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Clash Royale Four Factors To Reaching Legend?by supyonamesjosh

Why is everyone not able to make it to Legend?

I actually want you to think about this one and answer it yourself before I continue.

How you answer this question is probably a pretty good indicator of far more then how you feel about Clash Royale. In fact it is probably a decent indicator about your personality as well. You see, what this question is really measuring is your Locus of Control or in other words, a measure of how much you feel you control your life, versus how much you feel your life is controlled by outside influences. There isn?t a correct answer, but different people view life far differently from others, which can create conflict.

I?m sure you have seen many people complain that Clash Royale is rigged. That they are losing because of trolls, or ?Wallet Warriors?. Is that true? Occasionally it must be. Everyone who has played for a decent amount of time has surely lost to a player who obviously has invested more time or money into the game then you. But lets step back from individual matches, and look in general. Is this the reason why these players that complain haven?t made it to legend arena? Think about that question, as I talk about the 4 factors that contribute to a player reaching Legend.

The Four Factors: An Intro

When thinking about this guide I wanted to answer a basic question:

  • If you look at any two players, where one is in Legend, and the other isn?t, what is the difference between them? Why is one player below the other player?

After pondering about that question I concluded that every reason that could be the case falls into one of four factors. This Guide is about recognizing these four factors, and is intended to help you understand what you can, and can?t control, and how to focus on where you can improve.

The Four Factors: Devotion, Skill, Luck, Money

Devotion: You are losing to players who have spent more time then you.

If I could create a Pie Chart of reasons people lose, it would probably look like this:

Devotion is the #1 requirement for making it to legend arena. It doesn?t matter if you are the best Clash Royale player in the entire universe. If you started playing a new account today you are not making it to legend today. Many people don?t grasp this concept however. The vast majority of complaints I see are usually from players who haven?t been playing since the global launch, or haven?t been spending as much time as your opponent, and are frustrated they are losing to higher level players. Lets talk about how people who are more devoted can get an edge:

You may be losing to players who

  • Have played the game for months longer then you, and thus has a huge head start
  • Never miss chest timers, and always has a chest timer running
  • Request 3 times a day
  • Win 20 matches a day for the extra gold
  • Always have Clash Royale open so that they don?t miss donations
  • Are playing Clash Royale hours a day allowing them to get better at the game

I am not suggesting that you need, or even SHOULD do all these things But if two players are even matched, the player who is more devoted to the game is going to win.

  • If you aren?t requesting donations at least 14 times a week you are going to fall behind.
  • If you don?t have a golden chest running while you sleep you are going to fall behind.
  • If you aren?t trying to get better by reading guides or watching replays you are going to fall behind.

Clash Royale may not be for you. There is only so much time you have per day, per week, or even per lifetime. But if you want to make it to legend you are going to have to invest time into the game.

The Good news?

Clash Royale has an exponential leveling system, where reaching the next level takes about as much time as reaching all the previous levels combined. By my rough estimates a completely F2P player who started at Global Launch should have been able to reach Level 10 a week ago or so. That means that by the time he hits level 11 you could be level 10, which would be a trivial level difference. It?s not too late, but if you want to be at the top you have to invest the effort.

Skill: You are losing to players who are better then you

While skill is often touted as the most important factor (which if you are reading this guide I hope you realize by now it isn?t) it also is probably the least interesting to talk about. Players who are more skilled have a huge advantage and if you are losing to players who have similar card levels to you in matchups that aren?t bad ones (Another topic for another day) then skill is probably what you need to work on. If you are being matched against players of higher levels then you, skill is not your problem. You are being held back by something else (Probably devotion) and over time you will get there.

The removal of trophies past 3,000 has made things much harder across the board, but for a frame of reference made Royal Arena at Level 6 and Legend Arena at Level 8 and I felt that was extremely difficult. Nowadays you probably should be shooting for a minimum of Level 7 and Level 9 respectively, and if you aren?t at those levels yet don?t worry. Skill is not your problem. Be patient.

