Clash Royale Tournament Mode Rewards Analysis


Clash Royale Tournament Mode Rewards Analysis?by supyonamesjosh


  • Over the last couple days I?ve had access to an early build to help prepare for my upcoming tournament stream on Saturday (More on that at the end) During that time I?ve opened around 200 tournament chests. Based on those observations, I wanted to breakdown how well you should aim to place by tournament size if you want to feel good about your winnings.

First Place Chest contents by Tournament Size

The chest contents can be found here:?Clash Royale Tournament Chest Payouts List

A few thoughts on opening the first place chests:

  • Although no legendary cards are shown to be guaranteed, you can expect a legendary per every 40-50 epics. I believe the lowest number of legendary cards for the top chest I saw was 8, and I saw several that had 11. This can range from one chest I opened which had 4 different legendary cards, to another chest which contained 2 of one legendary and 8 of a second.
  • I think the low level tournaments are great for casual and for fun tournaments, but don?t expect great prizes out of them. The first place chest for the 500 gem tournament only guarantees one epic (and even the second place player didn?t always get an epic card) Don?t be disappointed when 500 gems of cards are split 10 ways and you don?t end up with a great prize. I wouldn?t spend a ton of time trying to win a 3 day 500 gem tournament for example.
  • This should go without saying, but don?t plan your expectations based on winning the first place chest. For example, the 10,000 gem tournament has a great first prize with 20 epics,but the second place chest only has 13, and it falls quickly from there. Coming in 10th will net you basically a magical chest. Great value comparative to lower chests! But you may feel a little disappointed only getting 4 epics for coming in 10th out of 300 people if you don?t manage your expectations before hand.

Goals by tournament size:

Now for the fun part. How high do you need to place to be really happy in the huge tournaments such as the ones SuperCell is sponsoring this week?

  • For the largest, 250,000 gem tournaments the answer is 50th. At 50th place you win around 35 epics, which gives you a really good shot at winning a legendary card. Based on completely unsceintific observation I say around 85% chance of winning a legendary at 50th.
  • For the second largest, 100,000 gem tournaments which most of the SuperCell tournaments will be (including mine, 9 est Saturday shameless plug) the answer is 10th. This will win you around 45 Epics which one again gives you an extremely good chance of pulling in the legend. For comparison 50th in these tournaments will win you 13 epics. That gives you a punchers chance of pulling in the legend, but it is not likely at this point. 13 epics is still nothing to sneeze at however.
  • For the 50,000 gem tournaments, coming in 10th gives you 23 epics. Enough to nervously excited, but you are only at coin flip odds. 50th in this tournament will only give a modest 6 epics.
  • For the 20,000 gem tournament you are probably going to need to come in 2nd. At this level you get around 25 epics but the low level cards not being there start to be noticeable. It was harder to roll a legendary at this level then any of the previous levels despite the considerably harder task of coming in second out of 500 people.

Quick tournament tips:

  • If you are comfortably above the goal area with little time left, and it doesn?t look like you are in the top 3 a good strategy may be to stop playing. For the first 100 cups the loser loses less then the winner wins, but above that it works exactly the same as in ranked play. That means standing pat at your current tournament level could be a good strategy. If you are sitting comfortably in 6th and you are over 100 away from both 11th place and 3rd place with 15 minutes left. I would stop playing completely and monitor how the people around you are doing. Aim for your goal zone.
  • Because of the long chest timers, and the great value of tournaments, I would seriously consider stopping all gem purchases for F2P players. From now on I would always have a gem reserve available to gem a tourney chest if a huge tournament rolls up. You don?t want to miss a 100,000 gem tournament because you are unlocking your tourney chest from the day before.
  • Initially you should assume that everyone is using battle decks despite the level caps, but understand that could change in the future. I anticipate the tournament meta to be drastically different from the high Arena 7(8?) low legend arena meta that many of you may be familiar with, however I assume most players will not be nearly close enough to tournament level with many of their unused cards to account for this. At this point I would assume everyone will roll in with their battle decks, but carefully pay attention to what other people are using. Things could change considerably in the future.

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