Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. So as you all might already know, PUBG has passed CS:GO and Dota 2 and it’s the most played game on Steam by far. Do I like the game? Yeah, it’s fun and it’s adrenaline packed, especially in those tense moments when you’re on the move and there’s action going on, people are shooting at you and stuff like that. I think my biggest issue with the game is that it’s still very buggy, and it runs poorly on most machines (setups). I do understand that the game is early access, but I feel like they should be able to optimize the game now that they have such a large player base.

I’ve also had the chance to play Fortnite, which is basically the same thing but it’s a little bit more casual I would say and you can even build stuff, and it’s very well optimized, the engine feels good you know. Anyway this video is about a mod for CS:GO called Go 4 The Kill. This mod is created by Kinsi and it’s basically a smaller and simplified version of Battle Royale where you have to be the last man standing. What this mod offers is really cool, first off the map that you play on.

If you compare it with Overpass, it’s very big. Now you might be thinking about the FPS, and even though it’s big, the performance comes close to any of the official maps of the game. That’s because the developer wanted the gameplay to feel smooth, which is how he intended the map to be, and that’s why it performs well. The mod also features an inventory system and a map to make the whole experience more integrated. There are many other features, but to play the mod visit the website in the video description and sign in through Steam. When you are signed in you have to choose a playername and a region. You can also choose to play with low render distance in-case your computer is a potato, you can show bullect impacts, get included in the pre-game lobby before entering a game and you can also decide to support the mod by enabling video-ads. To start the queue, hit “Play”. This is how it looks when you find a server, and this is where you wait before playing a match.

When enough players have joined the game will start after 2 minutes. While waiting, you can do some casual activities like longjumps, play football or enter a parkour course. When the game starts you are randomly spawned in the air and you have to land somewhere safe so you can start looking for items. This is the part where most players will die, and if you do, well, you can decide to leave the server when you want and find a new game. It’s a very well-made mod, the inventory system works very well, the map shows a red square of where you’re located, and where the safe zone is. When you’re outside the safe zone you start to take damage, the screen goes green, and when you’re inside it looks like this. The different hotkeys for the mod are on the site, and you can even go freelook by holding in shift. Do I recommend the mod? I do, it’s fun, you get a PUBG feel when playing it but it’s CS:GO.

Each time I died, I feel like I wanted re-join as quickly as possible. So the question you might wanna know is, Is it better than PUBG? To be fair you can’t really compare both, it’s all about what you prefer, but this is a great mod and it’s free so you should definitely try it out. You can follow me on Twitter & Instagram if you want to see what’s going on behind the scenes, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!.

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