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Welcome back to the channel everyone judo sloth here, I hope, you’re having a good one. Today we are going to look at the most powerful strategy within clash of clans. It is probably going to get nerfed guys if it doesn’t, it should probably be banned within leagues because it has been overwhelming the game. Everyone has been using it, but for good reason, and I believe that we can get the three stars in war here using this strategy now there’s a few things you want to look for, so I am going to break this down for you, so you know exactly What you should look for, then we will hit the base live and hopefully we can get the three stars guys now. The first thing I want, whenever I’m trying to use this strategy, is to use the ground ward and walk to good success. Now, most of the time for me, that is trying to take out a Multi inferno, so the one down the bottom here is within range. Arguably, the one over the other side is as well, but I I don’t know it’s just weird. I feel more comfortable attacking from the bottom left of the base, even though this one’s symmetrical, I just feel more comfortable. Does that ever happen to you? You just feel better attacking from an area of the base, then somewhere else anyways guys we’re going to place the grand warden in a roundabout here, so that the baby dragon can then wipe out this side, and my grand warden will step up towards the air defense.


The reason I want to put the grand warden, where I am is so that the healers will be out of where of that air defense and therefore the grand warden can step up. Take the air defense before the healers take any damage, but if I were to place the grand warden further down, he would be taking damage from two archer towers. A cannon we’d have to get the healers in and it would be just difficult. I was initially thinking. Maybe putting balloons in here, but with the air defense, it’s just more difficult. We will just place the grand warden recognize that it will take a little bit longer for the grand warden to get through and then as soon as he gets the multi. We can get the siege barracks down to this area, just to kind of carve out the southern area and force everything else up through this guck. Now, I’m going to take a jump spell just to give us access to that town, hall and earthquake throughout the back end of it here now. What that means is we can get up towards the ego we can get up towards the multi and getting to the Splash Damage is the most important thing here now: there’s no scattershot defenses within this space, which is huge guys, but you definitely cannot underestimate things. The Town Hall is upgraded, the Queen is level 70, so you’ve just got to try and take it down as best as possible. Now the Royal Tramp Ian can either be used to the left or to the right most of the time.


With this strategy, I use the Royal champion to flank what we will probably see is the hog riders coming up to this area of the base once that Town Hall is down. So that’s more than likely where we will bring the Royal champion in. But let’s go ahead guys and let’s get this one done. If you are new here to the channel, be sure to subscribe, turn on that notification bell and whilst you’re down there guys be sure to leave me a like or good look. I think we’ve got everything we need here to rage a heal for the hog riders got everything in terms of our troops. Let’S go guys. Let’S hope we can get this one done so Ron Warren is on ground. We don’t. We have got two balloons in order to test, so let’s call grand warden baby dragon one balloon followed by the Heelys brand warden is taking a lot of damage straight away guys and I’m kind of hoping that that cannon goes down quick because I don’t want to Use a rage spell here: I want the grand warden to just hurry up, get to that air defense and move on from there. The baby dragon is doing a beautiful job actually and it helped to take down the archer tower, which was huge guys, so the funnel has been created here. This is looking good. We haven’t had to use a rage which obviously would have been a bad thing now. The grand warden will step up to the air defense and then to the multi. That’S exactly what we want now. I don’t want to put the siege barracks in too quick here, because the hog riders within the siege barracks. Basically, you want to do a good job. So soon as the grand warden steps to the multi, which he will do next now, let’s go with this, then think think I want to put the jump spell in relatively early just to just to kind of speed things up, so the drum spells in now.


Let’S get the Pekka in followed by the Yeti, come on groundwater and come the other way King, Queen, yes, he’s coming he’s coming through. That’S awesome: let’s use one balloon. Just a test here, followed by a ridge, spell poison right in the center. The hog riders have actually came out early, which is not ideal, but they are moving around that Town Hall nothing’s quite going into the center. Let’S use that grand warden’s ability, our grad is now go to the Town Hall. A couple of them will help to take it down, which is good. Now, let’s earthquake through the back of here – and this isn’t looking too bad lies now, let’s use the ridge. What else can we do? I think the royal champion does want to be used on the back end. Let’S use that heal onto the Yeti right in the center Kings. Ability goes off, but I make sure we don’t time fail. So I am bringing wizards in from probably the bottoms of the base here, and this is crushed guys. This is going to be the 100 % three-star. We’Ve got the Tesla right at the top, but I kind of want to save the royal champions ability if we can just to get through them final defenses cuz. It would be pretty nice, wouldn’t it just to snipe up to that Tesla because it does target defenses.


First, let’s press it now because it will go up there. Boom Tesla goes down, and that is it guys. We have a three-star here, like I said, no scattershot could have been better because the hog riders didn’t quite get past that Town Hall, as I predicted boots. This strategy is incredible. Like I said, it’s gon na be banned in leagues, and things be if it doesn’t get nerfed, which we probably think it will. That worked pretty well guys, but let’s move on to the next attack of the video. Some of you might have actually seen my video a few days ago, where I combined the miners and the hog riders to make a pretty cool strategy, and I think a variation of that this is the army. I’M taking can get me the six pack. Hopefully, it will get me the next three stars as well. Now I always enjoy attacking obscure bases ones that just look a bit weird. I like to try and break down the base and see what I’m going to do now when I first seen this one, I noticed the obvious channel here right down the middle, where there’s nothing and it creates a natural funnel, which means I can section the base Into two halves, I can use one strategy to take the top and a second strategy to take the bottom. That is my idea. So at first, when I looked at the top half, I noticed that both Scottish shots were here, there’s obviously a multi infernal.


