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Conquer Online Elite Warrior Guide by SioKanla


Are you bored of Conquer? Looking for a new class? Sick of not having enough magic defense in PVP? Want to try a new way of making money? Want to out level most of your friends? If you answered YES or HELL YES to any of these questions I have a class for you that WILL make Conquer more fun (No Guarantee), might help raise your magic defense in PVP (Depending on your current MAIN class and what gear you wear for PVP), will give you a new way to make money!, and will help you out level a majority of your friends (Patience and Gears pending). Warning at the end of this guide you may have a sudden urge to become a warrior, I am not held accountable if do not possess the skill that a warrior requires .

The CONS of a Warrior:
? Have low health compared to other classes before rebirth
? Harder to get the four ?Weapon Sockets?
? Low magic defense if you wear a helmet and use a 2 handed weapon in PVP
? Have lower attack than Trojans

The PROS of a Warrior:
? Superman, Superman is an XP skill where your attack is decupled (That is 10X) this helps you level insanely fast especially if you can 1 hit the monsters you are combating
? Also in PVP Warriors have another XP skilled called XP Shield which will triple your defense, This will help you when you are fighting people with slightly more potency or similar potency
? Warriors can have incredibly high magic defense if they wear a shield and earrings (Preferably Elite or Super)
? Due to Warriors lack of demand on most servers gear is incredibly cheap
? Warriors are also very good at making money, you can hunt in meteor zone or Lab, you could do moon box quest, or you could warrior farm (Will be explained later).

How to Combat the CONS of a Warrior (In Red)

The CONS of a Warrior:
?Have low health compared to other classes before rebirth
You will be able to level quickly and reborn fast (Reborn at 130, or else you will regret it), You can also make sure your gear is the best possible so that you can tank hits in PVP by having high potency, also make sure you get gem HP enchants on all your gear to raise your HP
?Harder to get the four ?Weapon Sockets?
Since the infamous lottery patch there have been a large number of elite 2 socket shields fluctuating through the markets on almost every server.
?Low magic defense if you wear a helmet and use a 2 handed weapon in PVP
This isn?t really a tip to help you. I could only suggest you carry pots for Taos or switch to earrings.
?Have lower attack than Trojans
Your attack will be lower than most Trojans the way to negate this is to just try and get more POTENCY, sockets, SDG, and to continually work on your gear

Suggested Leveling Gear

For a weapon I suggest either a club or a wand. Why a club or a wand? Clubs and wands are the best weapons for leveling because they both have passive skills that hit 360 degrees (That?s a circle). Which one should I use Wand or Club, What factors determine which I should use? I am glad you asked!

Note: Higher potency makes you level faster! Does not help in TG to my knowledge.

Use a Club IF:
? You have a socket shield
? If you need defense
? You are paranoid that a Tao might jump you and want the extra magic defense, or you are planning on leveling in adventure zone
? If you want to be able to use a shield to save you money that you would need to spend on potions, when you are a noob

Note: Even though Rage and Snow both hit 360 degrees Snow has a larger range making it easier to kill more monsters with one activation of snow than with rage.

Use a Wand IF:
? You are unable to get a socket shield
? You will not need the extra defense the shield provides
? You are not paranoid that a Tao might jump you, and you are planning on leveling on physical damage mobs
? You have good low level gear too so you won?t need potions, or potion money is no problem for you

You could also use a glaive, pole axe, long hammer, or halberd for leveling. Their weapon skills only extend 180 degrees so I do not recommend them but if you have like a super +5 rdg rdg pole axe might as well save some money and just use that to level. You might want to also use a pole axe or long hammer to increase your damage, if you were in lab 4 but only if it will enable you to 1 hit or 2 hit Minotaurs while you are having difficulty with your wand or club. It honestly depends on your gear. I do not recommend using a spear to level its weapon skill speed gun will increase your damage by 210% but it only hits all the monsters straight in front of where you attack.

PVP Weapons

Enough about leveling weapons now lets talk about PVP weapons. If you are going to be attending guild war I recommend you work on getting your potency high before you even think about buying sockets. Ever since the potency patch PVP has changed if you want to do a lot of damage to your enemy you need to have a higher potency then them or a similar potency or it will take you 13 hits to kill them or something hard like that. As far as weapons you have many options and they all depend on your play style.
Recommended Weapons
? Spear- A melee weapon it will hit all enemies that are in a straight line, Spear?s passive skill speed gun has an activation rate of 47% when it is fixed and it will increase your damage by 210%
? Blade- Has a higher damage than a sword but has no passive skill, has fast blade which is a ranged attack that costs stamina.
? Sword-Has a lower damage than blade but has the passive skill phoenix which has an activation of 78% and will increase your damage by 124% when it is fixed bare in mind that is a pain in the ass to fix phoenix. Swords also have a ranged skill that costs stamina called scent sword.
Note: I recommend getting at least level 12 weapon proficiency before you learn nix or it will be hard to get your proficiency up.
You could use many different weapons. I recommend that you use sword and shield or blade and shield when pvping because if you wear a super level 110 shield your magic defense will increase by 25% and a level 110 elite shield will increase your magic defense by 24%. I also recommend that you use earrings when pvping or pretty much fire Taos will eat you. If you use a 2 handed weapon definitely wear earrings. Some high level or second reborn warriors use helmets if they have like +8 helmets because it raises their potency and prevents them from being 1 hit by some Trojans with similar potency to their own.

