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Clash Royale The Log In-depth Guide?by crSean

Based on the latest Global Top 200 Card Ranking, the Log is currently used in 124 of the top 200 player decks globally. That?s a whopping 62% of decks running this card. Here?s a comprehensive explanation of why the Log is one of the strongest, most versatile cards in the game. This card fits the category of spells that deal with low-health / swarm units effectively at a low cost and those types of spells are needed in virtually every deck unless you want to assume the risk of the highest DPS cards in the game reaching your tower.

First, let?s looks at how the log compares to it?s closest competitors: Zap and Arrows

  1. Log has a larger radius than both spells ? it has triple the radius of Zap and nearly double the radius of Arrows (which is costs an additional 1 elixir).
  2. Log does more damage per elixir than both of it?s counterparts (and can hit the largest area of units). It?s also more likely that you?re going to get crown tower chip damage from your Logs.
Card Damage Tower Damage Damage/Elixir
Zap 159 64 79.5
Arrows 243 98 81
Log 240 96 120
Poison* 600** 240 150**

Edit: Added poison for reference based on a comment received. *Important to note that Poison is damage over time and depends on how long the target card(s) stand in the area of effect. You won?t always get all 600 damage down on your target (at tournament standard). Of course, you will max out the crown tower damage if you?ve targeted a tower.

Log simply creates better trade opportunities (examples below)

  • Goblin Gang ? Log creates a +1 elixir trade, zap doesn?t kill them all, arrows breaks even.
  • Skeleton Army ? All 3 spells kill them; log and zap create positive trades but log is easier and can offer chip damage to tower and hits a wider range of units.
  • Princess, Dart Goblin, Goblin Barrel ? Arrows goes even with all, zap kills none, log kills all with a positive elixir trade.

it?s very important to note that while log creates positive elixir trades for each of the examples above, it?s not uncommon to get additional/insane value out of your logs:
Example #1
Example #2

In addition to these examples, Log also has the ability to reset attack animations for cards like PEKKA and can knock cards like Royal Giant back out of tower range to cause them to change focus to something other than the tower. Zap has this ability and had the unique advantage of being able to stun Sparky (/s) and Inferno Tower/Dragon.

Log is also the spell most likely to also hit other support troops like Electro Wizard, Musketeer, and Wizard. It has the ability to create positive trades with these cards by tossing the log right when they enter crown tower range, pushing them back and dealing 240 damage in the process. When multi-units like Barbarians or Elite Barbarians are dropped, it can deal good damage to them and can support your attack or knock them away from the Archers/Knight/Wizard/etc. that you?re using to defend their push. This is another example of it?s ability to create positive elixir trades and create counter push opportunities.

Provides a steady source of cycling along with consistent tower chip damage

Log is awesome in chip or control decks, because it can easily chip the tower. Each Log does 96 damage to a tower that has about 2500 health, this mean that 26 or 27 Logs can take down a tower. Log is a good cycle card that can be used lots of time in a match due to high versatility and low cost, so while you don?t throw 27 Logs in a match, you still throw a good amount that can do very notable damage to a tower.

So when you use Log, if you can try to make sure it reaches the tower, this is why Mortar decks work so well with Log, because they work by chipping the towers and since Mortar is near the river, most of your Logs will hit the tower.

Log has the unique ability to deny space for your opponent?s counters

This has been covered in detail in other areas, but because of the lifetime of the log, you?re able to throw it down behind other units like Hog Rider to support his sprint to the tower by eliminating the ability for your opponent to place ground swarm troops to deal with him. This also works in the form of prediction logs.

For double the cost, Poison achieves that same area of denial. Poison is also unmatched in its ability to counter graveyard.

Where it falls short
As stated before, Zap excels at dealing with inferno cards or sparky. Arrows and zap excel in dealing with flying swarms. The log doesn?t do much to help either of these, but it creates so much value elsewhere that you?re able to carry other cards that will (Archers, Electro Wizard, etc.).

It?s possible the the Night Witch will create even more positive value in the air-defense spells as players will be looking for more ways to deal with flying swarm cards. I predict that Arrows will see a rise in usage as their larger radius and increased damage over Zap gives it the ability to take down minion hordes while also providing a more confident way to deal with Bats (zap requires more accuracy/timing).

