Combat Arms General Tactics


Combat Arms General Tactics by ZOOMxTactic

I. What type of player are you?

1) First figure out the type of player you are. I?m defensive. ZOOMxLAW who is equal to me in skill is offensive.
A. Offensive players are more likely to rush for accolades or a preemptive attack to overwhelm/weaken the opposing team.
B. Defensive players are more likely to sit in the back or entrench themselves in certain positions to counter the enemy team.
C. Noobs tend to die and have no idea of what they are doing.
II. Weaponry

1) What type of primary suits you?
A. Sub-machine guns have a high fire rate and are very accurate while moving, they?re your friends in close quarter combats .. or worst nightmare. They also allow you to move with a high mobility.
B. Assault rifles are your ideal multipurpose weapon, although unable to excel they can pretty much touch every fighting range moderately.
C. Sniper rifles are your weapon of choice for long range and can quickly remove enemies off the battlefield if used properly.
D. Shotguns are your close range sniper rifles in my opinion, you must aim every shot but you get more leverage if you miss since it fires in buckshot but it?s limited to close range obviously.
E. Machine guns have high damage, moderate range but are inaccurate making them more ideal for close range (unless you play in Papa server, they work mid range).

2) Secondary? Secondaries are your best friends when you run out of ammo, they come out faster than switching to another primary or reloading.
A. Semi-auto pistols are best used to remove multiple enemies in a short period of time. Usually fire rate and damage work with inverse relationships, decide the fire rate + damage you?re most comfortable with.
B. Heavy pistols (revolvers, desert eagle) are used to do a ton of damage at the cost of fire rate.

3) Knives. Self-explanatory. I?m not going to teach you how to knife since I can barely do it. Lower portability = higher speed.

4) Support gear. You have quite a large arsenal here.
A. Smoke grenades distort an area making it easier to move through with safety. Your name will pop up in the smoke if the cross hair is on you.
B. Flash grenades are used to temporary disorient your opponent(s) unless they are using anti-flash goggles.
C. Nerve gas does continuous damage to those inside it and shortly after they leave it more than incendiary I believe.
D. Incendiary grenades do fire damage, I think the duration is longer than the nerve gas effect and you can detect units on fire.
E. M67, your standard frag grenade, throw it and boom. Moderate damage, enough to kill an enemy in one hit if it?s directly next to them.
F. M69 (high fragmentation grenade) with increased damage and blast radius.
G. Mines are used to either weaken enemies or kill wounded enemies when placed well on key points.
H. Detectors are used to detect enemies via radar and will require charging. The heart beat detector works for nearby allies, so tell them to look.

5) Launchers.
A. The grenade launchers are good if you want to arc over objects or use them close range since they lack blast radius.
B. The RPG/LAW are best used when you require more blast radius, range, and damage. *LAW isn?t necessarily worse than RPG simply because of damage, it?s proven to be more useful at close range than RPG since you?ll be less likely to kill yourself.
III. Modes: What to play?
1) Search and Destroy: Alpha must plant the bomb and keep Bravo from defusing. Bravo must defend the bomb site or defuse when planted.
2) Elimination: Your standard team death-match mode. Alpha kills bravo while Bravo kills Alpha.
3) Elimination Pro: Kill the enemy team using the round system with one life per round.
4) One Man Army: You spawn and must kill any other players. Firing your weapon while having spawn protection upon spawning will remove it.
5) Last Man Standing: One man army played via rounds with one life per round given to each player.
6) Spy Hunt: Collect all 5 intel to become a super spy and upload the Intel to win. When you?re a spy, you?re a one man army. When you?re not, you work together to kill the remaining spies and collecting their intel.
7) Capture the Flag: Capture the enemy flag and bring it back to your base alive to score.
8) Bombing Run: There is one bomb on the map, you must take it and plant it at the enemy bomb site and defend it while planted til? it explodes. Everytime you fail to plant the bomb, each time is awarded one point.
9) Quarantine Regen: Every round a player becomes infected and you must stay alive for the time being. Anyone the infected hits becomes infected.
10) Fireteam: Varies with missions but you complete objectives against NPCs to win.
11) Seize and Secure: You must hold a certain point for a certain amount of time while the enemy team attempts to recapture it.
12) Hired Guns: You must break into the bank and collect all the gold you can while fighting off the enemy team. Once you have the gold you must bring it back to your spawn, if killed the gold will be available to anyone to pick up. The more gold you carry in proportion to your vest, the higher the speed penalty which is capped off at 45%.

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