Conquer Online Metzone Complete Guide


Conquer Online Metzone Complete Guide by DarknessTear

Okay first of all I gathered all of this info myself by spending about two weeks in metzone nonstop.

-=Meteor Dove Spawns=-
There are 8 spawns of the Meteor Dove.
5 are set
3 play upon the ?random? algorithm, which makes it appear random as the pattern is very very complex, to the point of Chaos Math.

-=About the Meteor Dove (new)=-
The Meteor Dove looks just like every other Treasure Bird, except it has the name Meteor Dove.
It has enourmous HP, my guess is 35,000-50,000.
The Meteor Doves base magic attack is 1500 so if you have 90% mdef and 100 mdef you will take 50 damage/hit.
Also, when you kill it, it will drop either five or six meteors.

-=Spawn Centers=-
First off, a spawn center is how far a bird can wander ON IT?S OWN before it is snapped back to its spawn point.
This was the hardest to figure out, and so I shall do my best to explain it. Basically, a bird can wander roughly three screens before it is pulled back.

Those who cry the guard killing does not affect the spawning of metdove is not true. Any guard that kill metdove will affect the spawning rate, either spawn faster or slower within 1 hour. It?s all depend on the system when generating new spawn. We don?t know when it does spawn more or less within some certain time. It?s all about the algorithm of the coding for this game which we don?t know. It?s random generating for spawn.

-=Spawn Times=-
Roughly the spawn time for a bird is 15 minutes. The tough part is determining whether or not youre at the spawn point or just within the spawn center.

**Update: The spawning times are usually 15 minutes, meaning once you kill Metbird A, then Metbird A will NOT appear again for 15 minutes. If you think it takes longer maybe you?re not at the center of maybe someone killed it with a guard.

-=Dragonball Dove=-
There is a rumor running about of a Dragonball Dove.
Supposedly it either has no name, a normal name, a Meteor Dove name, or the name Dragonball Dove. I doubt this exists and I finally believe I confirmed my doubts when I looked in the Monsters.ini file, which lists every monster in the game. Dragonball Dove is not in there.
It supposedly drops two Dragonballs though.

*Update: Many people confused this as a normal treasure bird which HAPPENS to drop a dragonball. I am not talking about that.

The Dragonball Dove is a rumor that a bird exists in Met Zone with the NAME being: Treasure Bird, Meteor Dove, or Dragonball Dove.

It is supposed to have extreme life, and drops a guaranteed two Dragonballs. Please do not think I mean randomly scattering and getting a Dragonball. I KNOW it?s possible to get Dragonballs in Met Zone. Also, if you are going to say you have seen it, make sure you have a screenshot.**

-=Escaping Metzone=-
There is a bug to escape this, though I wont say it for the sake of exploiting bugs and then going around bragging isnt cool.
However I will tell you this:
There are TWO maps of water devils. They are identical, but the first map is magical, the second is physical. The magical ones are easy for me until I get to the last island. Those are vicious.

++Please!!! Do not PM me asking for the bug. As of this update yes it still works but no, I will not tell you it!++

-=Magic Damage and Defense (new)=-

There are two kind of magic defense : +m-df% and plain +M-DF.

M-DF% reduces magic damage to you by the amount that it states. For example, a level 112 super archer coat has 80% m-DF, so, if you get zapped for 5,000 dmg, you will receive only 4,000 hp if you have no +m-DF?.

When the same 5,000 magic dmg zaps you and you have 0% m-df with +80m-df, you will take 4,920 dmg?.so in reality M-DF just reduces magical dmg done to you by a fixed amount.

If you have 80% df and +80 m-df (they?re purple colored) and you get zapped for 5k again, you will recieve only 920 dmg.

So you first calculate how much % you have, then reduce X by the X +mdf that you have.

That?s why some of you might wonder as to why a lv 120 Trojan with a super armor takes more magic dmg than a lv 90 Fire Tao

second note : Trojan and Warriors should use an axe. An axe has a stun skill, and whenever you stun a monster the monster is unable to zap/hit you for a certain period of time. You should use an axe to take the least damage.

oh, and axe has the same damage as a club

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