Detailed Usage: How to use The Log against troops and buildings:
Situational Usage: 1 Elixir Cards

  • Ice Spirit: Occasionally, you can log an ice spirit for a negative elixir trade if you are protecting a defensive stand or offensive push ? example: crushing an ice spirit before it freezes your Inferno Tower
  • Skeletons: This is one of the most versatile cards in the game alongside Log, so the usage of the Log here is situational and almost requires that you get more value than simply rolling it over the skeleton crew.

Usually Part of a Larger Group: 2 Elixir Cards

  • Fire Spirits, Goblins & Spear Goblins: These cards are usually played to defend a push by a large unit or swarm, support of a larger unit on a push or as an attempt to rush/punish you when your opponent believes you?re low on elixir. Because of that, they are generally not alone and sending the Log after them generally provides a positive elixir trade if you time it correctly. Example

More Positive Trades!!! ? 3+ Elixir Cards

  • Bandit: While you could use it to push her off of your tower and lock onto another unit, you should definitely avoid using it unless you know she?s not going to dash. Nothing like a log rolling through your invisible Bandit target! Replay: Bandit Dashes Through Two Logs
  • Archers: Log the archers when they are crossing the river into tower range to knock them back and avoid damage. The tower will hit the first archer to kill it and will clean up the second one when she crosses back into tower range.

    Similarly, you can do this with each of the following cards to minimize/mitigate their damage: Ice Wizard (lol, damage), Bomber, Electro Wizard, Musketeer, Executioner, Witch (try to time it so you get the 3 skeletons, too), Wizard

  • Goblin Gang: Crushes the entire gang while zap leaves behind the stab goblins ? wait until they?re crossing the bridge to use this as you could pick up some additional supporting units behind the gang with the right timing to maximize your value.
  • Goblin Barrel: Work on your timing to get this one right ? you want to toss the log just before the barrel lands to ensure the goblins don?t damage your tower. Smart goblin barrel users will toss the barrel in different spots ? watch the shadows to guess where you should throw the log. (Credit: OJ)
  • Guards: Toss the log down as the guards are crossing the river to split them in two so your tower deals with them more effectively. You?ll have to time this just right, so recover quickly from the shock of actually seeing someone use guards in their deck. (Credit: OJ)
  • Princess, Dart Goblin: The log will crush both of these cards for a positive trade, but wait until the princess is almost at the bridge / the dart goblin is crossing the bridge to throw it ? you may get even more value if your opponent drops supporting cards.
  • Prince, Dark Prince, Battle Ram: Use the Log to stop the charge for each of these cards while you lay down other cards to distract them and clean up the mess.
  • Valkyrie: The Log can create some pretty unique counter opportunities for her?
  • Barbarians: Log can knock off 1/3 of their health ? similar to the Guards, you can time this to split the barbarians up so the tower can deal with them more effectively.
  • Elite Barbarians: Log takes down around 25% of their health, but you can use it to reset their attack animation as well and/or kill their supporting cards (ice spirit, fire spirits, etc.) and buy yourself a little time before they try to rush your king tower!
  • Miner: If they send the miner at your elixir collector and it?s planted in the middle, you can use the log to protect your investment and push him back towards your tower so he re-focuses. If the miner is close to the king tower (e.g. planted on the right-hand side of your left tower), you can sometimes push the miner onto your king tower for a positive trade and king tower activation.
  • Royal Giant: The log works well to kill or damage supporting troops while pushing the RGG back outside of tower range. You can also use this to reset his attack if you plant a building too late and he?s already locked onto your tower. For large troops like RGG, Giant, and Golem; make sure that you hit them with the right/left side of the log to push them sideways (towards the middle) if you?ve planted an inferno tower so it doesn?t push them out of inferno range. (Credit: OJ)
  • Sparky: It doesn?t reset her shot, but sometimes a little push-back will ensure it dies before firing.
  • Tombstone: Use the log when Tombstone is at half health to kill it and the spawning skeletons. This is helpful in support of a push by Hog Rider or Giant as it gets them to the enemy tower faster. (Credit: OJ)
  • Three Musketeers: Hit the 3M with the side of the Log, pushing them towards the edge of the map and drop fire spirits at the same time? you can net a +5 elixir trade. (Credit: OJ)


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