Clash Royale Counter Elite Barbarians Guide


Clash Royale Counter Elite Barbarians Guide?by Rtsgamerx

Elite Barbarians got buffed recently and quickly becoming meta due to the very hard way of countering them.However with a few micromanagement this can be done with positive elixir trade. So let?s start:

Countering them with 3 positive elixir:

Countering the Elite Barbs with less than 3 elixir is nearly impossible without them getting touching the tower. However with 3 elixir there is some way to prevent them doing some serious damage:

1-Skarmy: This card can completely shut down two lone EB, however it is weak to any spell. But with them using spells it?s a minimum of 8 elixir so you would be able to use this advantage to bait them or use another defense.If you are sure they already used their spell than skarmy is the safest and best counter.

2-Tombstone: This also a very good counter to EB if placed correctly but is also vulnerable to spell especially The log. The perfect placement for the Tomstone would be between the towers as it would nearly shut the EB without doing so much damage.

3-Ice Spirit+Fire Spirit: These two card will rarely be in your deck together but are a very good combo vs EB. You must lure them to the middle use the fire spirit first and when they are the middle use ice spirit to freeze them and you must have both towers firing on them. This move needs a lot of practice but can save you a lot. It?s a bit hard having your spirits in the same rotation however.

4-Guards: Very effective, with their shields.

Countering them with 2 positive elixir :

This would be the the second most reasonable method to counter the EB as the first one is very vulnerable to spells.

1-Valkyrie: On 1vs1 she will die vs them. But with the help of the tower she can shut the EB down.

2-Ice Wizard+Ice spirit: This is a difficult combo to have in a deck but is very powerful vs EB.

3-Ice Golem+Fire Spirit: You need to kite them with the ice golem and throw the fire spirit at them.This way they will die with the slowdown of the golem.

4-MM + Ice spirit: This will work good but will let the elite barbs have a hit or two to the tower. Not Vulnerable to arrows though

5-Minions+Ice spirit: This combo is better than the MM+ Ice spirit due to the fact that minion are faster and have better DPS. Vulnerable to arrows though

6-Bomber+Ice spirit: Works great if you lure the EB to the middle of the arena.

Countering them with 1 positive elixir :

This is the best method to counter them as most of the combos are not vulnerable to spells:

1-Bowler: This heavy guy is one of the best defensive troop in the game. It can kill them without even meticulous placement.But do not place it on them though.

2-Valkyrie + Ice Spirit: Better than the lone valkyrie and will prevent them from landing a single hit even without meticulous placement.

3-Bomb Tower: This card is heavily underused but can destroy these EB with ease.

4-Barbarians: normal barbarians do very well vs EB but not many will survive. However you will be left untouched.

5-Inferno tower: Place it in the middle and it will take care of both EB.However a zap puts you in real danger.

6-Graveyard: But you will most likely not use this on defence.

7-MM+Fire spirit: Counter it very well and not weak to spells.

8-Minions+ Fire spirit: Counter better than 5 but weak to spells.

9-Tornado+Fire Spirit: If tornado is used correctly to pull them in the middle of the arena or further back than this will work.

10-Canon+Fire spirit: Now this will work good but with good placement of the canon. But that can seem a waste of the canon.

11-Fireball+Ice spirit: This can shut them down if the ice spirit lure them to the middle but is a waste of spell and kind of a trapping yourself or being bated.

12-Ice wizard+Fire Spirit: This will completely shut the Eb down and this method can be used in injury situations.

13-Prince: This method will work great but you are kind of wasting your prince.

14-Tesla+Ice spirit: This method will work but leave you vulnerable to tank pushes.

Countering them with even positive elixir:

Now this method is only recommended if you have only this card or you are in an injury situation. However EB are though to deal with so I wouldn?t call killing a card with even elixir a ?waste? if they are about to injure your tower.

1-Rocket: If you place it right the rocket will kill them and if you can hammer the tower with it it will be a positive elixir trade. So this is a good method.

2-Lightning: It will leave EB with a slim health but also if you can hammer the tower with it don?t hesitate to use it if you don?t have a cheaper counter.

3-Other Elite Barbarians: Surely with the help of your tower you will be able to shut them down but will leave yours with slim health.

4-Fire Spirit+Dark prince: This works great but can waste your dark prince.

5-Fireball+Log: Will most probably leave them at critical health but surely a waste of your spell.

6-Sparky: This is a bit situational.Sparky must be far enough and charged to be able to kill them and the EB must lock on her.

7-Knight+Minions: Good defence but a waste of your Knight.

8-Witch+Ice Spirit: A good way to shut them down as your witch would have created 6-9 Skeletons.

9-Wizard+Ice Spirit: Also a very good way and may start a counter push.

10-Musketeer+Fire Spirit: Costy but will take care of them.

11-Mini Pekka-Fire Spirit: Good but both will die.

Countering them with negative elixir :

These counters should only used in very tough situations. Because of all the counters sited above at least one should be in your deck.

1-Barbarian hut: Now will kill them but will waste you two barbarians most of the time.

2-PEKKA:Can kill the EB but will be seriously injured and a bit useless in attack and your opponent will have one more elixir to defend.

3-Golem: But will heavily injure yours and will deny you a big push and perhaps a win.

4-Three muskets: Safest of all 4, But will leave them vulnerable to a fireball.

Guys, I hope you enjoyed this guide,If you find any other way make sure to share it 🙂

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