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Clash Royale Sparkynado Guide?by billybobjoseph

I know. It sucks you got a Sparky. You thought you would get a Lavahound or a Night Witch, but no, you got a Sparky.

Well, here is the gist of it. You can?t do anything about it and you are stuck with her. You?ve seen fellow redditians and redditeers complain a lot about her and ask for a buff (Actually I ask for a buff as well but that?s not important right now).

LISTEN. Everyone tries to use her as pure offense and hasn?t tried with any other strategy. I have experimented with this baby and have produced some results for you guys. This is a Counter-Push Guide. This will cover ALL the Lone Ground Troops, some air troops, dealing with special combos, how to use her when dealing with buildings, and suggested cards to go with when against spells to bait it or make it worthless.

GROUND TROOPS?(Alphabetical Order)


Archers: I?d resort to using another card to deal with them, it isn?t worth it.

Bandit: You probably won?t get a proper shot off, so keep her busy while Sparky shoots her properly. Do not recommend tornadoing her.

Barbarians: If they are spaced out, group them together with tornado and have sparky take them all out.

Battle Ram: Place Sparky and Tornado the Ram to hold him back while Sparky charges. The barbarians should be taken care of by Sparky.

Bomber: There may be a better card to stop him. Bomber is an annoying card to deal with, even arrows/log can?t take it out first shot, so bomber may require tower support unless you want a negative elixir trade. I would expertly use tornado to hold the bomber 1-2 tiles from the bridge while the tower shoots it.

Bowler: Simple, place Sparky to the side and have her shoot the damned thing. You can have her be targeted by the Bowler if you want (recommended actually) but that is your decision.

Cannon Cart: Fast and tough, Technically has a shield. Annoying to deal with. Wouldn?t recommend Sparky to stop it, but if you have no choice, have a charged Sparky on the field and tanking for the tower.

Dark Prince: His shield is a pain. He can survive a shot and keep going. I would recommend placing Sparky, have her charge up and shoot the Dark Prince, THEN placing tornado to hold him back for another shot. If you want to have Sparky be targeted by the Dark Prince go for it but there really isn?t a pro about it asides from the tower not getting hit, but remind you, it is splash damage, so place her wisely away from the tower.

Dart Goblin: Tornado or Tower.

Electro Wizard: Recommend doing the same with the Bomber. In addition, pulling him close enough to the king tower can activate it as well.

Ebola?Elite Barbarians: Place Sparky to tank NEXT to the tower for safest measures, then tornado them to hold them back.

Executioner: Just get a shot off ASAP with tower support.

Fire Spirits: If they are over your tower level, I would use tornado and hold them back while your tower shoots them.

Giant: The beast card. No one and everyone loves him. Place Sparky anywhere in front or to the side of the tower and have the Giant get shot. Since there is no doubt there will be support cards, tornado the whole bunch together and shoot them all at once.

Giant Skeleton: Terrible card to deal with when it can destroy the meaning of ?Counter-push.? Recommend tornadoing him off to the side and Sparky finishing him while he is there so Sparky can move on without getting blown up. If he is at the tower, tornado him away once he is near death to avoid the death explosion.

Goblin Barrel: Tornado one of them to king tower. If it is already active, tornado him away from both towers but also in range of both towers.

Goblin Gang: Tornado while Tower picks them off.

Goblins: Above.

Golem: The spell-proof monster. He will take a while to deal with. He will probably have support troops, so tornado all of them together for all of them to die. Night Witch will be dead and the tornado will kill the bats. Have Sparky keep on shooting him. You might suffer some damage but it will be small if played right.

Guards: Shields, again, are a pain. Tornado them AFTER they get shot by Sparky.

Hog Rider: Same as Battle Ram.

Ice Golem: Can?t do much to the tower, would leave him alone unless there is support behind, in which case just Tornado them together and BANG!

Ice Spirit: Recommend just leaving him be. Elixir trade wouldn?t be just.

Ice Wizard: Have the Ice Wizard target Sparky while the tower shoots him down. Sparky will one-shot him when he gets the chance to shoot.

Knight: Have tower shoot him when he is shot by Sparky.

Lumberjack: Capable of major carnage, you might want to hit him first try with Sparky He WILL die first shot if Sparky is at least 3 levels under (i.e. Level 1 Sparky can stop a max of Level 3 Lumberjack).

Mega Knight: I know he isn?t out yet but I am making suggestions. His leap attack is powerful, recommend NOT using tornado to pull him away, only grouping together. Distract him while Sparky shoots him.

Miner: Same as Goblin Barrel.

Mini PEKKA: He will normally get one-shoted, so if Sparky can?t get a shot, use the tornado to make time.

Musketeer: Annoying to deal with. Outranges Sparky by one tile and packs a punch. Recommend a full charged Sparky before getting in range and possibly tornadoing the Musketeer TO Sparky.

Night Witch: Tornado to kill any bats and Sparky to deal with the main problem.