If you are constantly matched up against players with lower level cards then you and you? well ? maybe you could use some practice and guidance. Read some strategy. There is tons of it out there including in my previous guides.

Luck: You are losing to the player that opened a princess in a free chest

Luck is frustrating.

I don?t think my luck in Clash Royale has been particularly good. As far as I can tell that whole ?Super Magical Chest? thing is a big myth that was made up in order to disappoint me. I?m rounding through round 3 of the chest cycle and have yet to even set my eyes on one. Oh, and a work buddy of mine got one in arena 2 and quit the game shortly after. FML

As far as legends go, I currently have two. One of which cost 40,000 coins. The other I got from a magical chest that I spent real dollars to buy (More on that in the next section) So that kind of counts? Maybe?

The worst part is, I?m sure there are people out there who have had far worse luck then me. I easily could have pulled 3 X-bows from that real dollah magical chest instead of my sparky and I might never have made legend arena with it. Had I not hit legend arena legendaries never would have showed up in the shop, and I wouldn?t have bought a miner.

There is an alternate universe where I?m not writing this because I?m still at 2900 with no legendaries and I don?t feel I?m good enough at the game to make a series of guides about reaching legend arena (Pretty cocky to write a legend arena guide when your not in legend) Instead I?m sitting at a comfortable 3300 and not even stressing about it.

Luck is frustrating.

And you can?t do anything to change it.

Eventually however, if you stick with it, your day will come.

Money: You are losing to an oil baron

The whole F2P vs P2P argument is crazy.

Remember that whole Locus of Control thing earlier? Many people who believe the world is entirely within their control really struggle with P2P. Plenty of people believe the world should be 100% merit based. That everyone should be rewarded based exclusively on their skill and nothing else should factor in. That you shouldn?t be able to pay to give yourself any advantage whatsoever.

Those people should probably either let go of that issue or stop playing Clash Royale and start playing Go instead, because they are going to be constantly frustrated.

Lets look at some facts on this subject.

  1. If you throw enough money at Clash Royale, you will be legend
  2. Money acts as an amplifier of everything else. Lets say a Super Magical Chest costs $40 (I haven?t looked at the price in a while) Someone who is extremely lucky and has rolled two SMC?s is at the exact same point in the game as someone who has spent $80 on two SMC?s. A bad player who has spent a moderate amount can still lose to a great player who has spent nothing. Etc.
  3. Because of the exponential requirements, money becomes exponentially worse at progressing you as you reach higher levels. 50 bucks will shoot a level 1 up a huge deal but will barely budge a level 10 player. Thus the longer you play, money becomes less of a factor
  4. People need to stop freaking out about this.

For the record. At this point I have spent exactly $40. about $30 of it went to gold. The other bit went to chests in hopes of getting a legend. I got lucky and got one on nearly my first try. (A perfect example of how Money and Luck can intertwine)

  • Would I have spent more had I not gotten a legendary and kept chasing the dragon?Maybe? I honestly can?t say.
  • Will I spend more in the future?If a princess shows up in the shop I am going to be super tempted to drop the 15 bucks or whatever to buy her. Other then that probably not.
  • How do I feel about spending money?Honestly I think there is way too much of a stigma attached to mobile game purchases because of how often you see games suckering players out of money (Seriously who is putting the fake casino games in the top 10 grossing so that I can save them.) I really, REALLY, don?t think that is the case for Clash Royale though. I?ve had a few squabbles here and there, but I am immensely excited for the tournament system. I think the tournament system is going to be big and is going to let players who have been around for several months enjoy a F2P system closer to hearthstone, where it is P2W if you are starting with nothing, but everything can be achieved in a moderate amount of time.

Whether you spend money or not is a personal choice that should depend completely on your finances

  • If you want to spend money, Great! You are keeping the game free for many other people.
  • If you don?t want to spend money, Great! You don?t need to and it just might take you longer then those that spend.

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