Clash Royale Ice Spirit Strategy Guide


Clash Royale Ice Spirit Strategy Guide?by Apex1302

Hi there everyone, my name is Apex Predator and I have made a post dedicated to one of my favourite cards in the game ? ice spirit. I hang around 3600-3700 trophies with 10/8/x/2 using a variation of Pompeyo?s deck with ice spirit subbed in for ice wiz. I have won around 6000 cards and love playing in a good tournament! To date, I have had 2 SMC top 8 appearances and 1 top 4 appearance. I enjoy helping the community out, and I am a proud member of Reddit Alpha.

I enjoy playing control decks, or more specifically anti-meta decks. When there was a Meta of hog/RG I created my own miner deck to hard counter it. These days in tournaments I either run a bowler inferno miner decks which relies on grinding out wins, and a beatdown PPP deck which is very fun to play. If you want either of those decklists just ask in the comments. Both of these decks contain the very card this post is about, a cool little ice spirit. One of the things that separates a mediocre player from a great player in my opinion is knowing card interactions. I have tested them out with a clanmate to show how good ice spirit is on defence:

On?defense?Ice spirit can counter for 0 damage:

? Fire spirits ? Either let the ice spirit suicide onto the fire spirits because of its longer range or let the FS suicide on the ice spirit if you don?t have much time to react.

? Spear Goblins ? When they are just about to attack, drop it onto them to tank some shots and then the tower can OHKO them.

? Goblins ? Lure to the side slightly so the tower can pick them off.

? Minions ? Just drop anywhere that allows all 3 minions to be splashed and for the ice spirit to not die while being deployed.

? Minion horde ? This can be done, just need to wait for the tower to kill one minion and then directly drop it in front of the horde.

? Ice wiz ? Drop the ice spirit 3 tiles in front of the ice wiz so it tanks a couple of shots and then freezes him.

? Guards ? Wait for the guards to come halfway to your tower, and then drag them back to the bridge with the ice spirit.

? Archers ? As soon as the archers come in firing range of your tower, drop them right on top to tank shots and make it so they can be one shot by the tower.

On?defense?Ice spirit reduces the amount of damage done?significantly:

? Musketeer? Let the ice spirit tank one shot, and then she will be frozen so as to only getting one hit off on the tower. I did manage to get the musketeer to die without getting a hit off in a match, but despite all my efforts I haven?t been able to replicate it.

? Knight ? Instead of doing over 1000 damage from being left solo on the tower, an ice spirit can reduce him to just getting 3 hits on the tower. Let him walk halfway and then drag him back.

? Miner ? If you place your pump between the towers, watch his trail and drop an ice spirit where he lands. The ice spirit will tank one shot and then freeze him, leaving the miner to only get one hit off. If you placed your pump behind the tower, do the same thing but drop a troop to attack the miner when he is unfrozen as one tower won?t kill the miner quick enough to avoid damage on your pump.

? Valkyrie ? Almost ditto for the knight. She will only get 2/3 swings on the tower with good luring into the middle.

? Mini Pekka ? If you are at a severe elixir disadvantage and you are willing to take some damage, lure the mini Pekka into the middle with an ice spirit so that it will only get 1 hit onto the tower.

? Balloon ? When your deck lacks air targeting troops, or they are out of cycle an ice spirit can help mitigate the damage. Usually a balloon would take your tower, but with the help of an ice spirit it only gets one hit off.

? Baby Dragon ? The baby dragon usually gets 5 hits on your tower, but use the ice spirit to tank one shot and then freeze it to avoid the chip damage.

? Witch ? You can either use the ice spirit to clear the skeletons if it is detrimental to your defence of mini Pekka or inferno, or you can tank some witch shots and then freeze her.

? Lumberjack ? He doesn?t have that much health, so the more time he spends taking damage from the tower, the better. Just lure him into the middle and let the tower do all of the work, only letting him get 1 swing. Be wary, people will send troops after to make use of his rage.


? Lavahound ? When the Lavahound is about to pop, if you drop an ice spirit at the right time the lavapups will remain frozen for 2 seconds. This gives you extra time to react for a princess, minions etc.

? Princess ? Ice spirit and zap can take out a princess for an even elixir trade with no damage taken. In a princess duel, drop an ice spirit to freeze the enemy princess and drop your own princess to take out the other princess in one shot. You now have a full health princess having killed the enemy princess.

? Sparky ? Just before a sparky is about to shoot, if you drop an ice spirit you have 7 more seconds to react (2 seconds freeze + 5 seconds charge up time). If you are too late with that, you can use ice spirit to tank a shot from sparky and then drop whatever counter you have.

? Inferno ? If you drop an ice spirit behind your push and if it reaches the inferno tower it will freeze the inferno and then it would have to ramp up its damage again. On the other hand ice spirit can really help inferno on defence, allowing it to get those 2 precious seconds of high damage.

? 3 musketeers ? If someone has seen that you don?t have fireball, poison, rocket or lightning in your deck and decides to go all out and drop 3 musketeers at the bridge, you can counter it by dropping guards and then quickly ice spirit for a cool +5 elixir trade.

? Goblins ? If you drop ice spirit at the bridge and then quickly drop goblins behind it, it will take down half the tower. This combo does the most damage in the game for a 3 elixir push.

? Hog/Mini Pekka w/fire spirits ? Use the ice spirit to kill the fire spirits AND freeze the hog/mini Pekka at the same time. You are then free to drop your guards, barbs, minions etc without worrying about the fire spirits. Against zap bait decks where they want you to use your zap on that push, put your hands in the air like you don?t care.

? Giant loon ? With the help of inferno, you can take out the whole 10 elixir push for 6 elixir. It is really exemplified in this push as both giant and balloon are slow moving troops that are hurt by another 2 seconds standing still.

? Ice spirit ? If your opponent uses an attacking ice spirit, let it suicide on to your ice spirit so you don?t have to worry about countering it, and yours is ready for a counterattack!

? Lumberjack ? If you send a lumberjack ice spirit push and they try to counter with mini pekka, wait till the Mpekka is about to hit and then zap, this will allow the lumberjack to kill without taking any damage.

That?s it for this guide, but if you have anything to add I will put it in here and give your name a worthy mention, and if you have any questions just ask away!

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