P.E.K.K.A.: The current meta. Use tornado to pull the P.E.K.K.A. back while Sparky keeps shooting her. If there are support troops be careful how you use tornado. One wrong move and your Sparky (and possibly your tower) is gone.

Prince: Same strategy as Dark Prince.

Princess: Tornado her into range of the towers.

Royal Giant: Cancerous. Suggest using Sparky and tornadoing him away while Sparky mans the gun instead of the tower.

Skeleton Army: Tornado. Done.

Skeletons: I don?t know who would just play skeletons along with the push, but let the tower pick them off.

Sparky: A Sparky Duel! I would recommend a zap or bait to go with when the 2 are meeting. If you are a level over, your Sparky can survive the shot.

Spear Goblins: Tornado, possibly have Sparky tank in front of them.

3 Musketeers: Tornado the musketeers TO the Sparky when FULLY charged. One mishap and your tower could be gone.

Valkyrie: Annoyingly, survives a Sparky shot. Recommend tower support.

Witch: Also annoying (but less annoying), Tornado her to kill intruding skeletons unless they aren?t there.

Wizard: Shooting him should be enough, but tower support if not.

AIR TROOPS?(Alphabetical Order)


Baby Dragon: Sparky hates him. Have him distract him if you want, but recommend other cards to deal with.

Bats: Tornado.

Flying Machine: I know it isn?t out yet, but again, suggesting. Recommend other cards to deal with, but if not, have Sparky tank while the tower lays arrows on ?em. Tower should finish it.

Inferno Dragon: Above. Have Tornado pull it away if it is getting too close to the tower.

Mega Minion: Look at Inferno Dragon.

Minions: Tornado to bring their health down while the tower picks them off.

Minion Horde: Above.

SPECIAL COMBOS?(Probably not in Alphabetical Order)

Most pushes that require time to build: Sparkynado can shut most of it down and leave it down to the tank.

Lavaloon: Recommend [splash] air-attacking cards to attack Balloon while Lava Hound gets taken down later. Tornado is the time-giver, so pull them back if they are too close. Splash some damage on the pups to either bring down the health or kill them.

Rush Pushes: Tornado the entire push back and have Sparky blast them. Easy unless Sparky is reset.



Barbarian Hut: Have Sparky just shoot the barbs and slap a tank in front of him.

Bomb Tower: Getting a shot off is easy but getting rid of it is harder unless it has already deteriorated. Still, can get rid of the tower.

Cannon: Shoot it! Tornado troops to it if wanted.

Elixir Collector: Really nothing you can do with them. Always placed in back.

Furnace: Sparky can?t get shots off at the spirits if there is a tank in front of her. Otherwise, feel free to start a counterpush if you want.

Goblin Hut: Annoying with the constant chip damage, but gives time to place a tank in front of Sparky with tower support.

Inferno Tower: Difficult to say the least, zap would be recommended to keep the tank alive, get Sparky to the Inferno Tower. It can get massive damage to it and sometimes (but not commonly) destroys it.

Mortar: Place Sparky between the bridge and tower, then tornado any support troops TO the Mortar. Have Sparky shoot all of them.

Tesla: Same with Cannon.

Tombstone: Great way to prepare to place a tank in front of Sparky. Sparky likes to stop and target the skeletons, and the tower likes to pick them off right before she shoots them, giving the perfect slowdown.

X-Bow: Same as Mortar.


Arrows: I don?t know who would arrow a Sparky, but OK. Heal is the only counter.

Clone: Tornado can near-instantly destroy clones.

Fireball: Powerful indeed, but doesn?t cripple Sparky. Heal is the only counter.

Freeze: Clone is the only counter to the card (I believe), but can be ineffective. Tornado can hold back a push for a short time. EDIT: Freeze can counter as well, so it is effective.

Graveyard: Poison is the best counter, but Tornado is a little counter and might activate the King tower as well.

Heal: Sparky itself is the best counter to Heal spell for ground troops, but for air troops I would say either a fireball or your splash troop.

Lightning: One of the Top 2 most painful spells. Mirror is your best option but heal is good if your support troops manage to live.

Mirror: Nothing to say.

Poison: Heal spell obviously, unless it is skeletons. A mini tank might be your best option defensively.

Rage: Can make killing troops harder. A freeze would nullify it easy. Killing them faster would too but that is difficult with sparky. Tornado can give you time as well.

Rocket: The bane of Sparky. Your best option is just a mirror, because there is literally a 0 elixir trade. Clone-skipping could work too but you know how hard that is, despite the small radius of the rocket.

The Log: The only thing that can nullify the log is the heal spell. Sorry.

Tornado: It doesn?t matter. If it locks onto a stationary troop when it is pulled, it WILL shoot it unless zapped.

Zap: Literally no counter for this piece of shit other than freeze, sorry.

WHEW!!! This took more than 2 hours to type, this had better be read. I will take suggestions and list cons of them and elaborate off of the suggestions if possible. Thanks for the read!


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