I thought about breaking my Queen in with wall breaker, but anytime you have to freeze the multi Inferno. You’Ve got to think whether that’s the best option, then what I thought is well, if I’m going to jump here, why don’t I just quick all of this to get my Queen into this area. I’D have to take two Ridge spells. I would think, but there’s not actually a huge amount of point defense. There’S only a couple of X pours yes, the clan castle troops, but other than that, the Queen’s not going to be under immense damage down to the bottom. I can send that minor and hog rider combination straight into this side, so long as I pick off a couple of these Archer towers. So my idea is a baby dragon, followed by a couple of loons to get this one then, as the minors and hogs come in, the Royal champion will also come in here in order to help take out the Queen. That’S the idea, then I started to tweak it a little bit and I thought well, how can I make this? Even better I’d only have to heal spells so one probably here one probably here – is that going to be enough. There’S a lot of areas for giant bombs here and that’s the main force of my attack. So I thought: how could I make this more efficient? How could I get rid of the 4 earthquake spells and what I’ve came up with is the storm slammer, and things like that really didn’t. Give me that much value down to the bottom there’s only a few archer towers. What if I were actually just send a war record straight through here? That would give me pretty good passing and I then thought, while the wall wrecker might not get me all the way to the town hall. It might actually just get me through this initial wall and then break somewhere here. How do I get through? Do I then take a jump?


What I decided is, I will take Valkyries and one of the Rangers for the Queen. I will use on the Valkyries to hopefully push through one of these walls and we will go from there guys, that’s, hopefully what will happen. I’M going to use the King to follow here a packer to funnel this way, followed by my queen, hopefully coming straight through the center. That’S the idea! Guys again, you should have wished me a like for good look. Do I really need four heal spells. Is three enough: I’m not too sure guys, let’s just get into this and let’s see what we can do now we’re in there’s no turning back, so that’s just like it or lump it to door. Let’S get this done. Let’S use the king first, I feel set the funnel for that Queen. Well, that’s not good placement straight away. Now, let’s use the pecker and the wizard wasn’t expecting that Tesla there. So you can put a couple of loons in didn’t quite protect my pecker or the rest, but we can get the Queen in followed by the wall wrecker, and I’ve just got to make sure that the Pekka goes down here before I put the healers in otherwise. The issue is: let’s use that Kings ability just get him right the way away; otherwise, basically the healers will go after the pecker and not the Queen. Now, let’s go with a poison here, one more balloon, just a test for black bombs. Now, let’s get them healers onto the Queen, because I think the Pekka has gone down.


The balloon does indeed get me a black bomb, so that is good. My queen is charging through here nothing to steer my Queen off course. What I do want to do is use this baby dragon. Whilst my King is over there, because it’s doing pretty good now, I can use a rage for my queen, followed by the hog riders, the miners brand warden and the royal champion. Now, let’s get ear heal in nice and early on all of them troops. This is looking good guys. This is looking good. My grand warden’s ability I’m going to use relatively early here just to help the miners and hogs. I’Ve got plenty of heals, so I can keep them going through using. I was debating its user, another Ridge on the Queen. I’M trying to think here guys I was debating using a minion on that Archer tower, and I kind of wish I had of this is looking very good, though this is actually looking very good. Let’S get a wizard over there just to help royal champions ability again. Can just be used to kind of finish off the base I should have used this heal spell over here, didn’t see that everything was going down so badly as long as they get that multi. We might be good, but it might be a time fail here. Get the minion in let’s get that wizard in we’ve got a minute left guys. Grand warden is still up with that royal champion, despite the fail from the despite the fail from the heal, because I wasn’t watching that area.


How many defenses have we got left here? Let’S press that grand ward, the royal champions ability just to try and speed up the process. I am debating pressing my Queens ability as well here, don’t tell me we’re going to time fail guys we are, but going to time fail here. I think, let’s press the Queen’s ability just to give me some archers and speed up 40 seconds. No, I was not looking at the bottom. When the heal spell was there, I could have used it guys. We might be in look 30 seconds, archers going down to the giant bombs, isn’t helping that one Archer down the bottom is good, who were 25 seconds guys 93 % come on, come on guys. We can get this. I don’t think we’re gon na. I think it’s gon na be a 99 as well guys come on that Archer is being MVP down. The bottom split here guys split up split off ten seconds nine seconds. Oh my word: it’s gon na be a six pack. The plan worked perfectly and I pretty much swagged a heal spell as well. I can’t believe that worked wow, that is pretty epic, guys beautiful beautiful stuff. I want to very quickly watch it back boots. I do then want to link you across to the video with the miners and the hog riders. It’S pretty awesome guys, so I know I kind of titled this video as the Yeti smash, but you get a born attack in terms of the miners and hog riders. You did get to see how strong that Yeti and packer attack strategy is, and now you got to see my hybrid army, it’s pretty awesome, I really like it and if you want to see more attacks, I will link you across to this in a second. Let’S times for it guys, this actually worked beautiful splitting the base in half how we did just worked amazing. Now, let’s watch the bottom here as the miners and hogs come through.


We get that heal spell in, and I completely forget about the next one. Imagine if that fourth heal spell was in earlier, this base is crushed big style. I shifted my focus and I’m so thankful that I still got it done because there’s nothing worse than when you have a plan down and it works perfectly and you mess up on one little thing and I would have loved to have seen if it would have Worked but thankfully we got away with the mistake we learned what it was should have shifted our focus back to that heal spell. But you got to see how powerful it was and if you want to see more attacks of my hybrid army, the miners and hogs, I’m going to link it on your screen there now guys it was pretty awesome you’ll get to see more attacks with it, but That wraps it up for this one short and sweet for today bye to war attacks, and it was pretty awesome guys, but we will see you back here again tomorrow until then have a good one.

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