Basic Gear to attempt to get:
? Elite +3 Armor
? Elite +3 Helmet
? Elite Necklace
? Elite +3 ring
? Elite +2 boots
? Elite +3 2 RRG Wand (Wand User)
? Elite +3 2 RDG Club(Club User)
? Elite +3 Shield (Club User)
Note: Small Female Warriors should use Club/Shield because they have a short jump animation that makes them jump really quickly which makes it easier to chain Superman or keep Superman going continuously going by getting between 68-80 kills in a row.

PVP Gear:
? Elite +4 Earrings (Super or Socket would be good too)
? Elite +3 Necklace (Socket would be good super costs too many meteors and it isn?t really worth it unless you need to raise your potency)
? Super +3 Attack or Dex ring (Socket if possible)
? Super +3 boots (Socket if possible)
? Elite-Super +3 Shield (Socket or Buy 2 socket elite shield you can get from lotto)
? Elite 2 Socket Sword (Blade) +3 2 RDG or Super 2 Socket Blade(Sword) 2 SDG +3
? Elite +3 2 RDG Spear or Super +3-4 2 SDG or RDG Spear



Now let?s talk about leveling, the easiest thing for a warrior is leveling if you know what you?re doing. Superman is the key to warriors fast leveling. If you can kill around 70-80 monsters per superman you will level insanely fast because if you kill 70-80 monsters your xp bar will fill up and you will be able to cast superman again. If you are just starting and don?t have gear DO NOT get power leveled, it is simple to start off with no gear and level a warrior. On Baby Icey server I recently made a warrior and leveled it up to level 100 without receiving any gear contributions and that only took me a few weeks (I am lazy if you wanted too you could do it in a week). I got the warrior to level 117 then my friend leveled it to 120 and reborned it because he needed to -1 his necky.Note: When you are under level 50 kill Kings using SM just don?t forget to POT! Kings will give you around 50% if you are wearing full normals. Depending on what level you are.
This is a chart of where you should level. It just shows you where the monsters will be white name and shows you the AZ equivalent. Use the chart farther in the guide that shows minimum attack to kill monsters to determine where it will be best for you to level. The higher level the monster the more exp.

1-7 Pheasants (TC)
7-12 Turtle Doves(TC)
12-17 Robins(TC)
17-22 Apparitions(TC)
22-27 Poltergeists(TC)
27-32 Winged Snakes(PC)
32-37 Bandits(PC)
37-42 Fire rats(PC)
42-47 Fire Spirit(PC) Or Huge Snakes level 42-47/50(AZ)
47-52 Macaque(AC)(Mini Macaque(AC2)
52-57 Giant Ape(AC) (Elf Ape(AC2) Or Bandit Leaders(AZ) level 52-57
57-62 Thunder Ape(AC) (Slow Ape(AC2) Or Huge Spirits(AZ) 57-62
62-67 Snake Man(AC) (Snake Monster(AC2) Or Cateran Soldier (AZ) 62-67
67-72 Sand Monster(DC) (Sand Elf(DC2)
After you hit level 70 some people prefer to go to Alien Apes(AZ) to level its all a matter of what type of equips you have if you have any personal questions about where to level please PM me.
72-77 Hill Monster(DC) (Lapidating Mob(DC2)
77-82 Rock Monster(DC) (Tough Monster(DC2)
82-87 Blade Ghost(DC) (Evil Blade)DC2) Or Huge Ape(AZ) 82-87
65/87-92 Bird Man(BI) Or Senior Ape(AZ) 87-92, Bird Men are really great for leveling since recent patches the spawn is so huge even if archers are killing everything it is still easy to get enough kills to keep superman going.
73/8092-97 Hawk King(BI) Or Alien Apes (AZ) 92-97
97-100 Banditslvl97(BI) Or Senior Snake Man (AZ) 97-100
85/90/97/100-107 Slingers (Lab Floor One)
107-110 Gold Ghosts/Slingers (Lab Floor One)
110-112/115/116 Bladelings (Lab Floor Two)
115/116-125 Minotaur ?s (Lab Floor Four)
125-127 Devil Kings (Wine Zone)
127-130 TG, Exp Balls , Dragon Balls, Dis City, Monster Exterminator

TQ has also recently implemented a bunch of ways to help you level especially if you cannot find tokens for Lab. They have created the Monster hunter quest for people under level 120 to use to level. You kill 300 monsters and receive half an expball of exp and a meteor. You can do this quest 3 times a day. TQ also edited the Dis City quest so that now upon entry every participant will receive half an exp ball of exp and extra exp equal to one exp ball per level of Dis City completed. Also the winner of Dis City will receive 5 exp balls of exp. TQ also implemented a new quest to help level 120s level quickly. They designed the demon exterminator quest which will award the completer of the quest 5 expballs worth of exp which can be done once per day.


