before and after every battle. I cue up 2 barracks with Barbarians, 2 with archers, and 1 with minions (this can be 2 barracks, but it may produce too many minions). By going for an exact ratio, it defeats the purpose of the quick attacks and queuing up barracks so troops are producing whilst you are attacking, but I generally aim for about 90 barbs, 70 archers, and 20 minions. I also like to bring 2 rage spells for more difficult but loot heavy bases and 1 lightning spell just cuz I can! I also recommend bring a CC full of archers or other strong troops and your hero(es) for back up. Once all of this is prepared, you are ready to go steal some poor soul?s loot.

Finding the Right Base

Finding the best base to attack is key with the BAM strategy. I like to use this army anywhere from 1200 ? 1700 trophies. I personally also like to search for bases with over 200 DE to cover the costs of my minions. Many people just say that this army is only good for collector raids, but that is not true at all! With the correct deployment and strategy you can take on some pretty hard bases with all resources in the storage. That being said, collector raids are super easy with this army composition, but if you see a difficult base with tons of resources, by all means attack. Things I check for when attacking these bases when I have to get inside the walls are; the air defense placement. If the ADs are on the outer edge or upgrading, the minions will be able to survive for much longer and do much better when they are released. Other things to check for are the strength of other towers that can shoot air units such as teslas, wiz towers, and archer towers. If these buildings are under-leveled, on the outer edge of base, or upgrading, your minions will have a much easier time destroying the base. Be very careful of stronger wiz towers as they can destroy all your minions in a few shots. Also look out for Xbows that are set on ground and air. Once you have found a base with delicious loot, and you think that you can take it, it is time to attack!

Time to Attack

Once the base is selected it is time to attack! I would always first recommend to lure the heroes to take them out if there are any. Also, ALWAYS check for CC troops as they can really ruin your raid. Once both of these are taken out, it is resource collectin? time!

If it is a collector base:
?If the base you have selected is a simple base where all of the resources are in the mines and pumps, send in some barbs as meat shields and then some archers to shoot and hopefully take out the mines and pumps. In these types of bases, it is not needed to take out defenses and the use of minions should be avoided if you have to. The only case when the use of minions are needed in these type of bases are when there are collectors that are only covered by a cannon or mortar. If this is the case, the minion will take out that collector with out even being shot at! Hopefully you are able to take out all of the collectors with out the use of minions. Of course, there is no need to waste any spells on these type of bases as they are generally really easy to loot. Once you taken the loot end the battle or go for 50% to maintain your trophy count.

If it is a storage base: Unfortunately, all bases are not easy collector bases, so sometimes you will have to use lots of your troops to break into the core and take all the goodies. As always lure hero, check CC, etc. Select the side you want to be attacking from. Do this by looking for the side with the most air defense towers, especially if there are easy to take out ADs and wizard towers. Once the side is selected, lay down a line of barbarians followed by archers to take out the outer buildings. Occasionally send in more barbs and archers until you are able to soften and take out the first line of defense, and hopefully the air defenses. Note, sometimes I attack more than 1 side so I can take out multiple exposed air defenses at once, but the final push should only be from 1 side. Next up, deploy a thick line of barbs followed by almost all of your archers. This is a good time to drop a barb king for a big meat shield and a powerful force on the ground. This is meant to start breaking through the walls and taking out / distracting the secondary defenses. Follow this line by 2 or 3 minions to check for air bombs. Also, if your infantry are struggling to get in, you can drop 1 rage to help get troops into the center. Once the infantry are deeper into base, and the air is clear of traps, it is time to unleash hell! Start by sending in a wave of minions. Be sure the target the core of the center of the base so they will get to the resources quicker. If you need to, drop a rage to help the minions out and any possible infantry left. For extra back up, drop your heroes, rest of the infantry and CC. By this time, you should have all of the goodies stolen and a big smile on your face for just stealing some persons virtual monies! Remember, IF YOU DON?T NEED TO DROP ALL OF YOUR TROOPS, DON?T DO IT.

After the Attack

After you have finished the attack, go back to base and cue up your barracks again. Depending on how many minions you used, cue up either 1 or 2 of the dark barracks so you don?t have an excess of minions. Request for some fresh troops in your CC and upgrade some goodies with all your fancy new resources!

Things to Take Into Consideration

-Don?t use your minions if you don?t have to as they cost DE, which is very precious

-Also, there is no need to instantly drop all of your troops as it will be a waste and will take even more time to train them. Use troops efficiently and intelligently. Only deploy when you need to!

-Look for bases that will cover the cost of the minions. If you can wait a little, find a base that you will profit from with DE.

-Finally, don?t get upset if you fail on a few raids. Going for difficult bases with this strategy takes practice and precision when actually attacking. Keep going at it and soon enough you will be looting any base you want!

Wrap Up
Well I guess that is it for my first?guide. I hope you learned something and will try this amazing strategy out. Let me know how I did writing it, and if you need any clarifications, reply and I will try to clear it up for you and edit the post!

Special thanks?to?RuthlessBarbarian?and?Daddy?for getting me started with this strategy and providing great tips and overall awesome content on their youtube channels! Check them out.

Thanks for reading and have a great day!
Clash on!

P.S. Happy Birthday CoC


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