Minimum Attack for 1 hitting in SM Chart

This is a list of the minimum attack you will need to 1 hit monsters with your passive skill or without your passive skill. If you want to find out how much damage you will deal monsters with your passive skill follow this equation. Minimum attack x Percent like 210% for fixed speed gun, then turn the percent into a decimal and multiply it by your minimum damage. YOUR ATTACK WILL INCREASE NO PASSIVE SKILL DECREASES YOUR DAMAGE! (2.10 for Spear).Pheasant (TC)
Turtle Dove (TC)
Robin (TC)
Apparition (TC)
Poltergeist (TC)
Winged Snake (PC)
Bandit (PC)
Fire Rat (PC)
Fire Spirit (PC) (Huge Snakes Also(AZ)
Macaque (AC)
Giant Ape (AC) (Bandit Leaders Also(AZ)
Thunder Ape (AC) (Huge Spirits Also(AZ)
Snake Man (AC) (Cateran Soldier Also(AZ)
Sand Monster (DC)
Hill Monster (DC)
Rock Monster (DC)
Blade Ghost (DC) (Huge Ape Also(AZ)
Bird Man (BI) ( Senior Ape Also(AZ)
Hawk King(BI) ( Alien Apes(AZ)
Bandit Level 97(BI) (Senior Snake Man Also(AZ)
Slinger (Lab floor one)
Gold Ghost (Lab floor one)
Bladelings (Lab floor two)
Minotaurs (Lab floor four)
Tomb bat (MC)
Bloody Bat (MC)
Bull Monster (MC)
Red Devil (MC)
Devil King Level 120 (WZ)
Devil King Level 122 (WZ)


Pre Rebirth, Rebirth Options, and Rebirth

Before Rebirth it is good to try and get at least full elite +3 and a super 2 socket weapon, Try for more but that should be the bare minimum. I also suggest reborning at level 130 if you want to be able to participate better in guild war. That extra 1k+ Health will help when you are being nadoed by pro fires when you are 2nd reborn. I also recommend running some trips to meteor zone and lab 1 to get some gems and normal gems. Use the normal gems for the Blue Mouse quest it will help you get a lot of meteors quickly. I recommend around 1 thousand meteors before you reborn at least 200-500 depending on how many supers you have.
There are many rebirth options for warriors. Water-Warrior-Warrior will have Stig, Star of Accuracy, Reflect, XP Shield, and Super Man. Warrior-Warrior automatically gets reflect before 2nd rebirth. Warrior-Waters also get Superman and XP Shield. Trojan-Warrior-Warrior gets Spirit Healing, Cyclone, Reflect, XP Shield, and Super Man. Any class XXX-Warrior-XXX will get reflect.
Once you reborn re allot your points according to this chart for your promotions http://co.91.com/guide/reborn/rebornpro.shtml.When you have received your level 110 promotion after rebirth use that DB you got re allot your attribute points in market. I recommend putting 176 strength, 2-10 agility, and put the rest of your attribute points into vitality. When you 2nd reborn do the same thing follow your promotion then re allot like I said above.


List of ways to make money

I know some of you are overwhelmed and are thinking wow this will be impossible to get gear.
Ways to earn ITEMS, AND CASH!!!
? Hunt in Meteor Zone
? Hunt Lab for +1s and Normal Gems, Sell the gems or do Blue Mouse
? Hunt Lab Bosses and Collect the gems in Lab 4 (I got a DB and a refined gem doing this on my Warrior )
? Do Moon box quest
? Join the guild that will be winning guild war for that week and hope the Guild Leader will pay you commission in cps for your services (YAY FOR WEEKLY INCOME FOR THE LAZY!)
Warrior farming is a really good way to make money if you enjoy leveling warriors.
Warriors farming is the leveling of warriors to 120 to reborn them for the SDG and get the DB from the 110 promotion. Warrior farming is the equivalent of water farming except you don?t need a 130 archer and two full socket sets to do it. A lot of warrior farmers farm more than one warrior at a time and just cycle the equipment to save money on meteors. Warrior farming is especially good for people who want to try and socket their gear.


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